Michael Vick honored as “a true example of life success”

In another step toward the rehabilitation of Michael Vick’s image, an organization in his native Virginia has announced that it plans to honor him at an event next month for his off-field activities.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association announced its intention to honor Vick and made clear that the honor was not just for the football player, but for the man.

In a statement released by the group, Vick is praised because he “epitomized the meaning of ‘hero’ not only by his unparalleled accomplishments on the football field, but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced . . . and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.”

We’ve been down this path before several times, notably when Vick was given the Ed Block Courage Award and when Vick was given the key to the city of Dallas. Some people think Vick’s ability to get his life back on track after serving time in prison is worthy of praise. Others think the people who deserve praise are the ones who avoid going to prison in the first place.

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  1. Let the racist and the so called animal lovers begin their rants. So called Christians. America land of 2nd chances. Begin now….and if you agree with me, give me a thumbs down.

  2. as an eagle fan i appreciate him cleaning his life up, and i respect him a lot more for that. but it’s crazy that he’s receiving all of the praise for it. Respect the people who’ve never been in trouble, and help the community not just to clean up their image.

  3. duanethomas, already playing the race card? And you wonder why this country is full of racists? People are sickened by a disgusting criminal being called a hero, and you call us racists because of that?

  4. I hope you guys don’t attend church, seriously. There is no way anyone on this board could know and love God, but still believe in condemning Mike Vick. May God have mercy on your unforgiving pathetic souls!!! Only those who don’t believe in God would continue to not forgive him.

  5. I don’t have a big problem with people giving Vick some credit for coming back from a very troubled time in his life. Good for him if he’s learned from his horrible mistakes and is a better man for it. Seriously.

    But saying he epitomizes the meaning of the word “hero”? Are you kidding me? No. Just…no.

  6. “epitomized the meaning of ‘hero’ not only by his unparalleled accomplishments on the football field, but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced . . . and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.”

    Wow, really? So we should all strive to go to federal prison for running an illegal gambling ring. Then, get let out before my time is up, because I plead guilty to a lesser charge. Come back and have one good year in the NFL… Wow, I did not know that was the sign of a true hero. How about Rae Carruth comes back and we make him the f’ing President, for God’s sake.

    I would say the same for Roethlisberger if he won this award and he is more deserving of any award like this. He was falsely accused, undeservedly handed a 4 game suspension and STILL took his team to a Super Bowl. At that, he still doesn’t deserve this award.

    It should go to someone that overcame something that THEY DID NOT DO TO THEMSELVES!!! No race or anything involved, it should go to someone that overcame true adversity. Not someone that was an idiot and got busted.

  7. duanethomas says:
    Feb 26, 2011 12:16 PM
    Let the racist and the so called animal lovers begin their rants. So called Christians. America land of 2nd chances. Begin now….and if you agree with me, give me a thumbs down.


    There is not a racist bone in my body, nor am I Christian, and I think this guy is a moron that should not be given any award. He is being rewarded enough by being allowed to play in the NFL. A true piece of human trash.

  8. @ kennysview
    Your god and forgiving approach is captain obvious blanket statement propaganda. You need to focus on the story. People on this board are upset because he’s being HONORED! He should not be honored and not viewed as a hero especially. This is complete disconnect from this group who is honoring him and for this creepy media love affair that is taking place.

  9. The guy did his time…and good for him.

    However, just because the guy won some games and made some plays doesn’t mean he should be up for any “life” awards.

    I assume Tiger Woods won’t win “husband of the year”, even if he DOES win a few tourneys this year.

    And Tiger didn’t even commit a crime (aside from careless driving).

    This guy, Vick, took pleasure personally torturing and killing dogs. There is no getting around that.

  10. O my god I can throw up now. This is just sickening for me to read. How does he epitomize the meaning of hero. Unreal, are people really this dumb? So now hero’s kill and torture animals. Who in this world would want their kid to look up to this piece of sh*t.. I just don’t get the appeal with this guy. Thought he was overrated before jail and I think he’s even more overrated now. People can make all the excuses they want for him but the way I see it people who do what he did aren’t right in the head. I refuse to belive he’s changed cause he spent a little time in jail. The guy is playing hard and saying all the right things for the first time in his career for one reason. He wants to get PAID!!. Once he does then let’s see how he acts.

  11. I’m in the camp that thinks he should be able to play in the league now that he served his time,I just don’t want him on my team.He had a good year on the field but the birthday party incindent makes it hard for me to believe he’s changed as much as people are trying to say.Great season but no hero.

  12. but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced


    You mean the obstacles created after he decided to kill dogs for years? Gotta watch out for those obstacles…. it could happen to anyone, right? Right?

  13. I give Vick credit for taking responsibility and making the right choices with his second chance, PERIOD.

    Like a person with an addiction, he has come close to “taking a swig” with some close associations with a couple of parties that were a bit over the line. He either bolted from the party or pulled his name from being associated with it – at the last minute mind you.

    To term anything he has done as “Heroic” is a total bastardization of that term. He has done a good job in turning his life around, period. He is now living a life like the majority of people in society, making good choices and being good citizens. The average guy/gal who wakes up everyday and does the right things in life do not get awards for being a “hero”.

    There will always be critics because that’s the easiest thing to do in life, but there will always be people pulling for him to succeed in his rehab because they know what it feels like to hit rock bottom and climb back up to your feet.

  14. “No, don’t call me a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs and get a distress call from the commissioner and take off their glasses and change into capes and fly around, fighting crime. Those are the real heroes.” – Dwight Shrute

    NOT some guy with a lot of talent who threw his life down the drain once, realized he could STILL make millions once he got out of prison, and has been keeping his life straight for a solid 2 years or so since…

  15. “An example of life success” would have been NOT killing dogs and lying to authorities, although I’d be more forgiving of the marijuana in the water bottle at the airport

  16. kennysview says:
    Feb 26, 2011 12:33 PM
    I hope you guys don’t attend church, seriously. There is no way anyone on this board could know and love God, but still believe in condemning Mike Vick. May God have mercy on your unforgiving pathetic souls!!! Only those who don’t believe in God would continue to not forgive him.
    Yeah….that same god that had mercy on the 6 million souls that were murdered in concentration camps in WWII…….the same god that had mercy on all the souls of this world that died from murder, disease, thirst, hunger, etc.

    Take your god. Let him help you. You’ll be the first.

  17. I am happy vick got a second chance and turned his life around but enough of the honor and praises for doing it. a hero?are you serious? what is heroic about not doing what got you into trouble to begin with? a hero is somebody who puts thier life on the line for you everyday like the people who serve in the military or police and fireman. or someone who does something to help others at the risk of thier own life not deciding not to kill dogs anymore. not wanting to praise and admire this guy does not make me a racist just a realist.

  18. So they are gonna award him with a party, in his home state?….Oh boy…We’ve all seen how that turns out…

  19. God Bless you Mike. You are a great example of what God can do in a person’s life if they allow it. Keep doing God’s will. The only reason people hate you is because they don’t know God’s power and dogs are their gods. None of us liked what you did but that is your past. Forgetting those things behind press for a higher calling in Jesus Christ. Let the hate go on most of these people who can’t forgive you don’t hate you because of dogs. It goes way back farther than dogs. They hate that you are a free black man doing God’s will. Be Bless I love you my brother. Don’t give their sickness any though. Live, Love, and be happy:).

