Packers shuffle offensive staff

With receivers coach Jimmy Robinson bolting from Green Bay to Dallas, the Packers had to replace him.  But they didn’t just hire a receivers coach.

The Packers have shuffled their staff around, moving Edgar Bennett from running backs coach to receivers coach, and then sliding Jerry Fontenot from assistant offensive line coach to running backs coach.

The Packers also shifted John Rushing from offensive quality control to assistant receivers/special teams, and they hired Joel Hilgenberg as offensive quality control coach.

Bennett had served as running backs coach for six seasons.  Given that he also played running back in the NFL, it seems unusual that the team would decide to utilize his talents elsewhere offensively.

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  1. This is exactly why I didn’t like Jimmy Robinson being allowed to leave for an equal position in Dallas. A coach & GM should always allow their guys to advance their careers. Moving to Dallas to do the same thing is not a step forward, it’s a side-step, and it’s costing the Packers now.

  2. Bennett, a RB in the pros and a RB coach since is moving to WR coach? I guess with the best WR corps in the NFL, the Packers don’t need to worry too much who is the coach.

  3. Not sure I’m a huge fan of putting Edgar Bennett in charge of the receivers since he never played the position. Might have been cool to make Donald Driver the coach/receiver until he retires…and then permanent receivers coach (if he was interested)

  4. I still maintain that Robinson moving to Dallas was more about putting himself in a position for advancement next year. The Packers WRs are considered among the best in the league top to bottom, there is a lot of upside in Dallas at that position as well. If he goes there and they make the playoffs there will be a lot of turn-around hype and he will get a ton of credit when the passing game becomes more productive. They are getting Romo back and Bryant is in his second year, so improvement should be a no-brainer, however people will still credit him with “doing it again” and building a dominant receiving corps. That puts him in a spot to get a OC position elsewhere, which he wouldn’t have had in Green Bay.

  5. Green Bay is treating the coaches the same way they treat the players.

    Staying within the organization – allowing personnel to move up. Building careers. Maintaining continuity.

    Edgar did a great job under trying circumstances with his running backs.

    Now he gets to coach a squad with an embarassment of riches.

    Hope he can make something out of Brett Swain!

    Buy hey Ted and Mike — time to sign Dom to an extension!

  6. This is not something to worry about. Edgar Bennett has done a nice job with the running backs. I think this is a sign that the Packers are trying to give him an opportunity to learn more of the intricacies of the passing game. He is probably hoping to someday be an offensive coordinator, for which this move would help him. And really, even assuming Jones is gone next year, Jennings, Driver, and Nelson don’t need a ton of coaching. Edgar MIGHT have to develop a youngster or at least some practice squadders, depending on what happens with Jones and Swain.
    Also, this might allow McCarthy to diversify the offense (though it probably doesn’t need it) by making the running backs a larger part of the passing game.

  7. worldchampsx13 says: Feb 25, 2011 6:31 PM
    It is actually a step forward – Robinson is Assistant Head coach on top of Receivers coach.

    lol, don’t tell me you fell for that old trick? The “assistant head coach” (I think Dallas has 5 assistant head coaches now) tag is nothing more than making a lateral job move seem legal. In reality, he will have the exact same job he had with the Pckers.

  8. Green Bay might have the most open receiving corps in the NFL, but they sure don’t have great hands. Driver and Jones were among the NFC leaders in drops this year and everyone saw the embarrassment in the Super Bowl. Not saying Bennett makes all that much sense, but this wasn’t a perfect unit.

  9. hey peytorb, i guess when you get thrown to more than any other WR corps out there, you probobaly will lead in drops. whats crazy is that our #3 had 140 yds in the suber bowl, and if he woulda caught two more passes, woulda broke 200!
    best WRs in the league and SB champs!

  10. gbsparks said: Feb 25, 2011 8:05 PM

    Oh, yeah, this just in: MM and TT all of a sudden got stupid! Not!


    Exactly. I’ve seen too many of their “ridiculous” decisions turn out fine to start doubting them now. And the idea that a former RB can’t coach anything but other RBs is ludicrous. Does a head coach have to have played every position to know what he’s doing?

  11. Edgar Bennett might teach the receivers a thing or two about running after the catch. Jerry Fontenot could show the backs a thing or two about blocking that they didn’t already know.

    There is one behind-the-scenes wizard in the Packers’ quality control department (breaking down and assembling various video segments) named Mike Eayrs who excelled as an offensive coordinator and running backs coach at UW-La Crosse. He could be Ted’s diamond in the rough.

  12. Bennett to WR coach is to teach our guys to hold onto the ball & not fumble it.

    Either way, I don’t question the move of our organization…that new Lombardi trophy is why.

  13. “and everyone saw the embarrassment in the Super Bowl”


    By embarrassment do mean when the team was at the podium hoisting the Lombardi Trophy? I get it……

    This move means nothing…and couch GM’s like you mean even less.

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