Bart Scott set to appear on TNA Wrestling

After an epic playoff win over the Patriots, Jets linebacker Bart Scott played the role of Hulk Hogan to Sal Paolantonio’s Mean Gene Okerlund.

Now, Scott gets to do the real thing.

Alex Marvez of reports that Scott will make his debut next week on TNA Wrestling, working in some capacity with Hulk Hogan.  Apparently, Scott’s involvement will be confined primarily to interviews and other non-physical activities, especially since his football contract prohibits extracurricular conduct that entails risk to the player’s moneymaker.  Several years ago, the Titans sued to block Pacman Jones from engaging in any actual wrestling or other physical contact with TNA Wrestling during his one-year suspension for violation of the Personal Conduct Policy.

That said, Scott could get physical after the owners physically lock the players out of the building.  Though Scott would be risking placement on the non-football injury list (and not getting paid in 2011) if he tears up a knee, the Jets would have no standing to keep him from jumping off the turnbuckle.

This is the point in the article where the obvious approach would be to find a way to close the thing out by using Bart Scott’s new Bart Simpson-style catchphrase.  And if you’re hoping for that, you’ll have to keep waiting.

Even if you can’t.