The Bengals prepare for life without Carson Palmer

The Bengals are preparing for life without Carson Palmer, regardless of whether he spends another season on the team.

In Bengals owner/president Mike Brown’s perfect world, they might draft a replacement for Palmer this year, let the rookie develop one year, and then grant Palmer his wish by letting him go in 2012.

Brown followed the exact same model after Boomer Esiason’s trade request in 1991.  The Bengals just hope they pick a better rookie prospect than David Klingler this time around.

Geoff Hobson writes that the Bengals are “clearly shopping in the quarterback” aisle at the Combine.  Coach Marvin Lewis is operating as if Palmer is already gone.  It’s believed that Brown is sitting in on some of the 15-minute interviews with quarterback prospects.

Brown’s presence says a lot.  It says that we shouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals wind up taking Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert with the No. 4 overall pick.

20 responses to “The Bengals prepare for life without Carson Palmer

  1. Cam Newton+Bengals= Another 1st round bust

    If Cam is going to be successful, he needs to go to a solid organization with a patient but authoritative coach known for developing QBs. Otherwise, he’s Akili Smith all over again.

  2. If Gabbert is there at 1.4, the Bengals would be stupid not to take. He has the Brady/Manning/Brees/Rodgers intangibles. Cam Newton does not. Gabbert WILL be the next franchise QB.

  3. Brown will draft the QB with the lowest Wonderlic score. If the QB was smart, he wouldn’t want to play in Cincinnati!

  4. Can you imagine T.O. and Ocho tutoring Cam? What a whiner he’d end up being?

    But then again he’d fit right in because he already thinks he is a super star.

  5. The Bengals are a disgrace. They could put Tom Brady or Peyton Manning on that team and they’d still find a way to end up in last place.

  6. Terrelle Pryor in 2012! Shouldn’t be hard to get after a year with Jordan Palmer at QB. But seriously… unless Jay Gruden really is that next great OC, and can build a guy like Newton into a pro offense, draft a guy that can be a playmaker now… Green/JJones, Fairley, anybody. Cam probably won’t fall past Buffalo anyway, and if he does, Mike ‘Montgomery Burns’ Brown will have more trade offers than he’ll know what to do with.

  7. I posted this last night on Shockey visiting the panthers.This is the year the Bengals can add all these self promoters. They can trade Carson Palmer and draft Cam Newton, resign T.O. , sign Randy Moss and Jeremy Shockey. Add all these guys with Ocho and you’ll never a dull moment then right Marvin. And you thought last year sucked.

  8. I have been a lifelong(33yrs)bengals fan…and that is not easy to do….unlike steeler fan aka.fairweather fan (they have always been good cept a few years in the cowher era)the owner is a putz…but why is it no one questions palmers heart i have been to every home game of his career and his leadership both on the field and on the sidelines(as my season tix are 4 rows behind the bench) are a joke the guy is soft.Just look at the way the guys release changed after the knee injury he is constantly looking down at his legs upon delivery of the ball.I find this trend of softies who play the trade request game in all sports sickening….Palmer your due 56 million dollars over the next 4 yrs your worth about 26 million so i say retire or shut up cause no one wants an overpriced guy who lacks heart….so go back to socal and go watch your cheating sorry azz trojans play and we will move on without you and suck im sure but we can suck with a guy who actually likes the game of football!

  9. The Bengals will not take a QB at 4. Sorry. they also are not re-signing T.O. sorry. Jordan Palmer will never QB the Bengals in a real game sorry.

    Please.. somebody with football knowledge say something worth reading.

    Half the people on here think T.O is still on the Bengals. Crap cracks me up.

    Biggest collection of clueless NFL fans I’ve ever seen

  10. First of all, for those who aren’t in the know, there’s no chance T.O. plays for the Bengals next year. As for Chad, he’s likely gone, too. And I’m sure Marvin couldn’t be happier because he’s clearly tired of managing big egos—he wants players who are all business about playing football.

    That being so, I think Marvin will want to stay far away from Cam Newton, what with the “icon and entertainer” comment and the third-person speak. Sounds like Chad 2.0, yet even Chad doesn’t refer to himself in the third person! Marvin will do his due diligence, but I think he’s learned his lesson with these “bigger than football” players.

  11. However, as a retired Army vet who has had to endure several tours within the that sh*thole known as Texas, I pray to all things holy that Texas seceeds from the Union and that Cam winds up in Dallas with the likes and ego of Jerry Jones.

    Only two things come from Texas, and Cam sure doesn’t look like a steer!

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