Del Rio: “Garrard can take us where we want to go”

Asked to rank his draft needs on Friday, defensive minded Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio slyly said: “Defensive back, linebacker, and defensive line.”

We think he was half-joking.   PFT reminded him that a year ago at this time, Del Rio stressed the need for David Garrard to step up his game.  After an improved but ultimately unsatisfying year, is quarterback a need position?

“I think it’s a position we’d like to address at some point,” Del Rio said, but didn’t think it was a need for 2011.  “We like David.  We think David can take us where we want to go.”

The Jaguars coach indicated they’d like to draft a quarterback to develop.  (We still think they could draft one in round one or two.)

It would be the first time the Jaguars drafted a quarterback since Byron Leftwich in 2003.  That remains one of the more insane current streaks in the NFL and we’d bet on it ending in April.

29 responses to “Del Rio: “Garrard can take us where we want to go”

  1. “We like David. We think David can take us where we want to go.”

    Best guesses:
    1. To Los Angeles?
    2. To Hooters so you can watch the Colts in the playoffs?
    3. To the middle of the NFL power rankings?

  2. Del Rio: “Garrard can take us where we want to go”

    2 more years of mediocrity then Los Angeles baby.

  3. If Jacksonville doesn’t get a real franchise QB this year, then Jack will be in the unemployment line in 2012.

  4. If they were smart they would trade out of the 16th spot, still be able to pick up a Mallet, Locker or Kaepernick and get some defensive help.

  5. What’s insane is that we passed on Terrell Suggs and took Byron in the first place when we had a starting qb that played 7 more years in the league and (given a decent o-line) another starting caliber qb behind him.

    But Shack saw the “return of shack” and set the franchise back 5 years

    I guess the smart thing to do would have been to follow the fins, bears, raiders, broncos, skins, bills, Vikings, philosophy right?

  6. Oh, I get it now, racking up losing records was planned. Now it makes sense. But why is that where they want to go?

  7. Please,

    Del Rio has about as much say in the war room as I do. Gene Smith runs that show and Del Rio’s lucky just to be in the loop.

    I have no doubt that the Jags will draft a Qb in round two or trade back in round one if a QB like Ponder or Locker looks to slide.

    They won’t gamble on that Missou kid, they won’t be able to snag Newton (best in the class) and they’ve already learned about drafting QBs out of Arkansas.

    Something tells me the Jags want a developmental guy, possibly even a player like Tyrod Taylor, who basically is a Garrard clone. Nobody in this class is ready to step in right away and certainly no rookie QB this year can lead our team to be competive with the colts and challenge for the AFC south crown.

    1st pick- Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

    2nd, Christian Ponder (the other hometown kid)

    They’ll address the needs of DE and linebackers in free agency because they have proven time and time again they don’t know how to evaluate talent from those positions when it comes to the draft. They’ll probably pick up #20 from the bills when he is inevitably released.

    Garrard will have one more chance to ‘dilfer-it’. If he struggles early or we fall out of contention in comes the new kid.

    Trent Edwards belongs in the UFL.

  8. No way the jags take a qb higher than round 4

    Gene knows he has to hire a coach next year and is not going to get into the current broncos situation with a high pick from last year and a new coach who wants “his” guy.

    Just like the bills situation with losman/Edwards and so many others

  9. Maybe it’s not the QB. Maybe it’s the offensive strategy. The team is at the bottom of the NFL in 40+ yd. play and middle of the pack for 20+. Now take MJD out of that and the O is awful. They need to spread the field out a lot more. When you play the jags there is no need for safeties. You can literally play 5 LB’s. They need a change of philosophy not a change of QB. Garrard had a 90 QB rating and added 5 rushing TD’s. When you think jags O just think total opposite of the eagles.

  10. 904blasta says:
    Feb 25, 2011 3:13 PM

    2nd, Christian Ponder (the other hometown kid)


    Christian Ponder is from Texas actually

  11. tombrookshire says:
    Feb 25, 2011 3:12 PM
    Oh, I get it now, racking up losing records was planned. Now it makes sense. But why is that where they want to go?

    Destination: Chick-Fil-A

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