  20. ny82jy says: Feb 26, 2011 12:59 PM

    @CKL- Wow we actually agree on something haha..
    I was going to say the same thing. I even thumbs upped you for your initial response before I saw this one.
    Maybe you’re an ok guy after all. 😉

  21. The title alone is enough to make me drink. I’m an Eagles fan and I still can’t stand this guy.

  22. “epitomizes the meaning of ‘hero'”…….”a true example of life success for all to emulate”

    I almost threw-up.

    Then I said to myself….’what the hell kind of an organization would pick Michael Vick for these sorts of accolades?’ The answer came quickly into my head….’it must be a black organization.’

    So then I go back into the article above to see the name of the organization…”The Southeastern Virginian Arts Association”….google it…and sure enough….a black organization.

    I guess that makes me a racist.

  23. For all the loser and haters who don’t understand why he is getting an award let me clue you in since your head is in your dogs ass. This not an award from your four legged relatives. Mr. Vick got this for continuing to. speak with, work with and help kids at risk. Something you goodie too shoes don’t have time to do. You are too busy blogging, Matter fact he has spoken at severl schools against dogfighting, where were you oh I forgot had to walk the dog and blog. He is working with the Mayor in Philly on programs to help those who come out of prision have a better life. Oh where were you, blogging. He built a church in Virgina because they were having service is a community center. Where were you Oh. sleeping you and your dog. He has given millions to boys and girls club what have you given. He has given millions for the welfare of your four legged relatives. what have you done but blogged. Pray for your hateful selves.

  24. I understand this from both perspectives.

    From the African-American perspective, you have to understand the history of Black People in this country before you comment on the lives of Black Athletes. If you are not Black, if you have not lived through the life that African Americans have lived, you have no perspective to truly understand the state of African Americans. And people who don’t understand should not pass judgement – “Judge not, lest ye shall be judged.”

    From the other perspective, whatever race or background you are coming from, as an outsider looking into Vick’s situation, it doesn’t make sense why he would be honored in such a way. He is lucky to get back to the status he had before financially and he should try to stay away from the limelight and not accept all these awards if he wants to show that he has truly changed and humbled.

    I get it, from both sides, sadly it’s a racial divide, and I’m neither white nor black, but i can understand and appreciate both perspectives. My own perspective is kind of a combination of both perspectives. I agree that nobody should pass judgment on him, but at the sametime i agree that she should not accept any further awards if he wants acceptance on a greater level. I hope that helps, God Bless Us All.

  25. Vick is an arrogant, sullen, self absorbed liar, and this is from an Atlanta Falcons season ticket holder.
    Throw me a bone here!
    Vick, you suck. You always will. I don’t care if you have managed to keep clear of the law since you got out of prison.

  26. P.S. Vick is too stupid to understand the word ‘honor’, but it is not applicable to someone who dishonored himself by watching dogs kill each other for his pleasure, and also killed dogs that failed to satisfy his lust for blood sport.
    Vick, you are a creep, and always will be.

  27. So basically he is being honored for simply not breaking the law since being released from prison? Can someone please explain this insanity!

  28. My cousin was born with polio and has overcome this to have a successful medical career despite requiring multiple surgeries and a leg brace to walk. My 10 year old daughter has autism, and is slowly learning to overcome this and communicate effectively and succeed in school with the help of hundreds of hours of speech and occupational therapy. I have a friend who was hit by a drunk driver and now requires a wheelchair to get around, but he has been able to piece together a career in business and hold his family together through hours of physical therapy and counseling.

    Those are obstacles being overcome. Returning to play football and receive a multi-million dollar paycheck to help payoff your debts after being imprisoned as a felon for illegal fighting and killing dogs is not an example of overcoming an obstacle.

  29. Lolls. A guy who has “millions of reasons” to not get into trouble, is able to not commit any felonies for a year or so, only be around one murder, and use his athleticism to be good at a game is now considered a hero.
    The bar has apparently been not just lowered, but dropped.

  30. If Vick was really worthy of this award, he would best demonstrate it by declining to accept it.

  31. Hero?? Are they nuts? …..Parents are already dealing with a society seemingly gone mad. We have many troubled kids in our country. Some of them act out by hurting animals, themselves and others in various ways. How do we square our interest in saving children when they can clearly see that some evil behavior, for some people, is only a bump on the road to fame, fortune and glory?

  32. “a true example of life success…” LMAO. You know what? I almost feel bad for Vick now. The guy is trying to put his life back together and live everyday, and he’s got these nutcases and dingbats calling him a hero.

  33. So, I killed a bunch of dogs in a horribly viscous and sickening manner….but look how far I can throw this football

    I have a much different view of “success.”

  34. Vick is not on his 2nd chance. Or 3rd chance. Or 4th chance. Vick has had many chances in his life and he has always shown that he learns nothing from them. Like a coward, he lied about being involved in dog fighting. Like a coward, he originally pled not guilty. There is no reason to bring “God” into this. Vick knew what he was doing and mercilessly tortured, trained, and brutally killed dogs. He is not a different person now. He deserves no award and to think that anyone considers him a hero is sad and shameful.

  35. Spare us the righteous and racist diatribe regarding anyone who has an issue with Vick. Most people are skeptical because of his history. Trouble has followed him since college. I also suspect that his pr rep and probably terms for his early release were to make make public appearances to speak to children.

  36. Next on this list of people to honor is:

    OJ Simpson
    Muammar al-Gaddafi
    Albert Haynesworth
    Dog the Bounty Hunter
    and Snooki

    for all of their wonderful additions to this great American society

    congrats class of 2011!

  37. kennysview says:
    Feb 26, 2011 12:33 PM
    I hope you guys don’t attend church, seriously. There is no way anyone on this board could know and love God, but still believe in condemning Mike Vick. May God have mercy on your unforgiving pathetic souls!!! Only those who don’t believe in God would continue to not forgive him.


    You are effing ret@rded… a person should be forgiven but seriously? you dont need to hand out honors to the guy because he is resuming his life… and he wouldnt even be doing the good things he is doing if he didnt have to… he would still be murdering dogs

  38. “not only by his unparalleled accomplishments on the football field, but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced . . . and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.”

    I’m not a Vick hater or anything, but you can’t call him a hero for overcoming obstacles that he put in front of himself. Yes, it is a success story that shows you can overcome bad decisions in your life, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a hero.

  39. I don’t understand why people don’t realize that these organizations that are giving him awards are just using him for free publicity. Seriously, why would the mayor of Dallas or whatever he was, or a cultural arts society give a football an award unless to further their own agenda, and perhaps solicit donations that in the end, benefit them….

  40. I think what Vick did was awful, but what I find more offensive is this rush to crown him as some type of hero – millions of dollars is certainly a good motivator to stay pretty clean. What about all the people that come out of situations like that and have to work minimum wage jobs to get successful again? I just feel like there is such overhype, when all that has happened so far is he hasn’t screwed up royally.. again.

  41. Those of us who can see right through this whole transparent act of his will forever shake our heads in astonishment. Anyone who believes he has genuinely changed and is genuinely remorseful should get their head examined. Giving him any kind of award for trying to sell the idiots of the world on how he’s “different” now is beyond insane.

