Mike Holmgren: Colt McCoy is “the guy,” Browns need “home-run hitter”

Browns President Mike Holmgren has a specific kind of player in mind for the sixth overall pick in the draft, and it’s not a quarterback. Holmgren said at the NFL scouting combine that Colt McCoy is “the guy” for the Browns, and now the team’s primary objective in the draft is to add an impact player.

“It works best if you can identify ‘the guy,’ let him know he’s ‘the guy,’ and train him appropriately to be ‘the guy,’” Holmgren told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It’s nice to have all this competition and all this stuff, but it doesn’t work very well, usually. So if you believe in a young man, believe he’s ‘the guy,’ then you have to go with it.”

Dating back to his days with the Packers, Holmgren has always believed in drafting a quarterback with potential in the late rounds, and so he’ll probably select one at some point. But early in the draft he’ll focus on making the team around McCoy better.

And as for what the Browns will do at No. 6? Holmgren described himself as “looking for a home-run hitter.”

At No. 6, the pick who would seem to be the best “home-run hitter” is Georgia receiver A.J. Green. That pick would surely make McCoy happy.

25 responses to “Mike Holmgren: Colt McCoy is “the guy,” Browns need “home-run hitter”

  1. This had to be an odd concept for a Browns fans. The wooly mammoth is going to build a team and not jerk out QB’s because they boo them at games. I’m pretty sure they won’t understand what is going on with the Browns for a while.

  2. McCoy will be in his second round. He was picked late (later) in the draft. It appears he already has his QB with potential that you speak of. McCoy played damn well considering what he had to work with. I see no need for them to draft a QB. Maybe keep Jakey around for development but just use the draft to improve other areas and allow McCoy to build off of his decent rookie season.

    The football logic in some of these articles is atrocious.

  3. I’m sure that the guy appreciates knowing that he was the guy, is now the guy, and will be the guy in the near the future. What a guy!

  4. Hey rayvens..As opposed to Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, or Brady Quinn, or Jake Delhomme? Colt McCoy is a huge upgrade.

    You should just worry about your own skittish QB. He looked like a deer in the headlights in the last game he played.

  5. I love the idea of drating qbs on near yearly basis. You then have commodities to move. The pack did it with brunell, a brooks, m hasslebeck.

  6. at (arcaero)

    Didnt Derek Anderson make the pro-bowl with the Browns…but as far as the others he is a huge upgrade. but that still doesn’t make him a Franchise QB, especially in this division. Like you said Flacco is a Franchise QB, and look wat happen to him in the division round.

  7. Yeah, Mike get your home run hitter in the draft. Perhaps the Indians will trade you Travis Hafner for the no. 6 pick? Maybe you can get Russell Branyan’s number from your buddies in Seattle? You need a QB, Buddy!

  8. Sounds like Holmgren has a good plan.

    The only thing anything could go wrong is if McCoy isn’t actually “the guy”.

    I’m not sure how confidence Browns fans are of Holmgren’s track record as a GM – not to mention his choice of baseball analogies to find a good football player.

  9. A DE or DT is not a “Homerun Hitter” unless he’s
    of the Reggie White ilk, so who does he go with? No way Green is there at 6, so Mike find a partner and trade down PLEASE. So, so many holes to fill.

  10. The main thing to realize: Holmgren is only the coach who was lucky enough to have a HOF QB on his team. Holmgren was only good when Brett Favre was his QB. Just like Shannahan with Elway.

  11. Holmgren’s not making the picks, Tom Heckert is. Check out last year’s Browns draft and the prior 10 years of Eagles drafts, he knows his stuff and will get us more Joe Hadens and TJ Wards.

    That being said, I seriously doubt AJ Green is available at 6 so cbusbrownie is right, try to get more picks.

  12. I feel that McCoy has the best chance to be the first franchise qb the Browns have had since Bernie Kosar. The only reservation I have about McCoy is that he seems a tad injury prone.

    Getting a first rate target for McCoy to throw to seems like a good plan. The Browns have some excellent offensive linemen and Peyton Hillis has proven the ability to “pound the rock.”

    The Browns do need to upgrade their defense, however. Especially with the line ane linebacking corp.

  13. McCoy has shown flashes of being the man. The Browns are going to build are their team around their D and their running game. They O-Line might be the best in the north. The only problem I have with acquiring a “home run hitter” is I don’t know if Colt has the arm strength to hit him down field. He seems more like a game manager than a playmaker.

  14. So Holmgren is indicating that the Cleveland Browns have become a professional baseball team? Is that how I am reading this?

    I seriously hate how the term “home run hitter” is applied to football. I don’t know how it all started, but it needs to stop.

  15. “Getting a first rate target for McCoy to throw to seems like a good plan. The Browns have some excellent offensive linemen and Peyton Hillis has proven the ability to ‘pound the rock.’” (vadog)

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    I agree. As a zen master would say, “They who pound the rock too hard eventually pound sand.”

  16. After seeing his first start against the Steeelers, I can see why the Browns see him as “the guy.” He held his own against the Steelers defense and I have no doubt if they start putting some good guys around him (receivers, O-line), he’ll bring the Browns closer to the top of the division (which can’t bode well for my ream)

  17. For those who haven’t heard the Browns are going to be a pass first team next season (if there is a next season). The “pounding the rock” offense took it’s talents to South Beach with Lebron James and Brian Daboll. Luckily Peyton Hillis is a better pass catcher then he is a runner so it doesn’t effect him. Since it’ll be the West Coast offense it doesn’t matter how strong McCoy’s arm is because he won’t be throwing it that far that often.

    The Browns offense as is could probably be pretty impressive seeing as how Brian Robiskie and Muhammed Massoquia (sp?) actually seemed to look credible when McCoy or Jake Delhomme was out there so adding a 1st round reciever will only add to an already talented group. Also releasing Robert Royal subtracted quite a few incomplete passes from McCoy’s record already. Shuring up the right side of the offensive line should be a priority of theirs or else whatever “project” rookie QB they pick to be 3rd string will probably see the field just as much as McCoy did as 3rd string in 2010.

  18. My inside sources informed me that the browns will be willing to give up a 2nd rounder to move up to get Green if they think the Bungles are going to make him their pick. My inside sources also just told me it’s time to go to bed. Ok I just really want the browns to pick Green.

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