10 wins, bad reputation make Todd Haley more talkative

When Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli lamented the short stay of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, Pioli avoided commenting on the widespread belief that Weis packed it in after only one year because Weis believed coach Todd Haley is too hard to work for.

Haley seems to realize that he has developed a reputation, deserved or not, of being a bit of a workplace bully, and he likewise seems to be spending as much time as he can in the offseason trying to change the way he’s perceived.  The fact that he’s coming off a 10-win season also seems to make him far more willing to talk than he was after a four-victory effort in his first year as a head coach.

And he’s definitely talking.

From the podium during Friday’s media availability at the Scouting Combine, Haley provided a Shakespearean six-minute monologue in response to a simple question — who’ll call the plays?

On Saturday, Haley has been holding court with the media, including a visit with Cardinals beat writers during which Haley wore his 2008 NFC title ring (he was Arizona’s offensive coordinator) and a “spiffy new ‘do,” which at least is a change from the tuques he perpetually has been sporting in the offseason, which may or may not have something to do with the possibility that more than a few of his hairs have decided to pull a Charlie Weis and part ways with Todd Haley.

Haley’s tactics are painfully obvious.  If the media likes him, the media will be less inclined to call him out, even when he deserves it.  If he focused as much effort on not deserving to be called out for, say, running off employees, he wouldn’t need to try to suck up to the media.

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  1. If Chiefs offense struggles this season, the reason why will be seen when Haley looks in the mirror. He’s put himself in that situation.

  2. Good for him. At least he has more class and dignity than that foot freak in NY who seems to shoot his mouth off and fail to deliver.

  3. Todd Haley doesn’t give a damn about his bad reputation. The world’s in trouble, there’s no communication. And everyone can say what they want to say, it never gets better anyway. So why should he care about his damn reputation, anyway?

  4. So Haley isn’t liked by the media. As long as he wins games and goes to the playoffs who gives a sh!t. Keep winning Todd, us Chiefs fans love it. I guess they should rehire Herm Edwards so they can go 2-14 “but” the coach can be loved by the media. That’s clarly more important.

  5. “Good for him. At least he has more class and dignity than that foot freak in NY who seems to shoot his mouth off and fail to deliver.”

    You had me until “fail to deliver.” I am not a Rex fan at all, he seemed classless when he called out Woodson for getting the defensive MVP a couple years ago when anyone with any objectivity thought that either he or Revis could have won it without objection. Seeing Rex win would be like seeing Vader win… if Vader were a petulant child.

    Now that said, BACK TO BACK AFC Championship games is a far cry from failing to deliver, when was the last time the Jets were relevant? Being a top 4 team in the league 2 years running with a rookie (then 2nd year) QB is enough evidence that what he is doing is working. Failing to deliver would imply they need to start over, in the end they probably just need to do what they are doing and make minor changes.

    Now on the topic at hand, I think Haley is obviously trying to better his image. I do not think we can say if he is “sucking up” to the media, or trying to be less of an ass. He is either sincere or he is not, only time will give some indication of which. I like the story in KC this year, and was sad to see Wiese go. I really liked watching that defense early in the year against SD, could be a sign of things to come.

  6. “Haley’s tactics are painfully obvious.”

    Since when is Public Relations in the absence of immediate controversy ( like a DUI arrest or a 6 game losing streak) a bad thing. It’s a smart thing to do in a media-intensive industry.

  7. Haley’s @hole routine was needed to turn around the loser mentality in KC. He appears to be a natural @hole and seems at ease being one.

    He got a big boost in 2010 with a very watered down schedule that allowed a 10 win season and a playoff spot. Add to it that Weis and Crennel coming on board helped solidify the O and D with X’s and O’s and educate Haley on how to coach.

    Now that there was a public split with Weis,that everyone agrees was mostly due to ego, as well a harder schedule for 2011, Haley anticipates he will be under the hot spotlight and knew enough to adapt to the situation.

    Will this prove to be a fraudulent act? We’ll see when he’s 1-4 and the O is stinking it up. I’m guessing yes.

  8. I heard haley on espn radio a few weeks ago.

    The guy is *quite taken with himself,* even worse than Sean Payton.

    Heaven forbid this guy ever wins a Super Bowl.

    He’ll be insufferable.

  9. All the stars aligning and a great run of health were the reasons why the Chiefs won 10 games last year. They still went 2-4 in the AFC west and will more than likely finish 3rd in 2011 behind SD & Oakland.

  10. Haley has earned the right to do as he pleases after the nightmare that was the dumbest head coach in team history, Herm Edwards.

    On that note, Charlie Weis is highly overrated, and I, for one won’t miss his very inconsistant playcalling.

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