PFT Heroes 2010: Joe Thomas


Offensive linemen tend to be forgotten, at every level of football.  Indeed, we posted a poll with the finalists for the PFT Heroes Award for the best offensive lineman of 2010.

And then we forgot all about it.

We’ve finally remembered.  Based on your input we’re giving the award to Browns left tackle Joe Thomas.

Thomas, a four-year veteran, has started all 64 games of his career.  He’s a four-time Pro Bowler and a two-time All Pro.

The other finalists were Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey, Chiefs guard Brian Waters, Buccaneers tackle Donald Penn, Packers guard Josh Sitton, and Falcons tackle Tyson Clabo.

A rare bright spot on a generally bad Browns team, Joe Thomas deserves a higher profile.  We’re doing our part by recognizing a guy who seems to be destined to spend the rest of the decade playing the game not far from his ultimate football destination.

Canton, Ohio.

14 responses to “PFT Heroes 2010: Joe Thomas

  1. Friken coin toss…

    If the Bucs had won the toss we would either have Thomas or Calvin Johnson (It would have been easier to trade with Detroit if they were dropping from 2-3 and could still get Thomas).

    Instead we lose the toss, take Gains Adams (RIP) over AP (who a lot of Bucs fans wanted) and the rest is mediocre history.

    Friken coin toss

  2. I recall most analysts favorably comparing Levi Brown to Joe Thomas leading up to the draft, not so much any more…

  3. This is great. Joe Thomas has been one of the very few bright spots in an otherwise dismal decade for the Browns. With the addition of Alex Mack at Center and what we hope will be a competent Shaun Lauvao at right guard, the Browns might have their O line anchored for the next several years. That will only leave about 10 positions (DT, DE, LB, C, S, WR, etc) to worry about. 🙂

  4. You have to wonder what makes the difference between guys like Robert Gallery or Jordan Gross and guys like Thomas and Ferguson. Well at least LT is a spot with relatively few actual busts. Just guys who are either great, or good but not as great as billed.

  5. Still can’t get over my Raiders drafting JaMarcus Russell, instead of Joe Thomas, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis & co. arghhhh!!!

  6. @oldbrowndawg – not to add insult to injury…and I guess anything coming from a Ravens fan probably boils your blood…but shouldn’t the first position of need be QB??? McCoy ain’t gonna cut it, not with the lack of arm strength he displayed against the Ravens. Don’t see how you can survive in this league if you can’t throw beyond 15 yds with velocity & accuracy.

    …and on another note…even Joe Thomas would admit this was probably his worst year of the 4 stellar years he has played. Best O lineman in the NFL? I’d say that’s a pretty big stretch…

  7. Awww…nobody likes me, LOL!

    That’s OK…if the Browns keep lying to themselves about the “talent” on the team, as you Browns fans obviously do, you’ll continue to occupy the AFC North basement for years & years to come.

  8. @mswravens

    i dont see anyone lying about the Browns talent.
    Thomas flat out is in the Top 3 best tackles in the league. there are a couple bright spots on the team but i don’t think anyone feels there is a bunch of talent on the team.

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