Jerry Jones: “NFL and I take responsibility” for Super Bowl fiasco

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been all but invisible since the mess that was Super Bowl week in Dallas, but he admitted today that he’s at least partially to blame for the fact that some people who bought tickets wound up without a seat, watching the game on TV.

“I do, along with the NFL, take responsibility for the seating issue,” Jones said. “Some of the things we would like to improve on regarding the seating issue, informing the fans that were involved, all of those areas, the NFL and I take responsibility for.”

But some of the ticket holders who are suing Jones and the NFL say the league and the Cowboys aren’t taking enough responsibility and should have offered a full refund of all expenses related to the fans’ trips to Dallas for the Super Bowl. And one of the lawyers involved in a suit against Jones and the NFL says they’re trying to “nickel and dime” the fans.

Jones said he’s sorry that Dallas was widely panned as a Super Bowl host, but he’s confident that Cowboys Stadium will host more Super Bowls in the future.

“I am disappointed, but I understand that criticism,” Jones said. “It makes me want to get it right. It creates a real desire on my part to do better.”

It’s hard to see how it could be done any worse.

49 responses to “Jerry Jones: “NFL and I take responsibility” for Super Bowl fiasco

  1. this clown is such a jacka$$…..If he had pulled off the attendance record, which was his ultimate goal, since he can’t come close to GMing a team to the game, he would have proclaimed that he set the attendance record, but since he failed, and looks like the idiot he is, it’s him and the NFL’s fault, like a child saying the dog ate his homework after the fact…..

  2. Jerry jones from the start of should of had some balls n took some of the blame!!!! How can you talk bout the superbowl in your stadium all year and then mess up this bad

    Perfect way to end the season jerry

  3. “I am disappointed, but I understand that criticism,” Jones said. “It makes me want to get it right. It creates a real desire on my part to do better.”

    If he runs his next SB (if he gets one) like he runs his football team, I guess that means he’ll try to install the seats himself.

  4. Hosting is the closest Dallas will ever get to another superbowl with Jerry’s
    keen eye for coaching and talent.

  5. The seating fiasco not withstanding.

    Dallas got hit with weather that is abnormal for them. While they do get snow its usually just that, not an ice storm. While the NFL has lots of coin I don’t think they own a fleet of plows and salt trucks. I mean school was closed the entire week. And it’s not like they really could borrow from nearby places, Oklahoma and all the mid-western states to the North got walloped as well.

    Sure there was some major oversight, ie the ice falling from the roof. But people down there just aren’t used to it. I think many reports stated, that the NFL ran the show the actual day of the SuperBowl and not the supervisors who ran Cowboys stadium for the past 2 seasons. I went to the new Stadium last year, and did not encounter any issues at all.

  6. I was a the Super Bowl and attended the festivities for teh 3 days leading up to SB 45, and was also at SBs 30, and 32, and aside from the idiot Packer and Steelers fans at the 3 SBs I have attended, I would rate SB 45 favorably with the other 2 SBs and related festivities I have attended.

    The major difference I noticed in the past 15 years is the proliferation of media at the pre-game events/festivities and all the complaining they do. The media coverage is always negative even though 90% of the “regular” people at teh event are having fun. Don’t believe the media and the 1% of the ticket holders that did not enjoy themselves. 99% of the fans in attendance had a great experience and think North Texas was a great host, weather excluded (but that’s not on the city). Dallas in a regular rotation with San Diego, LA (Rose Bowl), Miami, New Orleans, and Tampa wouldn’t be bad.

    I will never attend a SB in Detroit, Indy, or NY.

  7. “I am disappointed, but I understand that criticism,” Jones said. “It makes me want to get it right. It creates a real desire on my part to do better.”

    In other words, you’re saying in a backwards way that you want to host another Super Bowl? Tell ya what, Jerruh, maybe you should take care of any pending lawsuits from your first Super Bowl fiasco before you hint at a second one!

    What an A**hole.

  8. How can you say you take responsibility but then share the responsibility with another entity that isn’t joint statement.

  9. cowboys282 says:
    Feb 25, 2011 6:31 PM
    “It’s hard to see how it could be done any worse.”

    I know right. It was only the top grossing Superbowl of all time. What a screw up.


    How did i no that was a cowboy groupie without even lookin at da name

  10. Three weeks after the fact he now takes responsibility. What a stand up guy.

    I don’t accept the worn out excuse of the freak nature of the weather during super bowl week. The state of Texas, the city of Dallas, and the NFL had the national weather service and the weather channel at their disposal and still was flat footed days after the first ice fell. Trucks and salt could have been easily been contracted and brought in…especially during an economic period where truckers would have driven from Minnesota if asked.

    Where was Gov. Rick Perry during the emergency? San Diego, California sitting poolside.

  11. cowboys282 says: Feb 25, 2011 6:31 PM

    “It was only the top grossing Superbowl of all time.”


