Albert Haynesworth will outlast Clinton Portis in Washington

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan indicated during his press conference Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine that Clinton Portis’ days as a Washington Redskin are numbered.

Shanahan said Portis’ contract number was too high, and he prefers to let a player like that test the market rather than offer him a pay reduction.   Shanahan was asked if he anticipated that happening with Portis.

“If I said that, then usually . . . I’m pretty honest with you,” Shanahan said.  “I can’t tell you when.  It could two days from now, three days from now.”

So Portis is a goner.  And while Shanahan left the door open for a return, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense: Albert Haynesworth remains on the roster, and Shanahan said his future with the team was open-ended.

“You never really know.  [Haynesworth] had a couple alleged incidents that he has got to take care of,” Shanahan said.  “Hopefully that comes out positive.  There are a lot of ramifications there.  So we’ll take care of that first.”

The Redskins kept Portis a year too long.   They also wasted their time with Haynesworth last year when they could have traded him.

At this point, we would be shocked if Haynesworth takes a snap for the team again or if they can get anything for him in a trade.  They seem to be hanging on to him at this point out of fruitless, stubborn habit.  Just like last year.

17 responses to “Albert Haynesworth will outlast Clinton Portis in Washington

  1. Maybe so, but please don’t compare the two of them. Clinton gave it all he had (during the season) on every snap. His blocking for the QB in the backfield is about as fierce as it comes from a RB. He wasn’t perfect, but he was a heck of a back for several years.
    Haynesworth is NOT a true “Redskin” and has done nothing. Plus Portis is much funnier…

  2. Are you kidding me? Why would they bring him back; plus he facing criminal charges and who know how that will turn out? The Redskins are a national joke. And let’s not forget that Little Danny is suing a small publication for the parody making fun of him. No way would I or millions of other readers have ever read that piece had he not chosen to sue that little publication. Sad, very sad!

  3. Of course he will. Shanahan prefers to draft five running backs every year than take one for the long haul.

  4. Portis was a good Skin! We will all miss him here in D.C. Haynesworth, on the other hand, is a total idiot. He is a very dumb man and I hope there is some team out there ignorant enough to give us a pick for him. I am not holding my breath though. Cutting him will be a win for us at this point.

  5. spreadthecheese says: Feb 25, 2011 5:31 PM

    Of course he will. Shanahan prefers to draft five running backs every year than take one for the long haul.

    And his track record shows it works.

    Unless you’ve got an elite RB like AP, SJax, MJD, Gore, etc… then there are usually better and cheaper options coming out of college with fresh legs.

  6. Hey thereisalwaysnextyear, I agreed with everything you said until the part about Portis being funny.

    “huntin’ is legal” well OK that was funny.

  7. I used to think Shanahan was a genius coach. But his behavior and conduct with the Redskins look and sound pretty sicko to me. He is publicly insulting to his best players. Look! If you don’t like the players you have, trade, cut or waive them. Don’t drag their reputations through the mud like this. His behavior is strange and bizarre. Josh McDaniel got canned for similar wierd stuff in Denver. It is very insulting what Shanahan is doing to those players.

  8. I would like Albert to leave Washington so I don’t have to worry about being punched in the face at a traffic light

  9. Portis will be with the pats,
    Raiders413 Already reported that a week ago, pats already began negotians.
    Raiders413 are the only thing that has real sources.

  10. Not that Portis is still good but take it from a Denver fan Redskin peeps…Shannys Roster moves rarely make sense.

  11. I hate to say it, but I think Shanahan is off his rocker. They should just trash the whole organization from owner on down and start over. I grew up idolizing Art Monk and Joe Gibbs and now 10-6 is a great year. I mean at least Al Davis at one time was a winner.

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