Panthers to restrict DeAngelo Williams, Charles Johnson

When the Panthers decided to apply the franchise tag to four-year center Ryan Kalil, many assumed that running back DeAngelo Williams and defensive end Charles Johnson would be permitted to leave via free agency.

That’s not necessarily the case.

As Silva pointed out 10 days ago, the next frontier in the free agency fight will arise in the realm of restricted free agency.  Since the rules of the uncapped year still apply, teams could apply restricted free agency tenders to players with four or five years of service, even though those players would be unrestricted free agents in capped years under the current labor deal.

Darin Gantt of the Charlotte Observer reports that the Panthers will apply restricted free agency tenders to Williams and Johnson.

Williams has five years of service, while Johnson has four.

It’s a calculated risk, given that the next CBA could push the free-agency needle back to four years, which could then wipe out the tenders.  Also, the union likely will contend that the rules of the uncapped year have no relevance to 2011, the first year of the next deal.  (If/when there is a next deal.)

Still, the move gives the teams protection in the event the rules don’t change — and leverage regarding the bargaining process by which change would come.  The league’s position will be that six years to free agency is the status quo, and that the union will have to make a concession to push it back to four.

There’s a good chance that the topic already has come up during the six days of mediation.  If it hasn’t yet, it will soon.

12 responses to “Panthers to restrict DeAngelo Williams, Charles Johnson

  1. Hey potential free agents, come on and play for the Carolina Panthers.

    Look at whats in it for you:

    -New unproven head coach that went through a dozen interviews before getting a job
    -An owner completely out of touch with reality.
    -A half empty stadium each week. At least the seats are a lovely blue color.
    -Fans that only wear Panthers gear if they are at least 4 games over .500
    -Best part you get to compete against the Saints, Falcons and Bucs 6 times a year!!!

    Come on down!!

  2. “many assumed that running back DeAngelo Williams and defensive end Charles Johnson would be permitted to leave via free agency”

    Many people who say things about the Panthers know next to nothing about the Panthers.

  3. Assumption junction, what’s that function? Rolling with rumors and assuming some half-truths…..

  4. jerry richardson ran the franchise in the ground by cleaning house, what he thought was a wise move. frustration doesn’t begin to describe how panthers fans feel about our owner/gm. john fox was never an issue. hell, vince lombardi wouldn’t be successful in that situation. the root of the problem is NOBODY including the media, the coaching staff, the players will EVER step up and confront jerry about his insanity.

  5. Wellll, I wouldn’t necessarily say that Fox was never an issue, swayzecrazy….he certainly had his detractors around Charlotte over the last several years.

    Heck, even this website had him on the hotseat about three years prematurely.

    But I agree with the rest of your post, so you get the highly-coveted thumbs up overall.

  6. I can honestly say i was pretty damn happy when John Fox cleaned out his office and was shipped out of here. John Fox had many “issues”.

    When it comes to the GM, I would of been happy if he was shipped off with JF.

    The owner, I’ve lost some trust in him. I don’t blame him for cleaning out the Vets on the team that were over paid/declining. Almost every position that we cut a vet, we had a young player step up and succeed. Except at QB. Which is a pretty big position to have someone fail at. And we probably could of used the depth at guard with Vincent. I would say Kemo staying too would of helped but he seemed to stay off the field with us while he was here. Basically I lost trust in JR cause his loyalties lie with the NFL and not the fans of his team. But every owner might be the same way since they are all backing JR.

  7. @bleedgreen08052

    That’s truly odd considering only three teams in the league aside from the Patriots, Colts, and Steelers have had fewer losing seasons in the past 9 years than the Panthers.

    So unless your team is one of those three, i’d say shut your yapper.

    Especially if you’re a Jets fan.

  8. I thought the language in the outgoing CBA clearly stated that the change in unrestricted free agency eligibility existed solely in the uncapped year that would serve as the final year of the CBA. How can the league or any team therein claim an ability to restrict the movement of any player when there is no contractual authority that gives them that kind of power? The league does not actually own these players. Without an agreement between the owners and the players, the owners have no claim to the services of the players outside of any individual contracts the teams may have with certain players. As such, if no CBA is enacted by March 4th, the ability to use the normal franchise tag is debatable, and that’s a well-established policy. Trying to claim an authority over players that was specifically designed as a one year deal under very specific circumstances is going a bit too far. Oh well, this CBA ends midnight March 3.

    By 12:01 am March 4, there is no CBA, which means there is no structure (other than individual contracts already signed) that would give any team the power to determine anything about a player’s life, including who they can work for. This is just a stupid move. Too many teams refused to resign their own players because they thought it would give them an edge in negotiations. In so doing, they put their rosters at risk. Now, they’re trying to claim powers over players that simply don’t exist to make up for their own risky strategy. Btw, could you think of a worse time to pull something like this? They’ve got a mediator in helping out with negotiations and both sides are actually talking to each other and hopefully making some progress. Is Richardson so desperate to cause a work stoppage that he would do something so outrageous to intentionally anger the players?