    His only remorse came from the fact that he got caught. I’d bet my life on it.

  42. The only reason people hate you is because they don’t know God’s power and dogs are their gods.

    Is this why D-O-G is “god” spelled backwards?

  43. You might google Southeastern Virginia Arts Association and then you might have a better understanding of why they’re giving him this award.

    Kind of like when you google Dwaine Caraway, the “mayor” that gave him the key to the city in Dallas, you understand why.

    I think the 2nd comment here said it best.

  44. A big piece of crap honored by other pieces of crap.

    And if some dog loving racist kills him tomorrow, that’ll be okay, cuz all you God loving christians will forgive him right?

    Ignorant hypocrites.

  45. If they want to honor someone for “his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced . . . and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.”

    How about Staff Sgt Ryan Major. An Iraq vet who got his legs blown off and is now running marathons.

    He’s overcoming real obstacles. Not fake obstacles like getting thrown in prison for running illegal dogfighting rings.

  46. So you get awards for killing dogs? Or is it Dawgs?

    “True Example of life success”, I’m confused he’s about 32 years old, an NFL QB, a pro-bowler a few times , and had a dog fighting ring.

    So what accomplishment pushed his achievement over the top? I can think of 5 QB’s for every year, of the last 50 years, that have all the same accomplishments…. except one…

    The cat did his time but can you really been given a crown of “life success” at 32? Let alone after operationg a dog killing ring?

  47. As a citizen of Virginia, I am disturbed and appalled by this news.

    Everyone deserves a second chance, but not everyone deserves to be “honored”.

  48. lol…you guys are hilarious

    I am a Christian and I have forgiven Vick. I am not an animal hater or moron or close-minded or whatever some of you have generalized Vick supporters as.

  49. I always thought that a hero was someone who helped the meek…not tortured and murdered them. What a joke.

  50. Honor? This dumb bag of braided hair can’t even spell that work let alone know what it means. Vick is a loser of a human being. Vick is one of the most vile beings walking the face of the Earth. Vick deserves nothing but Hell for the rest of his life. He only is sorry because he and his thug buddies got caught. I’d love to have 5 minutes with Vick with a baseball bat and let him know what torture feels like. I hate the man with a passion. This Arts Association I’m thinking is majority black and thinks the world of him. Screw them. They are just as bad as he is.

  51. The only obstacles he faced, he turned right in to. I do hope that he does well, not killing any more dogs or financing any more drug dealers, in the future, but please quit making him sound like a victim. He knew what he was doing; he continued, over a long period of time, to do it, and he should not have to look at his consequences as something he was not a part of.

  52. An example of life success? Really? He won nothing in college, he has won nothing in the NFL, he’s a convicted animal abuser who did nowhere near enough time in prison. That’s life success? Virginia…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……says a lot about that state.

  53. jmt8251- Sorry to burst your bubble but this creature has given NOTHING to help dogs other than what the court ordered him to give. His lectures on the ‘evils of dogfighting’ are all about: the evils of going to jail; getting caught; losing everything (millions); losing self respect; but NOT about the evils of what he did. THERE IS ONE HELL OF A DIFFERENCE!!! They should be labeled the ‘Michael Vick pity party and don’t let this happen to you however it happens”. He has yet to publicly admit what he did or even that it was wrong. He has no sympathy for the dogs he killed or had killed, nor for the breed that continues to suffer an unjustified bad rap because of slime like him. You need to get a huge dose of humanity and reality before you judge this man as anything but what he is: an unapologetic sociopath who wants to make himself look good in front of the public, when he is the one who did the things that showed him to be the cretin he is.

    By the way, this is a black organization from his home town. Pointing that out shouldn’t make anyone a racist. That should have been pointed out here, just as the ‘key to the city of Dallas’ that was given’ to this scum was given to him by the black vice-mayor of the city without the knowledge of either the mayor or anyone else in the government, who basically demanded the key back, should have also been pointed out. In other words, the Dallas key was given to him by one single, rogue individual without anyone else’s knowledge. For a few sick individuals to want to make this disgusting excuse into some sort of a hero to be newsworthy, it should also be newsworthy to point out who those people are. I have several black friends who aren’t anywhere near ready to forgive this dirtbag. I wish the rest of the black community would see him for the piece of scum he is as well.

  54. For all the Christians on the board – it’s sickening to have to forgive others, but God commands us to do that or he won’t forgive our sins. Pretty scary isn’t it? None of us will get to Heaven on works. Not one of us. If God extends grace to us, shouldn’t we give someone who repents the benefit of the doubt?

  55. ……and hopefully at this event someone will read the dictionary and describe what a hero is and realize how big of a mistake this honor betowed upon him is…..well unless pictures of all the dogs he killed & gambled with are next to him!!!

  56. Has any of you dog lovers noticed that the more you bash Vick, the more his popularity is rising and the more awards he is receiving 🙂

    I’m sure Vick is saddened by your comments, especially after signing that 20 million dollar one year franchise tag 🙂

    Keep hating your broke clowns!

  57. When one “overcomes obstacles” they are usually obstacles that are not self imposed as are Vicks…Why …oh ..why is someone honored because they crawel out of the hole they dug for themselves?…*LOL*…What a mess!!

  58. @jmt8251:For all the loser and haters who don’t understand why he is getting an award let me clue you in since your head is in your dogs ass.

    Nice try, Cracky. You want to persuade others to your point of view, and your opening line is THAT crapola? You’re as big a piece of human garbage as Vick. I hope you both get your sacks gnawed off by a pack of rabid dogs, after a high speed foot pursuit through the back streets of Philly.

  59. Can we PLEASE stopped tossing bouquets at this guy? He has done absolutely NOTHING of note or priase since his return to the NFL, other than play, you know, football.

    What socially redeeming thing has he done?

  60. Hero?

    Did Vick rescue a baby from a burning building or saved some one’s life while I was sleeping? What a sick joke this is!

    Who in their right mind considers MV a hero?

    He went to jail and did his time. Does that make him a hero?What if he wouldn’t been caught killing dogs?

    Would he a hero?

  61. bobbyhoying says: Feb 26, 2011 4:15 PM

    If God extends grace to us, shouldn’t we give someone who repents the benefit of the doubt?


    Very well said, but the problem is, no one believes that he(Vick) is truly repenting. The whole thing looks like an act on his part. None of it looks or sounds genuine. He’s only doing what the courts and his agent tell him to do, because they believe it makes him look better in the eyes of the public. I don’t buy it for a second, nor do millions of other people who can see right through it all.

  62. What’s the fuss? Why so many comments?

    He’s a hero to you ok. He’s not a hero to you fine. Keep your mouth shut and just move on.

  63. jmt8251, perhaps your hero could throw some spare change your way so you might take some classes in English writing. My guess is your speaking abilities aren’t much better.

    As for the Southeastern Virgina Arts Association, if Vick is their idea of a hero, I wonder what is their idea of art. Ought to be priceless.

  64. who the hell called him a hero. he should still be in prison. i guess the dogs got a second chance in life to be useful and be considered heroes too.

  65. Vick is praised because he “epitomized the meaning of ‘hero’ not only by his unparalleled accomplishments on the football field, but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced

    If by “obstacles” they mean “jail”, then yeah, Vick’s overcome “obstacles”.

