Tyrod Taylor: I’m a quarterback, no other position

Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor is a good enough athlete that he’d be able to play wide receiver in the NFL. But he says that’s not going to happen.

“Teams are grading me at quarterback and I’m getting good feedback from that,” Taylor said at the NFL Scouting Combine. “I’m a quarterback and I’ve been playing this position since I was five. No other position. My preparation, my training, my thought process comes from being a quarterback. So to play another position, I’d be starting all over again. I’m a winner at quarterback, that’s what I do. Look at the numbers at Virginia Tech that I put up.”

Taylor’s numbers at Virginia Tech last year included a 59.7 percent completion rate, with 24 touchdowns and five interceptions. So it’s easy to see why he thinks he played well enough to be a quarterback.

However, some NFL teams may wonder if Taylor is tall enough to be a quarterback, as Taylor acknowledged.

“I’ve got to find passing lanes,” Taylor said. “My height has never been a problem for me in finding passing lanes. It’s nothing that I can’t see over the line or anything.”

Taylor will probably run an impressive 40-yard dash this weekend, but he hopes that doesn’t give teams the wrong idea about him.

“I think some people see my athleticism and think I should play another position,” Taylor said. “I think I have everything I have to be a quarterback.”

51 responses to “Tyrod Taylor: I’m a quarterback, no other position

  1. Yep, you put up decent-at-best-numbers in a terrible conference. Bravo.

    Sounds like his prima donna, my-way attitude is meant for a wideout or a failed quarterback. Guess he’s made his decision.

  2. Having seen Tyrod play in person for nearly two years, he should keep his mouth shut and do anything it takes to get drafted in the first place.

    He can make some great throws, but the system he was in saddled him to a particular style of play that won’t do him any favors in the pros.

  3. The Combine will determine what his actual height truly is. Can’t always trust what college sports information departments put out.

  4. “I’m a QB, and no other positions”

    . . . . Until NFL scouts say you aren’t

    Another P.O.C. out of VT.

  5. Not in the NFL you’re not. It would be a horrible career move if he remains close minded on a position change. Yes Tyrod has been a QB since 5 yrs of age, but he will be a no body quick if he doesnt go to wideout.

  6. Why do people get fired up when a player defends his ability? He has played Quarterback since he was five. He hasn’t played any other position. He’s a fierce competitor, achieved his MBA w/3.75 GPA, a proven leader and successful statistically.

    Why wouldn’t a team give him a shot? I would.

  7. Joe Webb was worked out at wide receiver before playing QB in the pros. That doesn’t mean jack! Taylor is stuck with the same problem Michael Vick was, i.e. a system where he ran instead of working his progressions. To play QB in the pros, he’s going to have his work cut out for him.

  8. Umm he isn’t an NFL QB. He was barely a college QB. And he is to short to play in the NFL. You can be as sick as you want of the short QB talk it doesn’t make it any less true. If your not 6’2″ or taller the odds are stacked against you. If I am a GM and someone in my organization wants a shorter QB they better be right because if it doesn’t work out I would fire them on the spot.

  9. Call Eric Crouch and see how that will work out.

    The Panthers can use you opposite Armanti Edwards. He is a world class receiver…..if you ask him.

  10. There are ways to find passing lanes, being short shouldn’t be a huge factor. Brees is pretty short and it fun watching him move around in the pocket to find open receivers.

  11. famucancer says:
    Feb 26, 2011 7:21 AM
    How come nobody is questioning if Blaine or Jake can play tight end?

    For the same reason no one is asking Cam Newton. All three of them are tall enough to play QB in the NFL.

  12. Writtenbyross…do some research before you attack these kids. I have no affiliation with Tyrod, but I’m in a position to know more than the average person about most college athletes and I can asure Tyrod Taylor is a humble, centered individual. He wants to play QB and you attack him. You have to choose a position at the combine to participate in drills with the others in that group or “position”. It doesn’t mean he can’t play WR in the future…and frankly he could end up there.
    But, when some fat adult like you starts trashing guys who are barely adults from his couch because of one sentence you read, you are the arrogant one.
    I’m not sure why you are so angry, but don’t hate this kid. He was singled out multiple times, not just at Virginia Tech, but in college football for being one of the generous student athletes with his time towards charity.
    Your ignorance and hatred have no place on these message boards. This is just a kid trying to live out his dream…and you hate him for it. Clearly, you are very, very, very far from ever attaining anything you ever wanted…likely because you aren’t even half the man this 21 year old kid is on and off the field.