  9. john fox was on the hot seat because his ass was hogtied to JR’s decision making. we all know john fox was an amazing defensive mind and i’ll be the first to admit our offense was probably worse of any team in the past 5 season, but my god, look what he had to work with. do you honestly believe rivera is THE upgrade? the breath of fresh air is pleasant, at the moment, but his hot seat was lit by upper management, NOT his lack of coaching ability.

  10. JR has a history of spending money. Last off season was the only season were he cut a lot of his costs. But when you look at the players lost, can you really say the cuts were strictly to cut cost?

    Muhsin Muhammad

    Players Cut
    03/08/2010 Released FB Brad Hoover* Retired
    03/05/2010 Released QB Jake Delhomme
    03/05/2010 Released LB Na’il Diggs
    03/05/2010 Released LB Landon Johnson
    03/05/2010 Released DT Maake Kemoeatu
    03/05/2010 Released DT Damione Lewis

    UFA Lost
    QB A.J. Feeley St. Louis
    DE Julius Peppers Chicago
    CB Dante Wesley Detroit

    Chris Harris

    Now let’s go through and compare what we lost and who was behind them.

    Mushin M- Drafted Gettis, Lafel, and Edwards ( 😦 )
    Hard to tell here since QB play was so bad. I am hopeful that both Gettis and Lafel will pan out.

    Brad Hoover- Definite fan favorite but obviously past his prime. Fiammetta, Tony replaced him until being injured. Push considering Tony’s youth and Brad’s declining skill set

    Jake Delhomme and Feeley- Majority of Panther fans were so happy when he was cut thinking Matt Moore deserved to be the starter. Matt Moore didn’t pan out and so far neither has Clausen. Our QB play killed us last season. No one was afraid of our passing game and I don’t blame them. Some pass protection issues hurt us as well but the QBs showed no ability to read a defense coverage, read where the blitz was coming from, or be able to get the ball downfield. It is sad when you can say maybe Delhomme should of stuck around for one more year.

    Both LB. Our LB core was good this year even starting out with T Davis never making the field. Connor came in and played nicely at MLB. James Anderson had a good first year starting. Beason is Beaston no matter if he plays MLB or not. Losing both of those players didn’t hurt us until the injuries piled up from the D wearing down trying to both defend the opposing offense and scoring points since our O couldn’t.

    Kemo and Lewis. Kemo has played in 28 games in the last 3 seasons. All of 2009 he sat out. 2008 he missed 2 games. 2006 and 2007 he played the full season although was not full time starter. One area of weakness on the Panthers D. Would of kept Lewis if it was me.

    Peppers. Charles Johnson outproduced him this season at a fraction of the cost. Peppers the year before was franchised by the team and put us in cap hell not able to sign any FA of notable worth. Offered a contract comparable to what he signed with the Bears. Flat out wanted out of Carolina. Admitted he grew up in Carolina’s, went to NC, and at the time played for the Panthers, he was ready for a change of scenery. While he was here, definitely had some motivation issues and took plays off. Even was called out by Jon Beason publicly his final year here for his lack of effort. On the other side of Johnson, I hope to see more of Hardy. Would it of been great to have both Peppers and Johnson starting? Sure. But Peppers leaving did not stop our D from being good.

    Dante Wesley. NB. I like Captain. Our secondary was good while healthy.

    Chris Harris. Hard hitter but sometime liability in passing game. I like our safeties in Godfrey and Martin

    The team is very young but is not lacking of talent.

    However, I do fault JR for not getting rid of Fox the year before. Everyone knew Fox was gone when JR allowed Fox to look for another job and told him he wasn’t going to get a contract extension last off season. JR admitted in his press conference that he wasn’t willing to pay 2 coaching staffs for last season.

    On to Hurney. I wish Hurney was fired as well. Handing out big contract extensions to players like Delhomme after that miserable Arizona game. Trading away future 1st round picks for 2 players who have not either lived up to potential (Brown) or is about as reliable as Bob Sanders being on the field (Otah). So yes, I wish he was gone.

    John Fox. Every season with the Panthers, J. Fox and coaching staff produced good to great defense depending on the year you look at. Every season with the Panthers, J. Fox produced the same predictable one dimensional offense. Even with 2 OC. Never gave the TE credit for being able to do things besides block. Never able to develop high draft pick WR. Could never produce a passing game. Showed so much loyalty to Jake Delhomme. Always wanting the vets on the field and showing loyalty to them. Always meddling with offense. Always hogtying the OC to play his style of offense.

    The man would of been a great HC if he would of just hired a good OC and gave free reign over the offense to the OC. He was stubborn. When the running game was working, we would win. When it failed, we lost.

    John Fox and his coaching staffs throughout the year failed to develop rookie QB’s to eventually replace Jake. Failed to develop any offensive position but Oline for running and RB.

    Maybe getting rid of so many vets right away wasn’t the best move, but J Fox isn’t innocent

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