    And his accomplishments on the field have been VERY “paralleled” …… there have been many “running quarterbacks” in the NFL before Vick, and many more have blown him out of the water as far as “passing abilities” go.

    So, no, he’s not really all that “special”…… certainly not a “hero”.

  66. Those of you who are so intent upon making him into some sort of great guy seem to forget that this slimeball couldn’t even face Oprah, a well known dog lover. He evidently felt he’d be safe on her show, then realized that she wouldn’t give him the free ride others seem to be so willing to do. Being black doesn’t excuse what he did.. ANYONE who did what he did is worse than pond scum. I can’t understand how anyone can look at this as if he committed armed robbery or kited checks.. it isn’t the same. People can be rehabilitated from those things, but abuse against animals like that goes much deeper into someone’s soul. This isn’t just a crime. If you can’t see that, you aren’t much of a person. Obviously Oprah could, and this brave hero of yours couldn’t face one middle aged lady! What a guy!

  67. Maybe the obstacles he overcame was when he was in prison and made sure he kept a very watchful eye around him when he dropped the soap.

  68. Accomplishments on the football field? What would those be? He’s never won a damn thing on the field.

  69. If Vick dropped dead tomorrow, it would be the biggest contribution he’s ever made to this world.

    But he still wouldn’t be a hero. Sorry Michael, you don’t get extra points for color.

  70. Hero?


    How embarrassing.

    A flipping psycho killer, dumb as a stump and evil as satan comes back to run with the football and he’s a hero.

    I hope he gets his neck broken.

  71. “a true example of life success”

    Last I checked, going to federal prison wasn’t considered a ” true example of life success”. If anything, Vick is a bad example, despite this second chance crap his fanboy pole smokers are blowing up his rear. One shouldn’t need a “second chance” in order to be “a true example of life success”.

    If anything, Vick is a bad example, and it’s sad so many look up to him as some sort of hero. Honestly, it’s pathetic.

    I live in his home town in Va., and I’m sad to say that the minority community looks up to him as a hero. Not for what he has done in the NFL, but for what he’s done off the field instead. He’s a hero for “sticking it to the man”. Despite what many might think, he got a slap on the wrist, and he’s damn lucky the police didn’t catch onto the other crimes his “friends” were committing with his money, or he would still be in jail to this day.

    It’s sad he gets so much attention from the local community, while one of our own, Aaron Brooks has done so much more than he has to help those less fortunate. We don’t here about that, though, as Aaron Brooks failed to serve time in federal prison.

  72. The only racism with this is the “racists” trying to make this dirtbag and loser out to be some reformed hero. First of all, he isn’t remorseful in the least. He is remorseful he got CAUGHT not about what he did. Secondly, the only reason he is in the NFL again is so his debtors will get a payday, as we all know his earning potential outside the NFL is ZERO.

    Individuals in America get second chances at LIFE, not at EVERY profession. Do you think financial cheats get a second chance in the financial services industry or pedophiles get second chances in the education field??? the answer is NO!!!

  73. All these awards are unnecessary and frankly unhelpful. I like Micheal Vick though I deplore the dog fighting. But the guy has only been out of prison a couple of years.

    When people see awards like this after his heinous history it only ignites anger because the awards process appears to trivialize the crimes involved. The awards turn people against Micheal because the awards make his real efforts look trivial. I want Micheal to succeed but there needs to be an understanding that two years out of prison doesn’t wash away his previous life. Give it some time.

    I’m not in Micheal’s shoes but if I were him, I wouldn’t accept any of these awards. I suspect the awards are self serving for the giver. Giving the award to Micheal gives the award notoriety but does a disservice to Micheal in the process.

  74. Many posters on this site believe that they have inside information regarding what’s in Michael Vick’s heart: they know what motivates him and why he does what he does! Others believe that a person should be forever judged and thought of only in the light of their worst act ever! What a depression world this would be, if everyone thought that.

    Michael Vick has spent energey and money in pursuit of encouraging youngsters to not be a follower, and to do the right thing. Frankly, I don’t care why he’s doing it, and honestly, nobody but Vick has any insight into what’s in his heart, just as only ourselves know what is truly in our own hearts.

    He IS a hero to thousands of people, because his determination and efforts have proven that “it’s not too late” and that “it CAN be done.” Hope is a very precious comodity, and for offering it he deserves all the praise he gets.

  75. Just wondering do you double standard losers feel the same way about Oliver North? He didn’t do a day for his crimes and those crimes weren’t against dogs…………………….they were against this entire country. You do know he is being honored with another television show. And for those that think Vick shouldn’t accept any of these awards, why shouldn’t he, he earned everyone, and to say if it were you, you wouldn’t accept them, you’re just flat out lying. The problem with most (if not all of you) is, you were hoping he would fail, he didn’t.

    Vick should keep doing what, what he is doing and damm the rest of you.

  76. Oh yes I hope he continues with the success he is having I like to see you losers spend your days on blogs crying and whining why Vick shouldn’t get this or he shouldn’t have that LOL. Bottom line is he made millions, lost millions and came back to make more millions, and there is not a thing you losers can do about it, but whine and cry LOL LOL LOL LOL

  77. Vick didn’t ask for this honor, I’m quite sure. The people in charge of the organization (based in his home town), feel his is worthy of it. They recoginize the positive contributions he has made. He has come all the way back from routinely participating in a tragic “sport” to being a spokesman for the Humane Society, advising others to not follow in his footsteps. He’s turned his life around, and he deserves this honor.

  78. For all you that think you know it all look it up instead of making up stuff in your head. He gave close to million the judge ordered. He has not been ordered to give on penny to anyone else. He has given to SPCA in Virginia, Maryland, Ct Pa. What have you so called dog lovers given beside a bag of dog food. Michael Vick is not responsible for every dog on this earth. He does not owe any dogs an apology. You lunatics need to get on your knees and pray. You can’t get over dogs but you can walk past abortion clincs daily and think nothing of it. You can step over homeless and never even look down. You can see kids hungry and in need and turn your head. I don’t hate you or fault you this is the way you were raised. You watched your ancestor take dogs and turn them on humans because they wanted to go to school, or wanted to eat in a restaurant and walk on the same side of the street that you did. You turned your dogs on men who were not the same color as you just so you can have something to laugh at. While I did not think what Vick did was right. You hate him because those same animals that you treat as your slaves now that we are not he had the nerve to fight. When all along you were the ones who brougt dog fighting from England. I don’t see any of you going into areas to speak to children that are at risk of dog fighting, I don’t see any of you going in the area where they are dog fighting all you do is blog your hate toward a man who has not fought a dog in 5 years. I don’t see you harrassing his co-defendent. For all you know they are probably fighting dogs. You can’t fool anyone who has any sense this is just pure hate of a man who has changed it does not matter why but has and wants to change others lives. Hell most of you white folks would still be burning crosses on lawns if it was not against the law not because it is wrong. So shut up with the poor poor dog mess you have done worse to humans and have not served one day of time for it or apologized for it. But there is a God and I won’t escape him and neither will you.

    So you don’t like him being honored too bad. Don’t even get me started on your people who have received honors and have done some of the most disgusting things to humans that you could think of and you support them and praise them. Mike Vick did the time they gave him too damn bad if you can’t stand the fact that he is taking advantage of his opportunity. Maybe you could if you got off your lazy butt and Help put an end to dog fighting no then you would not have a reason to hate. PETA is still available they kill about 1000 animals a week. Look into that if you really are so concerned.

