Santa Clara facing loss of $40 million for Niners stadium

The uncertainty regarding the labor deal has delayed the process of building a new stadium for the 49ers in Santa Clara.  Budgetary problems at the state level also could throw a wrench into the slowly-moving gears.

With Governor Jerry Brown proposing the dissolution of redevelopment agencies, $40 million earmarked for contribution to the stadium effort could be lost.  The Santa Clara city council met Tuesday night to ponder possible strategies for keeping the money in play.

Per the San Jose Mercury News, neither the team nor the city have any specific ideas for replacing the $40 million, if/when it’s lost.  The cash would have to come from an unidentified private source.

The uncertainty could put other potential sites in play.

“If for some reason something happens we would continue to talk to San Francisco and there is a meeting that’s been discussed with the new mayor,” 49ers spokeswoman Lisa Lang told

As pointed out earlier today in response to a question from our good friend Sam Francisco in San Francisco, the best solution would be a structure shared by the 49ers and the Oakland Raiders.  And the ideal location could be in Oakland.

Unfortunately, we’ve got a feeling that most hardcore 49ers fans would prefer that the team move to L.A. before moving to Oakland.

18 responses to “Santa Clara facing loss of $40 million for Niners stadium

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooo! The stadium can not be shared with the “Faiders”. And lets hope that talk about having it in OAk is a joke. I’m not even from SF and I would hate to move the stadium to LA or Oak. Just not a civilize move. IMO

  2. Hey — Meg Whitman spent $160 million of her own money in her CA governor race that she lost to Jerry Brown — she has plenty — this is small potatoes to her.

    eBay Park.

  3. Unfortunately, we’ve got a feeling that most hardcore 49ers fans would prefer that the team move to L.A. before moving to Oakland.

    Heck, we’ll take BOTH.
    As long as the team’s names, colors, logos, records, and owners stay up in the bay area.

    Sorry, Niner fans — I’m feelin’ a little trollish today, I guess.

  4. $40 mil sounds like a lot but it would be a small fraction of the cost of a stadium – it shouldn’t be a deal killer. A stadium for a pro football team is not where Governor Brown & lots of other Californians, including me, believe where tax dollars should be going – especially when the state is broke. The Oakland Coliseum is a lot easier to get to from San Francisco than Santa Clara is.

  5. If New York City’s Jets and Giants can share a stadium in New Jersey, then smaller San Fran/Oakland can also. Waste of civic money to have 2 expensive stadiums in one market.

  6. Please God do not let these people make a joint stadium and for that matter not in Oakland. That would just cause problems, I would never pay for 49er tickets in Oakland. Find a way to make it work in SF. Jed York should just come out of pocket on this one. Get it done in San Francisco.

  7. They should build a floating stadium on the Bay, it would be unique and earthquake proof. It would probably take an earthquake to make something that big rock in the relatively calm Bay waters. And if it does rock a bit, then having “sealegs” would just be a homefield advantage like being used to the air in Mile High. Move the majority of the fans into the stadium via the ferry system already used to get people to the SF Giants ballpark. If needed construct some additional parking lots and ferry terminals throughout the Bay Area to minimize traffic congestion and make getting to the game easier. And just because it’s floating in the Bay doesn’t mean it has to be so far out that footbridges from onshore parking lots couldn’t provide additional access.

  8. And Californian want my vikes after reading this article we ain’t leaving nowhere but to future superbowl in LA

  9. vicktoriousbirds says:
    Feb 24, 2011 4:30 PM
    How about “Facebook Field”. Zuckerburg’s got plenty of money.

    He has lots of money because he doesn’t make bad investments like this.

  10. I lived in the Bay area for 20 years and I could give a rats ass what they do with their tax dollars. Santa Clara County voted down a stadium for the SF Giants and look what happened in SF, the Giants built their own stadium and not a dime from the SF tax payers.

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