Lovie Smith discusses length of extension; why Tice couldn’t leave


Lovie Smith had roughly an hour to enjoy his contract extension.  Then he had to face the media here in Indianapolis.

Instead of a congratulatory feel to the news, Smith faced a question about why the extension was only for two years.  (Like Florio predicted.)

We can sympathize with Smith.  He was put in a difficult position, especially when he was asked perhaps unfairly if he feels that this is another “make or break” season for him because of the short length of the extension.

Smith reacted defensively, obviously annoyed.  He repeated that he still had three years left on his contract and that he was comfortable.

The reality is that only a few coaches are not year-to-year.   “Security” in the NFL is as good as your next win-loss record.

To lighten the mood, I asked him why he didn’t let offensive line coach Mike Tice interview with the Titans for their coordinator job.

“As a general rule, I’d like to see our guys advance anytime they can.  But there’s a deadline . . . it was a little bit late in the game,” Smith said.  “Mike is O.K.  It’s not like we were keeping things secret or anything.   Mike’s excited about being on our staff.  The timing wasn’t right for our team.”

UPDATE: Video of the proceedings Friday.

18 responses to “Lovie Smith discusses length of extension; why Tice couldn’t leave

  1. Lovie’s contract could lead him to being the HC for 10 years with the same team. There is some success here. I don’t understand all the haters wanting this guy out. Angelo should go, no doubt, but there has been some stability here and until you get a situation like in Tennessee with Fisher and Young, the Bears are still in a winnable division. Packers can talk all they want, but Chicago still won the division and got in the playoffs. With the Vikings being down a little and while Detroit is getting better, Chicago is sitting pretty comfortable for the next couple years.

  2. Lovie’s a lovable loser.
    Anybody else ever notice that when the camera’s on most coaches, they’re talking in to their headsets, but Lovie’s always looking at the replay screen?

  3. “As a general rule, I’d like to see our guys advance anytime they can. But there’s a deadline . . . it was a little bit late in the game”

    Translation: Tice is my “in case of emergency, break glass” OC if Mike Martz reverts to “Mad Mike”.

  4. when you need 3 former head coaches just to pick up your slack maybe just maybe hes not a franchise coach………

    BTW Vikes didnt take a dip they fell off the map, if they can land a qb all is fine but untill then your looking at the 12th worst team in the league… Bears wont make the playoffs next year…

  5. dfeltz says: “Packers can talk all they want, but Chicago still won the division and got in the playoffs.”

    enjoy just making it there then, cause we will talk, we won the Super Bowl and beat yall in Chicago…yalls year was a ton of luck, pack had some to, but nowhere near the blessings and handouts the bears got…see week 1…

    gettin Cutler was a bad move and yall lack a true talent no. 1 WR, dont tell me Johhny Knox, yes hes fast but a horrible route runner, scared of the middle and not big time….draft AJ Green…

  6. The REAL reason Tice could not leave is cause he is one of the most underrated coaches in entire NFL. Miss him here in Minny, without him, Cutler would have perm turf stains on his butt. Tice was not appreciated in MINN & had a very cheap owner in McCombs that did not allow him to have any kind of decent staff. He had better winning records here in Min than Chilly did with twice the staff!! Only reason Lovie is still head coach cause of Hesters special teams play and above average D that stayed healthy. Love has always won as HC with smoke and mirrrors, his teams have NEVER outplayed opponents, just always willing on opportunistic turnovers and Hesters special teams td’s.

  7. Lovie’s as vanilla and boring as they come. He doesn’t ruffle any feathers at Halas Hall. Mike McCaskey said after the Super Bowl championship in 1986 “We don’t HAVE to win the Super Bowl, we just want to remain competitive.”

    Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers and Charles Tillman can do that through the end of Lovie’s contract. After that… defensively speaking, all bets are off.

    Since they’re 2007 Super Bowl appearance, the Bears have added NO defensive starters in the first three rounds of the draft. That’s not a winning formula. Those guys should be contributing NOW and into the future.

