Cam Newton explains “icon” quote, then sounds like a star

Everything about Cam Newton’s media session was different.

His arrival was announced well before he got there.  There was a sound check and the crowd swelled to unmanageable levels.  He was escorted to the stage and introduced by NFL Draft legend Gil Brandt.

And that was all before Newton even opened his mouth with another moment that showed he was unique.

Newton started the session with a written opening statement, addressing his recent “entertainer and icon” quote.

“First and foremost I understand that my obligation is to be the best possible football player that I can be.  I know and believe that.”

Newton explained that the comments came when his new endorsement was announced.

“I was making the point that I want to be the best possible ambassador for them just like I want to be the best possible ambassador for whatever team I am lucky enough to play for.”

The statement was ultimately unnecessary and the least compelling part of the press conference.  Newton was engaging, answered every question directly, and accepted blame for his comments.  He managed to be humble, charismatic, and jumped into the third person all at the same time.  (In short, he sounded like a star. )

Newton’s ability to charm the media shouldn’t change his draft stock, but we don’t think that the pressure of being a high draft pick will be a problem for him like it was for other quarterbacks.

Put it this way: Team Newton should be very happy that he took the podium right after Ryan Mallett.

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26 responses to “Cam Newton explains “icon” quote, then sounds like a star

  1. I thought he did well too. But on NFL network, they were dogging him like he raped someone all while gushing over a QB who threw 16 TDs, Blaine Gabbert.

  2. This kid has made bad decisions in the past and he will continue to do so. He may be a great athlete but will struggle as an NFL QB.

  3. …i really can’t wait to see how all this plays out…i hope for nothing but the best for Cam (i’m an Auburn guy) – but i’ve also seen MANY fine college players just not be what the NFL needed…

  4. “His arrival was announced well before he got there. There was a sound check and the crowd swelled to unmanageable moments. He was escorted to the stage by NFL Draft legend Gil Brandt.”

    Sounds like he’s already a legend before he takes a snap in the NFL. Under Amour wouldn’t have taken the risk they took with you, if they didn’t see your potential. Don’t disappoint. Break down defenses with your arm like Brady and Manning and with your legs like Vick. You’ll have a halo over on your head. In the shape of a prolate spheroid. And the next contract you sign with Under Amour make sure it’s like Brady where they give you just as much ownership.

    Cam you can be all that and more as long as you win.

  5. PFT seems to find a new guy to leech onto with negative articles every other month (Favre, Cutler, Vick, etc.)

    That said, at least Newton deserves to be lambasted.

  6. Wonder how Team Newton feels about the possibility of the “entertainer & icon” playing in Buffalo, NY ??

  7. Indywilson40 is just trying to leave the best possible comments that indywilson40 is capable of.

  8. I lost all of my respect for Peter King. He is the bum who tweeted what Cam Newton said, but didn’t provide the whole conversation.

    By doing that, Cam has to answer questions about 1 sentence in a 15 min interview. It is obvious that a lot of writers do not want him to succeed in the NFL.

    Cam Newton has been doing post game interviews while at Auburn and he talked about TEAM and PRACTICE.

    Peter King is a bum and the guys who wrote a story about “entertainer and icon” are bums too, because you guys hopped on a stupid story to get you guys hits on your website.

  9. tommythek says:
    Feb 26, 2011 4:35 PM
    I heard he scored a 47 on the Wonderlick test today

    I think you mean 4.7 and that is if he spelled his name correctly.

  10. I’m sorry, but I just can’t cheer for this guy nor do I think he is worthy of a top pick. He tried to get paid to play college football. That tells me one thing…. he cares more about money than he cares about football.

    So when he gets his big payday he is going to become extremely disinterested in football a la Jamarcus Russell. Maybe that is when he will try to become the entertainer and icon he so wants to be.

    And please don’t give me the “his father was the one trying to get paid” excuse. Only the NCAA is that gullible, and you people are much smarter than them.

  11. The Giant Newt gets book ended by Mallett and Julio Jones. Darth Vader would come across well in that situation.

  12. He will not be a bust i can almost gurantee it he is just to good to be a bust he is 6’6 250 he will be hard to sack and he can see over the lineman he also is very fasy dont be surpised if he runs a 4.4 4.5 and also he has a canon arm dont be surprised if he throws it 75 yards

  13. Looks like the extra day for memorization purposes didn’t help The Newt. He’s using them damn crib sheets again.

  14. Best Wonderlic score is 50 (Done once)
    Vince Young (6 first time taken, retake 16)
    Dan Marino 16
    Cam Newton? (honest opinion maybe 7-9 range)

    Watching him speak at the Combine was painful. He repeatedly butchered the English language.

    Dumb QB’s rarely transition well into the NFL (JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Vince Young (TBD).

    Too many red flags already.

    Go get him Redskins!! On behalf of all NFC East fans!!

  15. Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round, which to me makes the QB’s at any combine a pointless endeavor, only the agents, the school he attented, and he and his family could benefit…It’s meaningless for the teams drafting him, and BTW i hate Brady and the Pats, but it is what it is…

  16. ESPN is reporting he got pissed off at an NFL team that asked him Thursday night why he disobeyed his coach and ran a QB sneak instead of taking a knee in the National Championship game.

  17. People are vilifying the kid because he got caught (at least his dad did). Newsflash for those of you who didn’t play D-1 football: MOST student-athletes get some sort of illegal benefits. The great players at big schools get A LOT of illegal benefits, including cash.

    This includes your heroes in the NFL who you think do no wrong. I’m not a Newton fan, but I’m not going to automatically disregard him as a “problem” either.

    I had no idea there were so many perfect people in the world to judge everyone else. I think I found all of you here on PFT.

  18. nice how you tossed in that mallett dis at the end- after all you must parlay negativity towards him at every opportunity.

  19. Newton sounds a bit like LeBron James – and not talent-wise. More like “The Decision.” Who knows where he will be taking his talents? No matter where, it seems like he will be via a late round…………..

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