Ryan Mallett’s team interviews get “favorable reviews”

We told you about Ryan Mallett’s rough afternoon earlier.  Now we can show you with a little video below from NBCSports.com.

It’s worth pointing out that ESPN’s Chris Mortsensen reports that Mallett’s interviews with some teams got “favorable reviews.”

Those interviews are the most important part of Mallett’s week here in Indianapolis.

No one questions his athleticism or arm strength, which will be on display Sunday.

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18 responses to “Ryan Mallett’s team interviews get “favorable reviews”

  1. Of course…. Chris Mortinsen doing his best to help out an Arkansas player again.

    Man, so many of these reporters are so crooked and full of agendas.

  2. From that clip, I think he handled himself just fine. As he said, he talked about it with the teams. What did these clowns want? For him to confess to illegal drug use in front of the cameras? 🙄

    Mallet has an ego and can throw a little wild at the end of the game. But he’s not some spread guy who’s got to learn how to play or how to throw or be taught what a center is for. He’s got the brains to understand an NFL playbook. And he’s got the size. He may not be a future star, but he’s hands-down the best QB prospect in this draft. It’s ridiculous to discuss drafting any QB from a run-first offense when you’ve got this deep-ball threat on the board.

    And I agree with him … my, what an interesting time for this drug stuff to surface? I’m an SEC watcher and regular CFT reader, but don’t remember hearing a thing about it during the season. Hmmmmm ….

  3. Sorry to be so skeptical, but his blowup happened for all to see. What went on in private, well, I’ll need to know who the player’s agent is, and who the reporter”s agent is. Do I smell a rat? Maybe. There’s something you guys could print. Who are the agents for all the hot items?

  4. Wait, no one question’s Mallett’s athleticism? Sure, he’s got a cannon for an arm, but watch an Arkansas game… he’s like a statue back there. Any time a defender would get any sort of pressure on him, his feet would get all messed up and his accuracy would go down the tubes.

    *I* am questioning Mallett’s athleticism.

  5. Ryan demonstrated his tremendous hand size and strength by encircling the interviewer’s neck with his thumb and forefinger and lifting him off the ground for a couple of minutes. This drew some immediate favorable reviews from bystanders.

  6. I guess I was watching the wrong interview b/c Ryan never “stormed” off….the moderator asked if anyone had any more questions then said, “thank you Ryan” and Ryan responded, “thanks guys”
    People need to get that whatever happens will happen and the ONLY ones with any clout are the teams….certainly not the loser reporters, who most never played sports and the only way they can get close to sports is to write about it.
    I’m not a fan of any certain qb, but people need to leave this kid alone and let the teams ask him the hard questions. He’s going to be on their payroll and he owes the reporters nothing….especially after today’s press conference was blown so out of proportion.

  7. The thing that should be most concerning for teams is Mallett’s poor decision making under pressure and his difficulty in reading defenses and making the right progressions.

  8. Mallett wasn’t well prepared because some jerk stole his written notes in the waiting area off stage before he went on.

  9. ‘And I agree with him … my, what an interesting time for this drug stuff to surface? I’m an SEC watcher and regular CFT reader, but don’t remember hearing a thing about it during the season. Hmmmmm ….’

    i wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turned out to be gus devotee’s that still worship and praise him in the state. they have serious updyke qualities about them and anything to (even indirectly) prop up their hero is a worthy cause. one you may have heard of, walt williams the umm agent, seems exactly the type of shiloh christian drone who would be able to start and perpetuate such a rumor.

  10. It would be nice to know where this ‘drug use’ report came from. Shouldn’t reporters have facts before they start grilling a kid on reports from an unknown source. Maybe I missed it, but is the report credible or is the media doing what they always do and trying to be the first to break the story by asking the same question over and over again. Drive by journalism.

  11. “Sorry to be so skeptical, but his blowup happened for all to see.”

    Really? Blowup? I have to assume you didn’t watch the video. No objective person could reasonably describe his reaction as a blowup.

    I really can’t understand why his press conference is getting such negative reviews—perhaps because he didn’t treat the media with the deference they’d prefer? After clearly and politely saying he wouldn’t address it, they poked and prodded like a bunch a-holes. I thought he handled himself just fine.

    And I’m sure most teams, even if they thought he was a little irked (which he clearly was), I’m sure they full understand and empathize. Because the media are a bunch of vultures constantly trying to play a game of Gotcha! when a potential controversy is in play. Annoying.

  12. From what I’ve heard, he handled his interview better than Newton so that’s a positive. So much for that public interviewing hurting him with the teams, right? 🙂

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