  79. choice1329: OLIVER NORTH: REALLY??!!!!
    You seem to be under the delusion that everyone here is a Republican. Excuse me while I inform you that liberal Democrats can love their dogs and hate dirtbags like Michael Vick, too. There are some of us who try to help and save dogs, including pit bulls. People like Vick have made that difficult. Pits used to be ‘America’s family dog’ and ‘the nanny dog’. Now, thanks to their abusers, they’ve got a reputation as killers, loose cannons, etc, and have been banned in different cities and even entire countries. All because these dogs are loyal to their masters, even when the master is a piece of filth. They are judged by too many people by what their abusers, including Michael Vick, have done to them. Until that POS comes out and does something for these dogs, which he has NEVER done and probably will never do (he doesn’t have the guts to even admit what he did- COWARD!), then how can anyone forgive him who loves these dogs? Too many of these dogs are killed every single day because of what they are, not who they are! You sit there and talk about what a great guy this slimebag is: excuse me, have you ever seen a video of the kind of ‘entertainment’ he and his partners used to put on with those inoocent dogs? How many of them were killed simply because they were too sweet to fight other dogs at his insistence? Don’t you even realize that some of the descendents of his dogs are still going through that misery? Has he done one single thing to help any of them? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is NO humanity in someone who can do anything that heinous no matter what you want to believe. Your ‘it’s just a dog’ attitude doesn’t speak well of you, either.

    As for comparing him to people like North, they’re both POS, but in very different ways. The comparison is a silly one, even if they are both warped. Silly.

  80. JMT

    don’t hold back now, tell them how you really feel.

    It’s so sad to see all this hatred towards a human being. Okay, so Vick did what he did, but are you helping the cause now by throwing hatred his way ? Some poeple on here said they want to hit him with a baseball bat or hurt him or whatever… that doesn’t make any sense. Let’s all take time to reflect on our own lives and behavior before we pass judgment on others. Please. If you are all ambassadors of model behavior then you are definitely not showing it by your responses of hatred on here. This is more than a sports topic, it is much bigger, and it is a good thing that we are discussing it.

    God Bless Us All

  81. jmt8251 says: Feb 26, 2011 8:20 PM

    Blah, blah, blah(30 paragraphs of it)


    This isn’t about his friends, his family, skin color, love, hatred, abortion clinics, or any other crap you threw into your post. The guy committed unthinkable acts against living, breathing souls for money. You can go ahead and tell yourself that only human beings are worthy of living, but you’d be VERY wrong. God created animals, just as He created human beings, and all of them are equally as important. Your thought process reeks of arrogance.

    Anyone with more than 2 brain cells and even a shred of a conscience can see this. Guess you just don’t qualify.

  82. jmt8251: Unbelievable! You talk about hate (you aren’t the only one) but your post is nothing but a racist rant. Again with the assumption that anyone feeling negatively about this scum has to be a racist. That is RACIST!!! You have NO idea what you are talking about.. it makes me sick when you and people like you assume that it has nothing to do with the heinous acts committed by one person; however your rant goes on accusing everyone of setting dogs on people, etc. Guess we know where your head is.

    If people like yourself could see what this creep did outside of a black and white issue, and look at dogs as living, breathing, feeling individuals, then you would not be so full of the hate you obviously feel towards white people (you must have stored that up for a very long time). It boggles the mind how ignorant some of the comments from his supporters are, and how devoid of any semblance of humanity. I must admit it shocks me when I hear racist rants of any kind.. the assumption that all white people are as racist as you are is scary. Lord, I hope I never run into anyone like you in any skin color.

  83. Relax everyone….it’s simply a TYPO !!!

    It should have read ;

    ” Epitomized the meaning of ‘ ZERO ! ‘
    They were actually speaking of his IQ !!

  84. To all the haters: You are entitled to your opinion, and you are free to value animals as much as or probably more than humans. But when you cross the line of decency and humanity, and wish harm on a human being, for what ever reason, then your true nature of being a hateful, vile, disgusting human being shines though.

    And, we are now in year 2011! A lot of things have happened, including Vick giving speeches and spending time with young kids, telling his story, encouraging them to make good choices. Don’t waste your time living in the past!

  85. suzanne1957 says: Feb 27, 2011 1:05 AM

    A lot of things have happened, including Vick giving speeches and spending time with young kids, telling his story, encouraging them to make good choices.


    You just don’t get it, do you?

    Do you honestly think he’s doing any of this on his own accord? I pity you if you think so. He doesn’t give a damn about teaching kids right from wrong. If anything, he’d try to teach them how NOT to get caught breaking the law, because getting caught is probably the only thing he regrets in his life. He’s doing what he does because he HAS to. The courts and his own agent are behind this, and both of them have obviously read him the riot act. Don’t be so naive to believe anything else.

  86. I’ve never bothered to post on anything Mike Vick before. But to see this…

    “but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced . . . and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.”

    Not that impressive since all the obstacles he has faced are because of his sleazy actions. I don’t even like dogs, but to do what he did shows a true evil. Kind of like knowingly giving women herpes.

    I haven’t bothered to look at the comments here but I’m sure that idiot Famucancer has said “LOL” and some others call people who denounce Vick racists.

    The same crowd who has never accomplished anything in life but like to live vicariously through an athlete that wouldn’t even give them the time of day. Your life is an epic fail, but at least your hero can make some money. Way to stick it to the man!

    It’s not a race issue, then again people like you help keep Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson in business. It’s a decency issue. Anyone who says this is a race issue is racist themselves and someone peed in their gene pool.

    I have no problem with Mike Vick being back in the NFL. If he can become a better person, if he can find some redemption.. more power to him. I have never been a fan of him or his worthless brother, but I don’t pull for him to get hurt. I don’t wish him harm, I don’t even pull for him to fail – he takes of that well enough on his own.

    But to call him a hero? Praise him for overcoming the obstacles?

    I’ll save that for the people who deserve it.

  87. Vick hurt dogs? Not humans but dogs? Not babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, or adults, but dogs? And we care why? Have some perspective you cry baby dog lovers!!!

  88. agrippamom: I’m neither for nor against Vick, I don’t feel it’s my place to judge another human being. But please read all the hate that is spewed by everyone in the comments section against Vick, that “doesn’t boggle your mind” ?

    I don’t have a problem with people not supporting Vick, but a lot of the comments against Vick are downright vicious.

    And he does NOT owe every dog owner or everyone in America an apology. He has repented in his heart for his actions and is trying to change his life and to learn a new way of living, that is enough. And if people want to support him in his effort to change his life, other people should not try to bring him down the way they are trying to.

    Seeing all this hatred from human beings towards another human being stops making sense after a while and then people like JMT start to conclude that it has to be racism. Because in history African Americans lives have been valued less than animals. So try to look at the bigger context of what’s going on here. Again, I’m not against people not agreeing with Vick’s acceptance of all these awards, I’m just against people kicking a person while they are down on one side, and acting holier than thou on the other side.

