Mark Ingram runs official 4.62 forty at Combine

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Mark Ingram of Alabama is widely considered the top running back prospect in the 2011 draft class, and didn’t hurt himself in the forty-yard dash segment of Sunday’s Scouting Combine workouts.

The 5-foot-9, 215-pound former Heisman Trophy winner was unofficially timed at 4.58. Ingram is not considered a burner, but anything sub-4.6 would qualify as a successful time for him.’s Don Banks has predicted Ingram won’t get past the Dolphins at No. 15 overall.

In Sunday’s drills, Ingram was immediately followed by Illinois’ Mikel Leshoure. Leshoure, who goes 6-foot and 227 pounds, ran a 4.56 to best Ingram. Leshoure is commonly called the second best running back in this year’s class.

More impressive than both was Roy Helu of Nebraska. Helu hasn’t generated a ton of pre-draft buzz, but ran 4.43, unofficially. He averaged 6.62 yards per carry for the Cornhuskers last season.

Virginia Tech’s Ryan Williams registered an unofficial 4.55 time.

UPDATE: Mark Ingram’s official forty time was 4.62.

16 responses to “Mark Ingram runs official 4.62 forty at Combine

  1. Once Ingram is about 20 yards into his 40 yard dash he cannot help but to highstep the rest of the way.

    It’s in this man’s DNA to highstep. That alone is enough reason to draft him.

  2. Step 1: Runs an unofficial 4.58
    Step 2: PFT writes “but anything sub-4.6 would qualify as a successful time for him.”
    Step 3: Release official time of 4.62
    Step 4: Laugh

  3. tomorrow we get tom compare this number to the guys who are going to be chasing him. probably a lotta guys who can make that 4.62

    fwiw, combine runs:
    Larry Johnson, 4.62
    Jerome Bettis: 4.48
    Brandon Jacobs 4.56 (4.7 at pro day)

  4. Here we go. Mention the name “Dolphins” and we’re in for another Dolphin con. First it was Ricky Williams. Then it was Ronnie Brown. Now it’s Mark Ingram. And the only playoff appearance the Dolphins got out of it was when they brought in Pennington.

    Don’t worry. Saban is badmouthing the Dolphins organization to Ingram as we speak.

  5. Go ahead and pass on him, we’ll take him in Philly as a double threat with Shady McCoy if no one else wants him. Emmitt Smith was no speed demon either remember.

  6. Pass.

    This kid keeps getting compared to Shonne Greene. Problem is, Greene can move a pile, while carrying 3 tacklers.

    Ingram had running lanes the size of elephants, and he still wasn’t exceptional.

    I think his hype puts him in the top-15, but his talent is more in the 3rd round range.

    I would rather gamble on a back in the later rounds than lock up a Maurice Clarrett-type gamble.

  7. Also, all this talk about Emmitt Smith is ridiculous. This kid has been solid in a run-first offense with a loaded supporting cast.

    To make the leap in logic that he will be like Emmit Smith because they have similar measurables is laughable.

    Smith’s greatest attribute was his vision…that…and the 1,500 pounds of offensive line in front of him.

    So, with that, I’ll state: Unless he ends up in Carolina, Cleveland or Kansas City, he’s going to disappoint.



    As a nervous observer of the Eagles’ recent solid drafts, there is no way Reid uses a 1st round pick on a situational RB.

    I’m 99% sure Philly will be going O-line first, and then defensive front seven after that.

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