Broncos G.M. takes issue with report that Tebow lacks support


First came the report from that there is a lack of support for Tim Tebow within the Broncos building.   Then came the news that Kyle Orton remains the team’s starting quarterback.

It’s fair to ask at this time if Tebow is Denver’s quarterback of the future.  So PFT did just that Friday to Broncos G.M. Brian Xanders.

“First of all, I think that report was false.  I think there’s a lot of people in our building that are behind Tim Tebow,” Xanders said.

While Xanders’ tone of voice indicated he was unhappy with the report, his words could have been stronger.  There’s no doubt a lot of people in the building support Tebow.  But Lombardi indicated that there are a lot of people don’t support him.

“[Tebow] is someone the franchise invested a lot into in terms of draft picks, the contract, but he’s going to create his role.  But he’s done a good job so far with his limited opportunities.   So that report was false,” Xanders said.

We were impressed with Tebow’s rookie season overall, but it’s clear he still has a lot to prove.  The Broncos currently see him as a backup.

The only head coach that truly saw greatness in Tebow last April — the one who pushed for Tebow when no one else did — is now working in St. Louis.

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  1. John Fox said Orton is the starter. Do you honestly believe anything a Head Coach or a GM says 2 months before the draft. C’mon, Rosenthal, you are better than that! Aren’t you?

  2. “The only head coach that truly saw greatness in Tebow last April — the one who pushed for Tebow when no one else did — is now working in St. Louis.”

    Come on Gregg, seriously? That is such a bold statement! I almost guarantee you that another coach saw greatness in Tebow but no other one was willing to risk such an early pick on him. Maybe if you added that part to this you would have been point on.

  3. Why, again, is Lombardi an unimpeachable source? He worked there four years ago, and there are basically no holdovers on the football side from that regime.

    And for as much as he praised McDaniels, he admitted not having any real contact with him–pretty sure he’s not exactly tuned in to what XandWay are thinking.

  4. Perhaps McD just wanted to avoid a QB controversy, but even his support wasn’t fully there towards the end. Tebow got the start two games too late in many peoples eyes. Orton’s two games prior to Tebow Time were absolutely horrendous. Perhaps McD would still be the Broncos HC if he’d simply supported Tebow just a little bit more.

    As for the current/future QB controversy: I hate to put a percentage on it, but let’s just say that the fanbase leans very steeply for Tebow. The infection is widespread and severe. Sure, many will accept Orton if the coaches believe he’s the best, but the leash will be short – very short. Most/many fans believe that this Orton starter talk is merely a ploy to keep his trade value as high as possible.

  5. New England was ready to draft him, so if anyone thinks he would have gotten past the second round, your nuts.

    If Denver doesn’t want him, I hope Miami jumps all over it and makes a trade.

  6. Xanders never has strong words on anything– he’s basically COO Joe Ellis’s lap dog. As for Tebow, it was obvious that Denver’s vets played hard for him. It won’t take long for his ability and work ethic to win Fox over. That clown Lombardi can go pound sand. He’s bitter that Denver didn’t reach out to him when the team had a front office opening, pay no attention to his snide little reports.

  7. I’ll take tebow over orton. The guy is a winner
    And I believe he has what it takes to be a
    Good qb.

  8. And here I thought The Te-Party was gaining support.
    Better to have two QBs than none at all like here in TN.
    VY for Tebow straight up? And I’m not even a fan of either..

  9. donramis says:
    If Denver doesn’t want him, I hope Miami jumps all over it and makes a trade.

    Let’s see, how should I put this…

    Never. Gonna. Happen.

  10. I thought getting rid of McDaniels would straighten out the Broncos, but Elway is more confusing then Al Davis. First he wants Tebow, then he doesn’t support him, then Tebow is the backup, and now he supports him again. What the Heck Denver, is this the best you can do?

  11. in my eyes orton is a solid qb but the situation in denver has got to end with tebow being the starter. let him prove his worth. orton is in a no win senario. i still believe the bears would have been better off with orton rather than cutler.

  12. You can’t believe ANYTHING at this point of the year. It is all smoke screens and inflated value, and that’s about it. The biggest sign of support Orton and Tebow had was holding onto the OC. They’re both on the team unless someone offers enough to take them off Denver’s hands, and that’s it. Orton has an edge because he’s more experienced and is a traditional QB, which is what coach Fox has always used, but the whole coaching staff knows that you simply use the guy who can win games for you and strengthen the team. Talent-wise, Tebow and Orton are equally competitive right now with Tebow having more upside and Orton having experience. That’s all. We’re trying to fan the flames of a mostly inconsequential story at a time of year when nothing really exciting happens outside of Indy. Nuff said.

  13. Tebow is a young Mike Vick. Run at the first sign of the pocket collapsing and make plays. However, he doesn’t have Vick’s arm strength though.

  14. A Hot One Off The Rumor Wire!!!!!!!!!!!
    In a stunning move, Josh McDaniel convinced the Rams to Trade Sam Bradford and Stephen Jackson and a #1 pick in the upcoming draft to Denver for Tim Tebow, Lawrence Maroney, 2 #6 picks and future considerations.

    In all seriousness, I don’t think Tim Tebow is nearly as bad as many folks seem to think. Including, apparently some in the Denver organization (Elway perhaps?). In fact, his record suggests greatness could be possible. All the kid does is find ways to win games with his brain, feet, arm and physical strength. I think Fox made the right call in naming Orton the starter “going into camp”. That creates competition and holds Orton and Tebow’s trade value going into the draft. Statements by the GM does the same thing. I for one think the best thing that could happen for Tim Tebow would be for him to be traded to Miami or Jacksonville. He’d start on either team and be a winner. No one can deny the guy is an impact player. He moves the WIN needle and he moves fans into seats on Sunday. I frankly do not understand the cold feet with him in Denver. His leadership intangibles made him a much better QB leader than Cutler for that team.

    Poor Orton. He is the Rodney Dangerfield of NFL QBs.

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