  89. @agrippamom, Yeah I said Oliver North, the man who attempted to destroy this country, but yet recieves all types of honors, including his own television show, when he should be locked away. You say all of this hate is because of your love for dogs REALLY, well there are a lot of people (self included) who love dogs and still refuse to hate Michael Vick. You are right pitbulls are banned in a lot of cities, and you say its because they have a bad rep. Fact is they are banned because of the vicious attacks they have against people, a lot of these attacks have resulted in the death of humans. You say he hasn’t done anything for these dogs, well he gave them a million dollars, he has donated to HSUS, his time and money, and continues (to date) giving speeches to prevent others from doing what he did). I know a lot of you want to say that he is court ordered to give these speeches and donate money, but there again that is straight up bull he wasn’t court ordered to do either, he does it because he wants to. You say he hasn’t apologized, well he’s done that so dam much I am tired of hearing it. I am a dog lover and owner, however I am able to forgive, and believe in second chances simply because I was taught to do so, I have never been taught to hate, or wish harm on another human being. Dogfighting animal abuse was going on long before Michael Vick, and it continues to this day. My mind is not warped (like yours) to the point that I believe this man is responsible for every abused dog out there. Do you know where his two codefendants are, why aren’t you harassing them the same way you are harassing Vick. Let me tell you why, because you know that Vick is getting his career back, and will not speak out against you, so you feel you can get away with it. Those two codefendants, well if you come to them with this crap, they just may whoop your ass, because they (just like all the other animal abusers and dogfighter)don’t give a dam, what people think. So you can get off your high horse, and make no mistake about it you are the POS.

  90. Actions speak louder than words, and for all hateful, vile, disgusting words that The Haters post on this site, I wonder if they have ever spoken in front of a crowd of kids, encouraging them to make right decisions? Probably not. Vick has moved on with his life, its time for The Haters to do the same. It would be best for The Haters to move on by trying to understand why they are so negative and vile, but that probably is not going to happen, so maybe just moving on and picking another target to dump their hate on. Vick’s dogfighting story is getting to be old news.

  91. It is about race that is why you can’t get over it. You forgave Roman Plaski and bought his movies knowing he raped, sodamized a 15 year old girl and not one person wanted him prosecuted. President Bush, lied and sent millions to their death in the Middle East and not one of you has anything bad to say about that, a white man took millions of people savings black and white and not one word or death threat is said about him. don’t get me started you pretend race is not involved keep fooling yourself. It really does not matter. What you hateful people just don’t seem to get is”YOU CANT CURSE WHAT GOD HAS BLESSED” So hate all you want believe what you want, stay filled with unforgiveness the rest of your life you are not stopping anything this man is doing or is going to do.
    Thank you Jesus for grace because it don’t cost a thing. Maybe someday these hateful people will get it. Stay Blessed Michael Vick. The truth be know that is why they hate you, you refuse to be another black statistic, you got up took advantage of the opportunity that was given you and ran with it. What you need to read is SI addition of What Michael Vick story tells us about ourselves. He pulled down his strongholds, he had his life revealed to millions and he still came out on his feet. Can you say you could have done that? God has a plan for his life and your hate will not stop it. It will just push him into his glorious destiny. Its not about dogs anymore. He done with that you want to live in the past and keep remembering it remember you also have a past of torture, murder, and all kinds of injustice, why should you be forgiven and not him?

  92. jmt8251 says: Feb 27, 2011 12:46 PM

    It is about race


    Only to the idiots and morons in the world. Just bringing it up makes you look stupid.

    Everyone else simply sees a man who murdered God’s creatures for money, and still has not shown a shred of genuine remorse in public. He SAYS he’s sorry, but even Stevie Wonder can see right through it. Call me a hater if it helps you to sleep at night. I don’t wish anything bad on Michael Vick, and I never have, but for anyone to call him a hero for BS’ing his way through his post-prison existence is quite laughable.

  93. JMT:

    On the other hand, how long can people in the current generation be responsible for slavery and racism enforced by some of their ancestors ?

    I find the topic of racism very interesting. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding on that topic, where one race feels there is racism and are still feeling the effects of generations of slavery and the other race feels they are not being racist and feel that racism works both ways.

    There needs to be a healthy dialogue on this topic, not attacks on each other. Understanding, communication, patience and love are the ways to approach this topic. I’m neither white nor black, i’m somewhere in the middle, so although i’m pained to see that this issue is still prevalent in our society, i think through healthy communication and respect for each other, there is still a way to approach and start to face this topic. It’s definitely apparent by the thread of comments on this page that this issue is very much prevalent and unresolved in the minds and hearts of both races.

    Would love to hear healthy dialogue from both sides…

  94. The press release seems to confuse (or, at least, not to distinguish between) the obstacles that Vick has faced with the obstacles that Vick has created for himself. The only major difference between Vick and such other luminaries as Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth is the innate level of talent and skill Vick possesses. Are they both “heroes”?

    The glowing praise in the press release suggests that this organization has a very convoluted concept of both heroism and Mr. Vick’s accomplishments. If Michael Vick is the epitome of a hero, then the term has lost much of its meaning and all of its lustre.

  95. Ok I am not a racist and really dont know where that has any bareing on this issue. Not being overly religious I don’t see how that has anything to do with this either. What I am is a human being that cares for all that live and breath, for if they were not here nor would we be. It is called respect which Vick does not have.

    I am one that was involved in the rehabilitation of the Vick dogs. If you really want to know the totally crulity of all that he and his family had done just as those that were there.

    As for Vick I have no idea why the NFL would even consider having him back. There is no reason to do so. Yes he did rehab but that does not mean that he is rehabilitated. He has never said he felt sorry for the crulty he did to the animals in his care, he has not even stated that what he and his family did was wrong. So tell me how is that showing his remorse.

    It is a poor example to the young people that love football, making Vick a hero for being a crule and non-remorseful human being is just wrong.

  96. P.S.

    The true heros are those that stoped Vick and his family from further cruilty. Took those dogs that servived and gave them a second chance at a great life.

    Those are the quiet heros that should be honored not Vick.

    This is the poorest example and so misdirected of what a hero should be.

    This is to all the lives that Vick and his family took with brutality in the course of their dog fighting careers.

  97. ….no, what is really sad in here is the obvious blind devotion to someone who has done much worse things than these blind followers will admit to or recognize yet they still put him on a pedestal..mainly becaus he is black….90% of Vick supporters are black, that should tell you somethineg…..just cannot stand to see a black man fail can you….I’ll bet you think OJ isn’t guilty either right?……..LMAO!

  98. Overcoming obstacles my ass!!….What obstacles? Oh,the ones he created himself…by being a criminal!! The hard reality is,had he not got caught he would still be fighting dogs and killing them!!

    Lets be serious,its not like he woke up one day,and had a revelation,and said,” I gotta come clean and confess,I cant do these reprehensible things any more”…No,that didnt happen….he got caught…AND THEN LIED ABOUT IT!!!!..

    Served his time,behaving now as a normal citizen,getting a second chance..thats all fine and good with me….

    But getting an award and getting a “HEROES” worship…Thats just disgusting and insulting to anyone who has any sense ,or lives their life as a law-abiding citizen…This isnt about race or faith in god, or anything else..its about total distortion of any common sense ,driven by pure ignorance!!

