Clausen, on whether he was ready to play: “I don’t know”

Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen entered the 2010 draft supposedly better prepared for the NFL because he played in Charlie Weis’ pro-style offense at Notre Dame.

One win, nine losses, and 11 turnovers compared to three touchdowns later, and Clausen isn’t sure whether Weis’ system helped him or not.

I don’t know,” replied Clausen when asked whether he should’ve been thrown into the fire. “…Some guys have that time to be able to sit back and watch, and I got to do that for the first three quarters of the game in the first game of the season and I got thrown in there on the last series because Matt Moore went down.”

Clausen characterized his rookie season as “a tough situation.” His hope is that it “is only going to help me get better.”

The Panthers have the No. 1 overall pick this year, and NFL Network’s Mike Mayock believes that they should consider Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert if they don’t think Clausen is a franchise-caliber quarterback.

“If you have a quarterback need and believe Blaine Gabbert is a franchise quarterback,” Mayock said on Total Access Thursday night, “you have to take Blaine Gabbert at No. 1.

“And I (Mayock) believe Blaine Gabbert is a franchise quarterback.”

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  1. Clausen also told reporters “Week after week I came out playing like some mediocre Quaterback, Brady Quinn if you will. And I can’t even remeber who we even beat out there…”

  2. Mr. Mayok is making his stand here with Gabbert– I am intrigued to say the least!

    I consume as much sports as I can get my eyes on from NYC and I have never seen this guy play. Is he really this good?

  3. “I got thrown in there”? A real QB would call it an opportunity. This guy should head straight to the UFL, as a backup.

  4. not to make excuses but jimmy was surrounded by a crappy team…he still deserves a shot to start somewhere…

    on another note…that 2009 notre dame season was awesome! i’m not an irish fan but those games were nail biters!

  5. ” Is he really this good?”

    Blaine G is just another overhype QB that Mike M have to mention being the 1st Qb taken since Luck decided to stay in school( who is 100x’s better than him). I never even heard of the guy, who has thrown only 16tds and 9ints in the big 12( that plays no defense besides the Cornhuskers) this past season and was horrible in the bowl game. He was mediocre at best this yr to sum up his season, heck Chase D had a even better college career at the same system during his time there.

    He has poor footwork, panics when pressure in his face to throw alot of passes off his foot( from looking at his highlights on youtube. Only reason he is getting alot of hype is because of a strong arm, and can mobile. None of these Qb’s are day 1 starters.

    Carolina best bet is to actually develop the QB’s that they have on the roster. Why draft another young Qb when you spent 2 picks on a Qb in last yr draft? Bad enough they have the youngest Qb roster with the fewest starts in the league, go after a veteran who can mentor Clausen or Pike. Wouldn’t be surprise if Blaine G doesn’t live up to the hype, some team will have to draft another QB next yr.

  6. Well if his response was “I don’t know”

    Its safe to say he wasn’t

    QBs that amount to something understand when its thier time. Whether your in waiting like Rodgers, or Starting right away like Matt Ryan.

  7. Gabbert is good but he’s not a number 1 overall good. That’s like saying he’s Bradford caliber or Peyton manning. Come on man!

  8. I know it’s a new day in Carolina, but after watching the Clausen meltdown, you can’t help thinking the last thing Gabbert wants is to follow him there.

  9. This is exactly why Clausen won’t be successful in the NFL. Terrible attitude, making excuses like “i got thrown in there”, awful body language during the games, no leadership skills, etc.

    He has the physical tools to be successful, but his attitude is pathetic. He needs to get rid of this sense of entitlement he has about himself.

  10. Well, did it help Brady Quinn to learn from Weis?

    And a previous commenter is correct that I never heard the name Blaine Gabbert a single time until Luck opted to stay in school.

  11. He seems to be a good kid who got put into action long before he was ready, add to that he was surrounded by a crappy team and there you have it.

    I know a lot of you Notre Dame haters are loving this, but IMO the jury is still out on this guy.

  12. Charlie Weis as an offensive coordinator has been pretty solid everywhere he has gone. I wouldn’t say he was a great head coach at Notre Dame, but offensively they had a few really good years. He has three super bowl rings and I am pretty sure he helped KC win the AFC West for the first time in ages. How many coaches have really done that well at Notre Dame since Lou Holtz left. They aren’t exactly recruiting the same guys as the SEC since they can’t let everybody in. So until they ease their recruiting restrictions, it will be mediocre town for some time, although I do like Brian Kelly. If he can’t do it there, I am afraid their next national championship will be coming the same year as the LA Clippers in the NBA and the Pittsburgh Pirates in baseball.

  13. Allthings..yep on Charlie. I still long for him in NE though BO’B is coming along.

    I hope he’s lacking in ego enough to realize he’s a great OC and a poor HC.

    Charlie is THE reason Quinn and Clausen got drafted as high as they did..I have always felt that way. He maximized what they did well and minimized what they did poorly. Unfortunately you can’t hide that as well in the NFL.

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