  13. Billinva…he should shut his mouth? Another typical tough guy from his couch. I wonder if you are a UVA fan whose team went 0-4 against Tyrod over the last 4 years? Hmmmm…oh wait you are absolutely are.
    The anger and petulance from grown men on these boards is ridiculous sometimes.
    If you could formulate sentences like an adult, you may receive a little credit. The system he played in at Virginia Tech is certainly not a traditional pro-style offense…but billinva…is this your first year watching college football? Most QBs don’t run a traditional pro-style offense in college. Cam, Blaine, Mallet, etc all play in offenses not associated with pro success.
    From the tape I’ve watched, his offense line was pretty poor this year, but he also didn’t always make the read after his first two options were gone.
    He was a great college QB…and he can play QB in the NFL in the right system.
    My thought is he would be an outstanding WR…no shame in that.

  14. Really, he is going to say that he would rather work 8-5 at some business for 60k a year than be on a practice squad learning the WR position? I suppose that is a sign that he is not smart enough to play quarterback.

    As why Jake and Blain arent asked to play TE, it is because they CAN play QB.

  15. However, some NFL teams may wonder if Taylor is tall enough to be a quarterback, as Taylor acknowledged.

    “I’ve got to find passing lanes,” Taylor said. “My height has never been a problem for me in finding passing lanes. It’s nothing that I can’t see over the line or anything.”

    Yo MDS…if your article is going question whether or not his height is a potential problem, then perhaps mentioning, you know, how tall he is would be appropriate….just sayin…lol

  16. I don’t know this guy, but the minute a ‘talented’, ‘athletic’ footballer protests his position as QB – you KNOW he won’t be playing that position in the pro’s.

  17. There is a big difference between a 1 read college offense and the NFL. He’ll fail miserably and then complain he never got a chance. Taylor can be like some of the similar style QBs who have had moderate success, when therunning game is great and the defense is great. None of those guys has one a Super Bowl, because it is hard to come from behind when you are only looking at 1 maybe 2 receivers.

    If these guys are so adamant about playing QB they would go play in the UFL on a team with a pro style offense.

    How come nobody is questioning if Blaine or Jake can play tight end?

    In Jake Locker’s case, he played in a pro style offense. I don’t know about Gabbert.

  18. Do LB’s who the media says would be better DE’s get slapped with the “prima-donna” tag? That judgment says way more about the poster than Tyrod.

  19. 706vet says:
    Feb 26, 2011 8:42 AM
    He’s possibly an NFL backup, 2nd string max.
    Please share your insight. How did YOU determine this? Are you an NFL scout? Have you seen him play in the NFL yet? I’m curious on how you came to this determination.

  20. And we all know about the great men that have played QB at VT you have those two fine outstanding Vick boys who set the perfect example of manhood
    Now this putz i’m a QB or do you want frys with that
    Becareful what you ask for JR you my find that the drive thru window at Micky D is your next stop

  21. mempusa ,

    Why do you think? Jake Locker is grossly inaccurate from the pocket and very athletic, yet there’s no push to move him to WR or TE.

    It’s just always the best reason for why black QBs can’t make the transition when truth is that it’s going to be a longshot for any of these guys to make it, and he has just as good a chance as the others in this draft.

    That we never got to see if Charlie Ward could translate or only got to see Warren Moon play for 5 great years in the NFL when it should have been 13 or 14 years should make this close minded nonsense end.

    It’s not like QBs are growing on trees as there are still not enough to go around, so why knock a guy for trying?

  22. @ urfinished

    Do not say “from the tape I’ve watched” unless you are a scout or GM or Head coach. You are posting on a blog, however, so that means you are neither of the three. I belive you are the idiot who should keep his mouth shut. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and for you to attack them for doing so makes you a hypocrite. Also, sitting on a couch and sittting in a chair really isn’t that diffrent, is it?

  23. rabidbillsfan…Actually I’m in a position where my opinion is needed on college athletes and I’ll leave it at that. I’m not many others couldn’t have a valid opinion…I’m just saying the fact that you guys get so angry at a kid you know nothing about is asinine. Tyrod is a good kid. Google his charitable work you bafoon.
    So keep posting your tough guy rhetoric…clearly sensitive to the fatty jokes I made earlier. I tried to interject fact and competent conversation, but I just get a bunch of angry, grown men who spew hate when they know nothing about Tyrod or his ability.
    I wish there was a section of this blog for intelligent conversation, but losers like you make it difficult.
    Go ahead…I’m ready for your next cyber tough guy post. Don’t forget to wipe the orange dorito stains off your fingers.
    What is the point of spewing so much hate on an anonymous blog?

