Mixed signal emerge from agent meeting

One agent told ESPN’s Adam Schefter via text that the NFL and the players’ union aren’t close “on one single issue,” and that the labor dispute “WILL go into September.”

Another agent told us via text that Schefter “got bad info” from within the meeting room.

At this point, we don’t know what to think.  And we’ve got a feeling that every agent in the room will have a different take on the situation.

So look for various takes to emerge over the next few days.  Hopefully, nothing said will disrupt whatever momentum has emerged between the two sides.

13 responses to “Mixed signal emerge from agent meeting

  1. Amazing.

    The mediator gets involved, the union and the league both stop leaking info on the talks to the press, all good signs.

    Then the union briefs the idiot agents and all hell breaks loose.

    The union should have realized that there was no way these attention hungry blow hards would be able to resist temptation when someone shoved a microphone in front of them.

    De should have just told the agents- “listen we know you can’t help yourself and will immediately leak everything we tell you to the press, so we’re not telling you anything.”

  2. I don’t know who they think they’re kidding, but if we’re to believe that everyone involved in these talks can keep the “cone of silence” enforced for several months, they’re being delusional. It human nature to want to blab, and the longer this goes on, the more news is going to leak out….most of it just rumors and speculation.

  3. Here’s an idea lets put the agents on the field for LB and DE tackle practice. FUN FOR ALL.

  4. The only stock the agents should be worried about is if they will still be needed by rookies. Its all about MONEY!!! I get sick and tired of it, I am the one who pays these guys, and they could care less about my opinion as a fan. Take me and the rest like me away and there is no NFL, because these guys wont play a game after working a regular job all day!!! That’s what we do, work all day then spend that money on these selfish owners and players. I think I like coaches and trainers more right now

  5. Well let’s see one agent see’s the glass as half full and the other see’s it as half empty in the end it gets you this non story…lets see now we have the Republicans and Democrats come get together and come up with plausible budget solution and we have the rich owners and rich players can’t come up with a plausible deal that works for everyone ESPECIALLY THE FANS/CITIZENS…who always seem to be the ones who get screwed big time! Shows people with money and power ruin every friggin thing!

  6. For as much as they won’t like the rookie wage scale, the agents will be all about getting a deal. After all, the agents don’t get paid either while this is going on. Therefore, you will ultimately see the agents playing the role of the peacemakers, encouraging the NFLPA to sign a deal. They won’t want to go the way of hockey, which lost an entire season when an arrogant, bullheaded union leader badly misread the mood and unity of the owners.

  7. I am sure that many stories will be leaked beween now and when ever the CBA deal gets resolved…whenever that may be.

    The fact of the matter is this, if the players and owners cannot come to an agreement on how to split up MY money by the time week one starts they can do without it. I WILL find another past time if there is a strike/lockout. It is that simple.

  8. One negative (-agent) canceled out by a positive (+agent) thus leaves us with nothing. No news here folks…move along…

  9. “Mixed signal emerge from agent meeting”

    You can’t have a “mixed signal”, there’s nothing it can get mixed with. 🙂

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