Mail in your mailbag questions


Whenever we plan to open the phone lines, we ask for some mailbag questions that we can mix in for a change of pace.

Or if no one calls.

So send us some questions that we can use if the phones don’t ring when we open the lines later this morning.

2 responses to “Mail in your mailbag questions

  1. While I’m not a listener and won’t be listening if you answer my question, here goes: I have offered the Minnesota Vikings a plan to fund their stadium without the use of taxpayer money. Since I can’t get in touch with the front office directly, despite my many attempts, I’ve asked them through several sources to contact me so I can send them my plan but they haven’t chosen to do so. My question to you is this: do you think that the Vikings think that I’m not serious or do you think that this is a very good indication that they would rather not hear anything positive so they can move to LA, instead of building in Minnesota?

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