    The arrow is actually pointing more up for the young offense vs. the aging defense.

  8. How soon before Lovie get’s canned and one of the other former head coaches take over? Why spend all that money when it’s obvious Lovie stinks as a HC.

  9. Wump

    You hear that noise?

    That’s the sound of Papa Bear rolling over in his grave.

    Will someone please put this football team back into the hands of someone that understands football?


  10. Dfelz, dont get comfy, you are 1 or 2 key defenders away from being bottom feeders again!! Remember when urlacher was out for the entire year? Rest of team couldn’t do anything!! All Vikings need is an average maintain composure qb and a D that will play up to its potential.

  11. medtxpack:

    You’re right – Knox is terrible, Chicago doesn’t have a number 1 WR. Look Objectively now, over the last 7 years, Green Bay (including the SuperBowl) you made the playoffs 4 of the 7 years, losing twice in a Wild Card rounds and an NFC championship round (Favre), those years the Packers were never lucky making it into the playoffs? Enjoy the SuperBowl win, but don’t make it out like Green Bay is a superiorly run organization compared to other contending playoff teams.

  12. @Footballmaven

    Lovie turned over play calling duties to the OC and DC, so he doesn’t have to be calling plays into his mic all the time. He can still hear what is going on.

    That just makes it all the more frustrating that he has one of the worst records in the NFL with challenges. He is watching the game and the replays and still misses ones he should challenge and throws the red flag on ones that have no chance.

  13. dfeltz, i said we had luck, any tean playing in the playoffs does. i would still say that GB is a superiorly run organization compared to most teams. Look at Teds work, ya he has mistakes mut not many, and hes almost flawless in free agency when he does do it, ryan pickett, charles woodson, all the players he got when we had 15 on IR!! our coaching is pretty badass too. yall shoulod improve with Tice, verdict still otu with Martz to me….

    and so now i have to ask, was their luck involved when the bears somehow backed into the SB with Rex Grossman?????? it reminded me of the Cardinals making it agaisnt the Steelers (thats a whole other story, their luck that everyone thinks is a dynasty with Big Ben, they beat two NFC west teams, ha!).

  14. Hey dfeltz – “Enjoy the SuperBowl win, but don’t make it out like Green Bay is a superiorly run organization compared to other contending playoff teams.”

    You could have stopped at “Enjoy the SuperBowl win” . But then again, no one else seems to be able to stop themselves either.

  15. Grossman, had 7 games with a passer rating of 100 or higher, led all quarterbacks that year. Grossman sure as hell isn’t Montana, but how the team was built that year, clearly worked. If losing by 8 to the Colts is backing into a Superbowl loss, then I guess the NFL puts out an awful product on a year to year basis.

  16. Then they throw one last shovel on top of the dung pile by raising ticket prices today.

    In their letter to season ticket holders team president Ted Phillips said “”If everyone gives a little, including the fans…”

    Yes, someone has to pay for the bad contracts that Jerry Angelo has given out so….
    While the dollar amount for season tickets may seem steep to you and I, it is just a pimple on the well-fed rumps of the players, coaches, management and owners.
    I wish I could be as incompetent as this bunch and still get paid huge amounts of money with a contract extension to boot.
    With so much time being spent patting them selves on the back it is no wonder they have so little time to focus on improving the product that they are selling.

    Set your sights low.
    That way mediocrity can be passed off as success.”

    Maybe they would not have to raise ticket prices if they had not designed Soldier Field to be the smallest stadium in the NFL.
    With the $600 million spent on renovating a stadium built in the 1920s you could have built a brand new 75,000 seat stadium with a real playing surface.

    You are a brilliant man Ted Phillips.

  17. Even tho the Vikings already want $ from season tix holders, the one good thing in playing in a crappy stadium in a bad economy with a dissappointing team is they dont raise prices!!

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