    Just my $0.02, but that’s not nearly impressive as you make it sound when you consider he sold tickets to seats that didn’t exist.

    Just sayin’.

  12. toe4 says:
    Feb 25, 2011 6:46 PM
    I think it is great that Jerry Jones is so willing to man up be a true leader and share responsibility.

    I guess that didn’t come across well online. It was sarcasm. You can’t be a leader AND share responsibility. I had assumed it was self-evident.

  13. While I am certainly not a Jerry Jones fan, it is my understanding that the NFL “takes over” the stadium of the host site each year.
    It is the NFL who arrange the super bowl, not the team that plays in the stadium.
    I think that Goodell and his crew are the ones that screwed this thing up, yet they aren’t owning up to anything.

  14. toe4 says:
    Feb 25, 2011 6:46 PM
    I think it is great that Jerry Jones is so willing to man up be a true leader and share responsibility.

    thanks jerry – i mean “toe4″…(“wink, wink, nudge, nudge, grin, grin, say no more”…)

  15. stats5 must be a “North Texas” homer. I was at the Detroit superbowl and it was a wonderful experience compared to the Dallas Altamont disaster. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Dallas and its people irrespective of the weather issues – just not the event itself.

    The weather was no excuse for how abysmally the Super Bowl was run. If the ice on the roof is the excuse for basically cramming 105k people through two gates, they should have flown in salt days ahead of time (a relatively minor expense considering the magnitude of the event). Moreover, the fact that each ticket listed multiple gates suggest that they planned to underutilize the gates from the outset (it’s my understanding that for regular season games a fan can only enter at the specific gate on the ticket).

    Moreover, the weather on game day itself was not at all problematic (other than the mud the fans had to wait 2-3 hours in) and they made no effort at communicating what was going on. They also could have made a number of other adjustments, such as having urinals available for the fans jammed into the ridiculous lines. Additionally, the staff outside the stadium where generally caustic.

    The weather also had nothing to do with waiting until gameday to have temporary seating approved.

  16. >Dallas got hit with weather that is abnormal for them.

    Snort. Did the dog eat your homework, too? They waited till a week before the event to try to get a permit for the new seats despite being reminded to do it. There’s a familiar Cowboy brashness to that kind of stupidity.

  17. Jones over greed for profit outshined HIS Super Bowl in Jonesville. The NFL should penalize Dallas and Jones, since they were involved in another cover up don’t count on it.

  18. The seating fiasco was one thing, but what was with the rest of Dallas not helping any of the people there for the SB? The Dallas mayor should be recalled, and the hotel managers who left ice everywhere should all be fired.

  19. This whole mess proves Jerry is as bad an owner as he is a GM. He really needs to step aside and just watch the Dallas Cowboys play football. The team and the organization would be so much better off. But we all know he won’t do that.

  20. Jerry Jones,

    I’ve got to hand it to you. You did break one Super Bowl attendance record…that being the record for the most ticket-holding patrons to not actually get a seat at the game.

  21. One of the peripheral negatives of the CBA goings on is that it has brought all the union political types to this site, and with them, their political, class and regional bigotry. “halftermgov”? Gee, I wonder who that refers to? Jerry Jones, Texas, Rick Perry, Republicans, ownership, capitalism…..these trolls don’t just limit their venom for the labor threads, they bleed over into everything else.

  22. Uncle Leo,

    This SB was JJ’s baby from the start. He lobbied for it, he crowed about it, how many times did we see him on TV talking about that big screen and this game.

    After doing all that crowing he can’t now point the finger and say “it wasn’t me.”

  23. Worst run super bowl EVER!!! Worse than Jacksonville. I don’t understand how a single cowgirl fan can state otherwise. Tickets were outrageous, for a stadium that you can barely see the game anyway. Stay home and watch it on your big screen. Dallas and Jerry are a debacle.

    Can’t wait to hear the claims that dallass will be in the super bowl this year and finish last in the NFC East again.

  24. mick730 says: Feb 25, 2011 8:34 PM

    “One of the peripheral negatives of the CBA goings on is that it has brought all the union political types to this site, and with them, their political, class and regional bigotry.”

    Funny, because your post is the only one on this entire thread (article included) that even contains the word “union”. OK, so count this one now too…

    So, WTF exactly are you talking about?

  25. Jerry Jones and the NFL grossed the largest amount ever gained by a Super Bowl.

    Do they consider it a “fiasco”??? Not on your life!

    The Super Bowl was a smashing success for the Cowboy’s owner, the League, the advertisers and the merchandisers. What’s a misplaced fan here and there compared to such financial prosperity?

    Of course Jerry will host more Super Bowls. It’s a business, folks. And, you can’t argue with success.

  26. “You know how TAKE the reservation… you just don’t know how to HOLD the reservation…

    “And that’s really the most important part of the whole reservation”

  27. I am not a fan of Jerry at all, but i give him credit for manning up to the mistakes at the SB. He could’ve easily stood behind the commissioner’s dress, but he stood up and took some or at minimum half the blame.