  99. JMT:

    I am a black woman and a Christian. Please do not speak for either my race or my faith. You offend me on both counts. By insisting on painting this as a race issue, you imply that all black people are dog-killing criminals. How absurd! If you want to hero worship a degenerate like Vick, go right ahead, but leave the rest of us god and dog loving black folk out of your ignorant rants. I’m proud to say that not one of the strong, beautiful black men and women I know is either a dog killer or a criminal. Get a life!

  100. It must really get to those people who value animals as much as, or more than people, to see Vick get this award! It must be like seeing a murderer get out of prison. And that is why these people are so vocal and vile on this issue. The issue is not Mike Vick, the issue is Why aren’t animals respected as people are?

    The vast majority of society sees animals as a tool for humans to use, for food, for pets, for testing of products, for research, for entertainment, etc, etc. We are allowed to leave our pets at home alone, even overnight, where we would never be allowed to leave our young children at home alone. We can give our animals away, never could do that with our kids.

  101. Instead of attacking Vick, who honestly is not responsible for your warped sense of priorities (i.e. animals = humans), it may be more productive to do some introspective work, to figure out why you relate better to dogs than to people. Because you are not going to convince anyone, that Vick is a bad person, doing bad things, by speaking out against dog fighting, giving of his time and money to influence others to make good decisions. It’s not Vick, it’s your thinking. You can’t change Vick, but you can change your thinking. Good luck!

  102. JMT:

    How much is Michael Vick paying you to be his own personal PR person?

    He only does the community service at this time because it is part of his probation and most of those speeches are about the horrors of dogfighting as it relates to him. “I went to jail & lost millions of dollars. I cannot even buy my children a dog.” Yeah that sounds like he is remoreful. Will he continue to do his little speeches when his probation is over? Probably not.

  103. The people that discuss this in terms of God and racism do so because they cannot face the real facts of his actions. And not just dogfighting but torture and murder for his personal pleasure. So they divert this to another subject. The facts clearly show him to be a sociopath.

  104. how is he a hero for overcoming “the obstacles that he has faced”???? He gave himself those obstacles, he put himself in bad positions, he is the one who ruined his image. Every bit of flack this guy gets he deserves and he knows that. These morons who cry about giving him a second chance dont get it and if it were just some ordinary guy in real life they wouldnt give him a second chance. It is these ppl that have enabled him and allowed him to get away with everything that have created this monster…. for once let this loser understand the meaning of “you made your bed now you have to lay in it.” He’s had more than his share of 2nd chances, and thirds, and fourths, and fifths…. ive never seen so many americans not care that a guy can keep getting over on everyone time and time again. In this time of economic crisis when most of us have to work like maniacs to survive… this guy can do w/e he wants and get paid millions, so all of u keep crying about how this guy deserves a second chance lets see if u get one if you get in some kind of trouble or u lose ur job, lets see how FAIR america is when u need a second chance… watch how America truly does care about giving second chances to ppl who deserve them.

  105. Bottom line you folks can whine, cry, scream and do whatever you want to make yourselves feel better, but it certainly won’t stop Vick from recieving any and every award that is given to him. You want to say if this was an ordinary guy, that guy wouldn’t get a second chance, fact is had this been an ordinary guy, you folks wouldn’t have cared; which is the reason you aren’t harassing his two codefendants, they are just ordinary guys so they don’t make a difference. If this organization wants to give him an award who are you to say they can’t or shouldn’t. If you don’t like him that’s fine, no one cares. Fact is you folks are mad that this young black man made millions, lost millions and came back to make more millions. Keep it real.

    @Poetdiva3, I doubt very seriously that you are a black woman, however if you are, I would like to know what world you are living in.

  106. Sorry – overcoming obstacles and debacles that you and you alone created, does not, in any way shape or form elevate you to a hero. Mike the dog slaughterer is a violent thug and sociopath and is about as close to being a hero as Charles Manson is to being named humanitarian of the century.

  107. So, these snapperheads give Vick an award as “a true example of life success”. This is about akin as giving Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize for lying about Global Warming to advance the prosperity for the corporation of the board he sat on. Utter garbage.

    Let’s see, is it the fact that Vick:
    1. Checked into a facililty to treat his herpes under the name of Ron Mexico?

    2. Gave the middle finger to the Atlanta fans

    3. Had reefer in a hidden compartment of a container at an airport

    4. Gave boldface lies (again, like Ron Mexico) to Roger Goodell

    5. Never practiced hard enough to be an upper echelon quarterback, thereby robbing teammates, fans and coaches of the best he could be

    6. Drowned, electrocuted and tortured defenseless dogs

    7 Went to jail

    Gee, I wonder how he beat out Gahndi and Mother Teresa?

  108. I think it’s hysterical that vick / his pr people and the Eagles feel they have to buy some award for him every week. The SEVAA was in debt over $30,000 so I am sure the Eagles pitched in that change (after all they gave HSUS $50,000 just for them to speak favorably for vick) to give their “hero” another unearned awa…rd. Please, when is this farse going to stop? Do you people know what he really did? He did WAY more than provide land and financial support to his dog-fighting ring. Here is a passage from the lost dogs:This is from ”The Lost Dogs” by: Jim Gorant(michael vick’s dogs and their tale of rescue and redemption) page 93- “And then there was one last body that stood out from the rest. It had signs of bruising on all four ankles and all along one side. It’s skull was fractured in two places and it had four broken vertebrae. Brownie had said that all of the dogs that didn’t die from being hanged were drowned, except one. As that dog lay on the gound fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed it’s front legs and michael vick grabbed it’s hind legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the gound. The first impact didn’t kill it, so Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth pounding the creature against the ground until at last, the little red dog was dead.” –Jim GorantHas he changed? Has he ever shown any remorse for anything other than for getting caught? Did you see his reaction to one of the people who adopted one of his dogs? He gave a smirk and blank stare then had his body guard tell the camera that “he don’t care about no dumb dogs.”Yes, this is your hero but he will never be my hero or hero to any of the thousands of dog lovers around the world.

  109. A friend emailed what she thought was directors of SEVAA and this is what she got in return:

    Please be advised that I, no longer am an employee of SEVAA. Southeastern Virginia Arts Association filed an order of dissolution August 2010, under the directions of the BOD and Chair residing, after many heartfelt meetings. SEVAA CLOSED. …Attorney, Carl Lamondue and Michael J. Muhammad, neither of these two individuals were ever a member of SEVAA, they hijacked and reinstatement the organization in October without the approval of Board of Directors.

    Please share info below; and emails sent. The historical arts organization closed August 6, 2010 this is a new group…..
    Organization history has been to recognize artist in one of the five
    disciplines of the arts, MUSIC, DANCE, THEATRE, LITERARY or VISUALS.

    Donna Smith

    As a founding member of the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association (SEVAA founded in 1983), I have been saddened by the dissolution of the organization, as indicated by the former Executive Director below. That said, the announcement you refer to has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the proud heritage of SEVAA, the widely respected organization that operated from 1983 to 2010. After the organization’s dissolution, a group of individuals paid the required fee to reinstate the dissolved organization. It is this new group of individuals, who were NOT involved in the original SEVAA organization, who have chosen to honor Michael Vick. This and other actions by this new group of individuals have dishonored the good work of SEVAA of over 25 years. Your complaint should be directed to those responsible and I suggest you inform those properly responsible, namely Carl
    LaMondue, et al, at carl@lamonduelaw.com.