  24. A LOT of media and scouts questioned if Tebow could make it in the pros as a QB since he was more of an athlete than a polished QB. And I have heard some people criticize Locker’s inaccuracy as well and ponder if he may well do better at another position. He’s another guy who seems to be more ATHLETE than polished QB.

    THAT FACT is what makes people question things, not race…. you blind race baiting crybabies.

  25. deanvernonwormer says:
    Feb 26, 2011 7:41 AM
    I have a Tyrod. It’s on the front end of my car

    nice work.

    @ urfinished

    Agree with you that a lot of folks here are too quick to criticize and agree that a lot of it is probably envy. However, if you’re going to question the point of spewing so much hate on a blog you might want to ease up on the Dorito/bafoon references. I agree though that it would be preferable to have discussions about football without a lot of the “hate”. MHO….

  26. From all accounts I have seen he is a great kid. He has other options beside football. Maybe he doesn’t love football as much as he loves being a leader, that the QB position requires. Maybe he would rather go be a leader in the business world than just be another part of a team, i.e. a WR or FS

  27. realfootballfan

    Five great years? Really?

    Warren Moon was a starter in the NFL for 13 of the 17 years he played in the NFL and made 9 Pro Bowls. He went to the CFL and learned how to be a pro QB. It wasn’t until his 4th year there that he played well. He didn’t feel like he was entitled to be an NFL starter. He didn’t say he would only play QB and nothing else. He didn’t say he wanted to be an icon and an entertainer. He let his performance do that talking. He is the most underrated QB in the history of pro football. All of these guys that cry racism when they fail as a pro QB or get criticized for their play, couldn’t carry Warren’s jock.

    To paraphrase Arthur Ashe(look it up): The only thing worse than a QB not being given a chance because of his race, is a QB who is not qualified to be NFL QB blaminb it on race.

  28. runtheball,

    I’m well aware of Moon’s career. I’m not talking about how long his career was or how many Pro Bowls he made, as those are testaments to his ability and persistance in the end, but I’m talking about him not even being given a chance originally just because he was black. Those are facts, which Moon has confirmed since that time as well as talent evaluators of that time who are being straight on the situation.

    He didn’t start his first NFL game until he was 28 years old, and he played until he was nearly 40. Pro Bowl selections and being elite are two different things, I think you and all reasonable fans would agree. He was great and elite between 1988 and 1994.

    Most players begin their career at 23 years old or so. You said yourself that he didn’t hit his stride until his 4th year, which puts him at 32 years old. He also played well into his late 30s, but to say that he was still elite at the point of the Minnesota years is revisionist history at best.

    Now imagine the great QBs of today. Imagine either Manning, Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Phillip Rivers having to wait to show us how great they are until they were 28 years old and taking that additional 2-4 years to become great as most QBs take, which would put them in their late 20’s or early 30’s. That’s absurd and shameful. Furthermore, pretending that didn’t happen or chastising black people for pointing out that it happened is even more shameful.

    It would be different if he was on a practice squad and later got better or was cut, went to the Arena league and got better, but he wasn’t even given a chance just because he was black.

    If you want to dispute that was the climate and those sentiments still hold some validity today whenever black QBs aren’t the ideal high prospect is bewildering to me.

  29. runtheball,

    One more thing, why’s Jake Locker anymore qualified? I think his team did go 0-12 during his Washington years, while Taylor’s won a lot of games. I think he is inaccurate throwing from the pocket to say the least. Between the 2, I think Locker is hands down the worse decision maker. I’ve watched both play quite a bit, and in fact, the only thing Locker is better than Taylor at is being physically taller.

    His offense wasn’t much more complex than Taylor’s was at Va Tech. Therefore, you might want to check out of your fantasy world where race doesn’t continue to dog this country.

    Nobody is saying Taylor should be handed anything, just should be evaluated on who he is and what he can do without people automatically writing him off as a position switch because those same lies persist that black QBs can’t grasp the position.

    There are a lot of heady, shorter, white QBs that nobody is trying to switch to another position, so why this kid?

    Let them try to play. If he wanted to change to another position, he’d say so or would have done so already in college.