    Unfortunately, I think his motives were more towards taking the punches on this one so his next SB bid for Dallas has a chance. He is,after all, a smart business man.

  28. romoscollarbone, I live in DFW and am a Cowboys fan. But I want to punch Jerry right his face.

    I think most people around the country forgave the area’s response and preparation for the weather because they realize we don’t get it that bad but maybe once every 20 or 30 years.

    The problem people have (and rightfully so) is with the lack of preparation for the event itself. It is inexcusable by anybody that was involved that it went over as terribly as it did. I think we will get another one simply because of Cowboys Stadium and this area’s logistical and financial ability to host big events like that. But the people in charge (a.k.a. the NFL and Jerruh) are being flogged for the way the event went over, and rightfully so.

    Good thing the teams were prepared enough to go out there and give the 103,000+ that showed up and the millions of people watching around the world a good game, making it the most watched Super Bowl ever. Hate to say it, but Jerry could learn something from the Packers and Steelers.

  29. Jones said “It makes me want to get it right. It creates a real desire on my part to do better.”

    So you’re basically saying that you really didn’t give a crap the first time around?

  30. stats5, right on. I agree. A lot of this stuff is overblown by the media. I’m not trying to discount the way they blew it with the seating issue, but I was out at all the Super Bowl events in Sundance Square, in Dallas, in Arlington.

    I talked to a lot of Packers and Steelers fans and they were generally thrilled to be here and having a great time.

  31. They may be taking responsibility for what happened, but they might have to do even more:

    1. Reimburse those who had affected tickets in full for what happened.

    2. They are guests of the NFL will all expenses paid for Super Bowl XLVI in Indy plus an additional Super Bowl the next time the Packers or Steelers are in the game (and if that happens to be next year, then it’s any Super Bowl of their choice). If there is a lockout that causes next season (or the one after if a lockout goes long enough) to be affected to a significant degree (truncated, delayed, etc.) to where the winner will have an asterisk next to them (like the Redskins when they won Super Bowl XVII and XXII after the 1982 and ’87 seasons respectively), then it becomes next season, the next full season after that and one other as noted above.

    What happened there was extremely unfortunate for the fans, but they should have been working on the stadium from the moment the Cotton Bowl Game (January 7) ended to assure all of the seats were in place and inspected. Of course, some of what happened was beyond Jones’ and the NFL’s control (especially the snow/ice storm and the worst weather to have hit Dallas in over 50 years, though the NFL probably should have ahead of time rented the necessary equipment to make sure Dallas could handle the weather like a northeastern city) which caused some of the entrances to be closed (especially because of the snow/ice), and it was an unfortunate set of circumstances in that regard as well.

  32. Really, Jerry? When you take the responsibility and then include the league, well… that’s not really taking responsibility at all, now, is it?

  33. #
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    cowboys282 says: Feb 25, 2011 6:31 PM

    “It’s hard to see how it could be done any worse.”

    I know right. It was only the top grossing Superbowl of all time. What a screw up.
    that has nothing to do with jerry jones, every superbowl from here on out could be the top grossing sb because of the sport’s popularity. Stop looking at the world through those gay blue star glasses.

  34. Those that say Jerry sucks as an owner are ill informed or bias. He made the Cowboys the second most valuable sports franchise in the world, behind Manchester United Soccer Club. He owns the most modern and downright awesome stadium in the country, and probably the world.

    And the ones that think Dallas won’t ever host another Super Bowl are just downright stupid.

    Maybe it’s because my team never really plays Dallas, but dang…a lot of people on this board must buy the Hateraide in bulk at Sams Club or something and just bathe in that stuff every day.

  35. Of course Jerruh will get plenty more Super Bowls!! That neutered french poodle of a commissioner always rolls over when Jerruh walks into the room. Jerruh throws him an occasional milkbone and rodger’s tail just won’t stop wagging.

  36. @Diehardskinsfan21

    Everyone I know that’s gone to a game there (myself included) had a great view. Some had party passes, some had regular seats.

    Really, your faced with the problem of just wanting to look at the huge screen instead of the field (not a problem in my book).

    But being a Redskins fan I’d assume you’re just hateful that Jerry Jones is a more successful owner than Dan Snyder.

  37. mick730 – too deep man!…you’ll have alot more fun in here if you stick a little closer to the surface…save the in-depth analysis for the talking heads…

  38. @stats5
    I will never attend a SB in Detroit, Indy, or NY

    I’d bet money that each of these towns will rest easy knowing this.

    Why don’t you just go to Dallas every year and watch it there….Jerry will only charge you $200 to bring a folding chair and watch it in the parking lot on his “big screen TV”.

    Perhaps the idiot Steeler fans can send you a six pack of Iron City and the idiot Packer fans can send you some brats to grill. Jerry will only charge you $20 per beer to bring it onto his palacial property.

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