Steelers won’t use transition tag on Ike Taylor, or anyone

The Steelers reportedly considered using the transition tag on cornerback Ike Taylor.  And they’ve reportedly decided not to do so.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the defending AFC champs have opted not to use the right-of-first-refusal restriction on Taylor, which means he’ll be an unrestricted free agent whenever free agency begins.

La Canfora says the Steelers won’t use the transition tag at all.  They’ve applied the franchise tag to linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

Under the rules of the uncapped year, teams are permitted to use a franchise tag or a transition tag on any player whose contract has expired, plus a transition tag on a player with six or more years of service and an expired contract.  The NFLPA believes that franchise and transition tags are not available under the current labor deal for 2011.

Taylor, an eight-year veteran, won’t be eligible for any of the restricted free agency tenders.  Absent a new deal, he’ll hit the open market, whenever the market opens.

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  1. If you dont think the Steelers know exactly what theyre doing with each of their free agents you need to go find a CBA thread to comment on. They will be fine, just like they are every. single. season.

  2. Since so many posters here are into stats, the Steelers ranked number 2 in Defensive Passer Rating with 73.8%. Green Bay was ranked #1 with 67.2%.

    Considering teams couldn’t run against the Steelers, the only other thing they could do was throw–so I think the secondary played better than most thought because they had to play against the pass more than any other team.

  3. Ike is the best CB this team has. I say get rid of gay and madison and keep mcfadden as a nickel. And draft 2 corners. William gay gave up so many touchdowns this year. Even in 2009 it was the same junk. But if they fix the secondary this team will be even more dangerous then they were this year.

  4. At the end of the day, he will re sign with
    The steelers. And if they don’t bring him
    Back then they are dumb.

  5. I am surprised that the Steelers would not use the Transition Tag on Ike Taylor, if at minimum, it is at their disposal.

    Kind of sticky wicket with him. He is big, was/is a 4.3 guy and has really shut down a lot of receivers over the years. Great tackler, one of the best tackling db’s in the game. Can’t catch a lick, but good cover guy, physical and fast.

    The question is, what will be the drop-off in Ike’s speed in Year 10,11,12? He is still very fast. Can he maintain that level?

    The Steelers are high on Crezdon Butler. I think he is a gamer and they know it. They still need to get one corner in free agency and then one if either round1 or round2.

    They may feel that they can grab a high end free agent CB (not their style usually, although they did get players like Kevin Greene, James Farrior, Jeff Hartings, etc), and with the money that Ike could draw, they could pay extra for high level guy as other contracts will go away next year when Farrior, Aaron Smith, possibly Hines Ward, etc go away.

    Maybe Butler and Asomugha starting?

    They have a plan, there is no doubt.

  6. good move Steelers, now the Niners can pick him up and he can mentor PP7 when we draft him at the 7th spot! 😉

  7. I think they will consider cutting Aaron Smith and using those funds to pay for Ike. I would think they would have some sort of deal in place already …just waiting for cba to be finalized…or they would risk putting Ike out there….The window is still open for another sb run for at least 2 more years….

  8. Ike Taylor was the best corner in the league with a super bowl ring, until those guys in Greenbay won one.

    Actually, Ronde Barber is pretty good too, but Taylor is probably a better down field cover guy now.

    He’ll be a hot commodity. He plays the run well. He has the speed to match any receiver and he’s big enough to bump and run. Plus he plays very well in a zone. He just can’t catch worth crap.

  9. Ike Taylor has always been a bum and need to go. Time for some new blood.
    He gets the benefits from the tremendous pressure that the LB’s put on the opposition. When the Steelers play a team with decent protection he is exposed. We need a shutdown corner.

  10. the steelers need to open up the checkbook this year if it is going to be uncapped and sign nnamdi asomugha. the raiders just signed their other corner for 3 years $31 million. ike is going to be looking for the money i think.

    No loyalty anymore it is a business. with 2 sb rings. you can not lure him in with the chance to win as you can with asomugha.

  11. Asomugha is the solution only if they keep Taylor. By himself, Asomugha takes Ike’s place and you still have a hole on the other side. Unless Butler is ready. I think he is ready in year 3. But he will likely have to start this year

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