  30. Locker played in a pro offense that is the advantage he has over Taylor, as far as wins and losses, he can’t do it all himself. Taylor’s height has nothing to do with it. Fran Tarkenton was about 5’9. Taylor played in an offense were he didn’t have to do a lot as far as making reads and recognizing coverages, it was look at one guy and throw it or take of running. There are guys in the NFL that do that and get away with it now, but most teams aren’t looking for that.

    Most of the short white QBs don’t ever get a chance at QB or any other position.

  31. realfootballfan

    Moon had to prove himself in the CFL. Tyrod Taylor isn’t 1/10 of the player Moon was coming out of Washington yet alone after playing in the CFL. Tyrod Taylor in his wildest dreams with a team full of hall of famers on both sides of the ball, will never equal Warren Moon on his worst day.

    You can have sucess in college and not be an NFL QB. Gino Toretta won the Heisman and played on a great team. Troy Smith, Eric Crouch, Scott Frost, Troy Smith, Chase Daniels, Colt Brennan.

    The guys you mentioned all played in pro style offenses in college and with the exception of Manning who was a #1 overall, none of them started right away. Manning despite a decorated college career, set the interception record as a rookie. Moon didn’t hit his stride until the 4th year or his CFL career. Aaron Rodgers sat his first 3 years and learned behind an HOF, Phillip Rivers sat behind Drew Brees for a year, and Brady sat behind Bledsoe for a year, would have sat longer if Bledsoe didn’t get injured.

  32. runtheball,

    Yes, he played in a more pro style offense, and so did Brady Quinn and Jamarcus Russell so what’s your point?

    You’re spewing out nonsense that you see draft “experts” spoon feed to you, yet you have no idea what you’re talking about. Either a guy can play or he can’t, they all will have to learn the position in the NFL.

    Furthermore, Gabbert comes from that same kind of spread, but let me guess what you’re going to say….his was different because they threw more, which lets me know that you actually haven’t seen much of any of these players, yet feel comfortable pretending that the race thing isn’t still a black eye on the game that needs to go away immediately.

    And yes, those guys do get a chance to make it at QB because nobody asks them to switch positions to even be considered.

    that’s the point I’m making, if he can’t make it where he’s played all his life, just like those white guys I mentioned, let him fail on that merit…not tell him, well, you’re going to have to use that athleticism at RB or WR to even get in the door….it’s not like this guy was some crappy college QB like Ronald Curry or something, he played well doing what his coaches asked him to do in college and should be afforded the same opportunity that other less physically gifted players at his position are given.

    furthermore, Moon shouldn’t have had to go to the CFL to prove himself since he was highly proficient as a college player nor was anyone comparing Taylor to him but simply pointing out that unfair stigma that still haunts the game.

  33. runtheball ,

    Also, concerning the other QBs that you mentioned who never had the same success as college, you’re making my point for me. Nobody asked Gino torreta or Ken Dorsey or Colt Brennan to change positions to say kicker just to make it. They got to sit on teams and try to be QBs, which their physical limitations prevented great success. However, I remember Troy Smith being nudged to switch his position during that ’07 draft. Just let guys come in and compete like everybody else without automatically trying to switch them because that lazy stigma is still out there.

    Also, I’m glad that you know how Taylor’s career would go since you have a crystal ball. I’ms ure that you knew Tom Brady would be a Hall of Famer or that Kurt Warner would be one of the better QBs of the last decade too?

    However, the fact that you don’t know that most college QBs now run a version of a spread offense, like say joe Flacco, Sam Bradford, Colt mcCoy,, and Blaine Gabbert this year kind of blasts your ignorance on the subject though, so keep talking.

    Donovan Mcnabb came out of an option offense, while David Carr did not. See my point? Do you see how easy this is to tear down what you’re saying?

    Taylor has just as much business as Locker of playing QB in the NFL since Locker is very inaccurate, streaky, and didn’t have a great college career.

    yet, you can’t see that the only reason that the former would even be approached for a position switch is the race thing that still persists in the game today. You can’t see that of all the great college QBs that you named, only Troy Smith was asked to change positions…so why do you think that is genius?

    Eric Crouch was asked to after he was drafted and retired rather than do so, but he didn’t get the nonsense even before he was drafted or came to practice for a team the first time, which is very different.

    When you bury your head in the sand on the issue, you’re part of the problem because until we demand better, we won’t get better as consumers or just normal citizens.

  34. What would Tyrods stock be if he had the luixury of an O line that somebody like Andrew Luck had. Better yet what would some of these QBs stock who everybodys praising be if they were behind VA Techs O line this past season.

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