    Glenn A. Ray, Ed.D.

    Comparing Vick to Jesus now? OMG!!!

  110. ..the saddest part is these dogs he killed probably have a higher IQ than he does……………..

    Vick = total embarrassment to Virginia Tech alumni and any of you in here that support him = total embarrassments to the human race!

  111. Fact is you folks are mad that this young black man made millions, lost millions and came back to make more millions. Keep it real.

    That’s OPINION, not fact. What is fact is that he tortured animals for no other reason except he enjoyed it & did it for six years. A few posts above, in detail are some of the things Vick did. Those are facts.

    You can read details of the facts or make up your own facts, it seems most Vick supporters want to use everything & anything, interject opinion & make up facts.

  112. I’m confused why an Arts Association is awarding Vick. Does he sing, dance, paint or donate loads of money to the arts??

  113. OOps! I boobed so here it the correction “There are few that know the total story and suzanne1957 is NOT one.” “It is clear to me that being human and being proud of that fact would not include anyone noless Vick that would deliberly burtlize, torture and kill any animal (including humans as animals) for the fun of it. It is not just a love of dogs or cats, it is the love of life in general. ”

    Sorry bout that!

  114. Michael Vick did pay his debt although he deserved much more time, especially given the criminal organizing he initiated, and he also served a suspension. He was rightfully given his second chance and has apparently been abiding the law (sans a certain party incident). He certainly performed very well on the field last season. I would not wish harm on Mr. Vick and I certainly hope for the sake of innocents that he does not return to his old ways.

    That said, piss off with this hero nonsense. Vick is not a winner in life, and he is not a hero by any meaningful definition of the word. He committed sick and disgusting acts, and he was only sorry about the punishment he received and not the fact that his actions were very cruel. The obstacles he faced were prison bars that deserved to stand in front of him as his sociopathic actions made him a threat to society.

    Do you want to know a NFL hero? Warrick Dunn! He faced an obstacle in life when his mother was murdered right before he joined the league. What was supposed to be a joyous time for his family was a tragedy! What did Dunn do? He excelled on the field but was legend off it by helping mothers get their own house for their families. He helped his fellow man. Pat Tillman was a hero when he decided to commit to his country rather than a NFL team. His obstacles were a matter of life and death and now he is dead while this wannabe martyr whose obstacles were self-inflicted, vicious, vulgar and selfish is still having experiencing the awesomeness of playing in the NFL on Sundays.

    If you think Vick is a hero and champion at life, you need to get out more often. If you think that because he attends required motivational events or wears a cross around his neck (whether sincere or not) makes him a hero or a good man, then you are gullible and foolish.

  115. It is painfully apparent that the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association has absolutely no idea what the definition of hero is. Here is a clue: It is not someone who tortures and kills helpless animals for their own pleasure. The fact that this “man” was an national role model for millions of young people when he was doing all the horrible things that he did, should prevent him from ever playing professional sports and being allowed to influence our young people again! How dare any organization “honor” this sorry excuse of a human bieing. Forgiveness is one thing, paying tribute to, and/or honoring, is something else entirely!

  116. People kill deer all the time how come that’s not a crime? Oh I forgot, you can’t make them a pet! Life moves on and you dog-fighter have to too unless you’re out there tracking down all the dog-fighter with Mr. Plucked-eyebrowlsPacelle. All this valuable time on the computer could be used on the frontlines of dog fighting. Now that’s AMAZING!

  117. If you’re a black organization why not honor a better example instead of Vick? Lots of blacks go to prison, get out, and are then unemployable for life. Vick had money for lawyers, and money behind him through the NFL and commercial interests, so he has had lots of advantages.

    This is a criminal-gang lifestyle being condoned and celebrated, and that’s just wrong. What makes it worse is, it’s being encouraged by elitists trying to exploit Vick just to make more money, and furthered by all of us who buy the beer, chips, jerseys and all the other crap that the advertisers sell via the NFL and sports.

    Just remember who owns this country, it’s not us, it’s the big money interests and we all fall for it and feed it every time we give them our money. That’s all they care about, nothing else, just money, so this isn’t a race or religious issue, but our owners, the corporations and super rich that own everything and shove all their crap down our throats, are more than happy that some of us think that it’s about race or religion, that way it’s better for them in that the truth is diverted away from them.

  118. In a statement released by the group, Vick is praised because he “epitomized the meaning of ‘hero’ not only by his unparalleled accomplishments on the football field, but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced . . . and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.”

    So, playing pro football at a high level and not being sent back to prison makes one a “hero” now? Aaron Rodgers has never been to prison, consistantly plays football at an elite level and won the Super Bowl this year. Using the same logic, that should put him on par with Christ himself.

    Sorry, but being a pro athlete and having your career handed to you after serving time for federal racketeering charges no more makes one a hero than serving time for selling coke and getting a job via one’s parole officer would. No wonder America is coming apart at the seams.

  119. He did not “pay his debt to society.” The difference between vendetta and punishment is that a vendetta punishes someone for past actions, and punishment tries to avert an individual from the similar actions in the future. It is a misnomer that someone goes to prison for their past crimes, and in fact, Vick did not have a debt to society until society, hopefully successfully, put him in prison to reform his characteristics which were outside of accepted social norms (laws). He was put in prison so that he would realize the consequences of future action he would have otherwise lived his life without paying attention to or fearing. When God fails to instill acceptable morals into a man, man must become the one watching over the criminals shoulder, both judging and punishing him, to imprint the ethical standards of society on to his mind, allowing him to see himself as part of a community that need basic structures and rules to exist.
    Morals are usually taught to a child by his parents through God; Ethics should be taught in high school. The sad thing is that many Americans don’t get these lessons until going to prison.

  120. More news on the SEVAA

    The “chairman” of SEVAA once headed up the Black Panthers in the Hampton Roads region. The SEVAA doesn’t want to address the fact that Mr. Muhammad has 30 criminal convictions during the last 10 years. Also it’s Vicks lawyers who now own and run sevaa, and that is from the former board members of sevaa…so yup it is just another sneaky, underhanded thing from Vick and his PR group. This really becomes very funny & it’s no wonder why. I wonder if they are embarrassed that it’s obvious that, in reality, what is occurring here is simply one criminal supporting another criminal.

    IN addition

    Mike Vick says he is not attending the SEVAA event; however, Mr. Muhammad and Mr. LaMondue say he is. Just like the Super Bowl party in Dallas. Seems Vick commits to things and then his advisors tell him not to go because he is to fame-seeking to know better. Hard to claim redemption when he can never get his story straight.

    Hero’s honoring heros. Or scum honoring scum. The later seems much more accurate.

  121. You want to see a real hero?
    Look at Warrick Dunn.

    Mother was a police officer. Mother was murdered leaving him to raise his siblings. He grinded everyday to make a better life for his family. Now, he runs a project that helps single mothers obtain housing through building projects and giving single mothers the money for mortgage down payments.

    THAT, PFT, is overcoming obstacles. Not only did he conquer the obstacles in front of him, he stopped along the way to help complete strangers conquer theirs.

    He didn’t do these things for recognition, accolades, or to rehabilitate his image. He did it because it was the right thing to do.

    That is a hero.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the Vick apologists on here are trolls. The other apologists are just dumb.

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