Pioli weighs in on Charlie Weis’ departure

The Chiefs are undeniably on the upswing after year two of the Pioli/Haley regime.  But the one turd in the proverbial punchbowl is the team’s revolving door at offensive coordinator.

PFT asked G.M. Scott Pioli about Charlie Weis’ short-lived stay.

“I don’t think you enter any relationship thinking it’s going to be a short-term relationship, especially when someone is under contract.  It changes, there’s nothing you can do about it, you adjust to it as you have to. That’s life,” Pioli said.

Pioli cited the need to have a great developmental program throughout the organization, from the coaching staff, to scouts, to players.  He said the Patriots do a great job being ready for people to leave without letting their system grow weaker.

Pioli also noted that there are plenty of successful teams where the head coach is also the playcaller.  It sounds like that’s the direction coach Todd Haley will take after promoting Bill Muir to offensive coordinator.  Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star believes Haley may have stumbled into the best situation possible with Weis’ departure.  We’re not so sure.

“Play-calling is an art,” Haley said Friday. “It’s instinctual. There are guys that are good at it and guys that aren’t so good at it. That’s why I’ve said this hasn’t been at the top of the list of importance right now for me — who is actually going to call the plays.”

8 responses to “Pioli weighs in on Charlie Weis’ departure

  1. I may be wrong, but wasn’t Haley calling the plays in 2009 after he canned Gailey, and wasn’t that also Cassel’s first year in KC when everyone said his successful year with NE was an fluke?

  2. It is obvious that Weis and Haley did not get along. Two very smart and egotistical guys butting heads.

    The Chiefs went to the playoffs on the mercy of the schedule makers. A very weak schedule gave them a chance to succeed and hence give the impression that Haley is working his magic.

    I think in the end, the wrong guy was allowed to slip out the door. Weis, in spite of his ND failure, is a NFL guy and I think can be successful as a HC.

    Makes me think Haley thought the same thing and became insecure.

  3. Players also respond better to a coach that can get around without the assistance of a motorized wheelchair.

  4. Don’t forget Haley called the plays for Arizona when they went to the superbowl. I don’t see a problem.

  5. I loved Charlie in NE but I agree that he can have a bit of ego. Haley just seems kinda douchey. Didn’t he argue pretty vehemently with Warner in AZ too? I’ll say this for Charlie, I never saw him get into it with so many guys on the sidelines as Haley has. (TO & Boldin to name a few though maybe for TO he gets a pass. :D)
    Sometimes guys holler at each other on the sidelines, that’s part of football, but Haley seems to have more than his share.

  6. The 2010 KC Chiefs are the 10-6 2007 Cleveland Browns reincarnated. Nothing to see here. Please move along

  7. Weis got way too much credit. After all, he wasn’t there in NE when Cassel had his breakout year. He didn’t coach the running backs NOR did he make the move that brought a better back up into the fold. He didn’t coach TE NOR did he coach WR. Above all, he didn’t coach the defense.

  8. Weis is a failure as a head coach, and Haley has had more recent success as an OC.

    The game has passed Charlie by, and he should be put out to pasture in the college game.

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