Cam’s coach says Newton “didn’t ace” his Combine test

A veteran scout candidly told us earlier today that Cam Newton looked “terrible” during his Scouting Combine workout.

The man who is working with Newton in advance of the draft provided a more tactful assessment.

It was a pop quiz, and he didn’t ace it,” George Whitfield, Jr. told Jim Corbett of USA Today.  “But his final exam is in a week and a half.”

Whitfield is referring to Newton’s March 8 Pro Day workout.  At that time, Newton will be in more familiar confines, throwing the ball to receivers with whom he’s comfortable.

And he’ll need a great showing in order to cement himself as a top-ten pick.

“He was off on some of his accuracy,” Whitfield said.  “With some regularity and more work, he can correct that. . . .  I’m just really proud of him for coming out today.  He didn’t score a knockout.  But at least he put on the gloves. . . .  Some guys didn’t.”

Actually, the only top guy who didn’t was Blaine Gabbert.  And Gabbert arguably helped himself vis-a-vis Newton by choosing not to throw.

27 responses to “Cam’s coach says Newton “didn’t ace” his Combine test

  1. Cam didn’t ace elementary mathematics, basic english, or reading “See Spot Run” books.

    But him and his father DID ace lying101

  2. So he’s only accurate in locations where he’s comfortable? I watched part of his Camercial and it looked like the majority of his passes were a stretch for the receiver. My first thought was how inaccurate he looked.

    I read alot of comparisons to Russel, Vince Young, and even Vick. My prediction is that his career will follow Reggie Bush. A gimmick player who has all this hype and never get past the college trick plays. Bush is sitting there at the end of his rookie contract wondering if he will get cut or not.

    The best thing that ever happened to Newton was when Andrew Luck decided to stay in school. If Luck was in this draft, nobody would be talking about Newton.

  3. “Cam didn’t do well on the combine test because Cam’s 3rd person father did not get paid his stipend of $250,000. Cam is an entertainment icon…”

  4. Cam tried to pilfer fellow test subject Mallett’s mechanics in the warm up area, but the theft was discovered and everything went out the window once he hit the field.

  5. He will be fine, if you guys golden boy with his horrible mechanics went 24th to Denver last year Cam will be a top 5 pick. That’s one scouts opinion who probably doesn’t speak for his GM or Head Coach. I guarantee you if this scouts GM said Cam is a keeper the scouts report will reflect that. This site calls the combine the underwear olympics, so now this moves Cam down? He is the best QB in the draft and nothing he did today will change that.

  6. I am starting to doubt Newton will go in the top ten. He reminds me a lot of Josh Freeman in 2009. He might slip to somewhere between 11-16. I am thinking he could end up with miami @ 15 or Jacksonville @16. He could learn under Gerrard for a few years if needed. Freeman was raw, He is only 21 and has a ton of talent. I could also see Dallas making a reach and drafting him @ 9. Washington definitely needs all the help they can get at QB. Would they try another Auburn QB ?

  7. Steelybills, fellow Bills fan here. Couldn’t agree more…here’s hoping Buddy and Chan take Gabbert.

  8. This shouldnt shock anyone who follows NCAA football and seen him play, as well as his bowl game. Like Patmcrotch said he is a gimmick like bush but bush can have an effect on multiple position. Cam just can only play QB. He should of pulled a Gabbert move and skipped the workouts.

  9. After watching the QB’s this mourning, Cam is nothing more then Vince Young coming out of Texas. Looks good in his 3 step drops because that is main drop back he did in the Auburn spread offense. But his 5 step and 7 step drop backs he looks awful and very inaccurate. I hope cam knows that if you are going to play QB in the NFL you better get the 5 and 7 dropbacks down or you are done. His throwing motion and arm angle looks good to me, but he did looked uncomfortable at times in the passing drills.

    Cam is raw and talented, but the big question (the same asked about VY) is who is going to invest the time with this ICON, sorry i mean kid?

  10. How is a combine that has been scheduled for months if not years before now a pop quiz?

    Sadly, some team will still take him in the top ten, showing the “intelligence” that got them drafting in the top ten in the first place.

  11. When you run your mouth as much as he does you’d better be able to back it up. Poor throws and technique without a pass rush and equipment? I hope this is a humbling experience for the young man.

  12. Dear every other NFL team,
    Please stand down and let Dallas get this moron.. he and Jerrah desperately deserve each other!

  13. Dallas will make a reach alright. You can count on it. Some other unknown that is maybe a free agent will get the cow babies not at 9.

  14. @patmccrotch: “Russel, Vince Young, and even Vick”? Where have you been reading those comparisons?

    There are things Newton has in common with those guys, but there’s only one consistent factor, and that’s what should tell you that whoever has been writing those comparisons you’ve read should be ignored. They’re probably the same people who compared Jordan Shipley and Jordy Nelson to Anthony Gonzalez, Ricky Proehl, or Wes Welker.

  15. I swear, how old are some of you folks. If you’re not regurgitating every cliche. You show that you’re simply a surface reader.

    Also, if going to accuse the kid of something at least get the facts right…Oh never mind…some of you enjoy ignoring the facts to feed your ego.

    Anyway, I personally think Cam didn’t hurt his stock because he was “transparent.” He was the only QB to participate in every challenge and thrown the most. That says to me that he was not afraid to put himself out there and take that chance. He only had six weeks to complete go from one style of football to another. As one of the NFL announcer said, none of his problems were not fixable.

    IMO, Jake, Cam and Mallett impressed me. I’ll give Mallett and Jake because Mallett was the better thrower but Jake did more challenges. I’ll give Cam a B- cause he completed every challenges including the various challenges in the throws and he threw more than Jake and Mallett.

  16. Um, he looked pretty darn accurate in the BCS national title game!

    So he only looks comfortable with receivers with whom he has established chemistry?

    Hate to break this to you, but he’s not going to be throwing to complete strangers every weekend once he’s in the NFL.

  17. This wasn’t a pop quiz no more than the high school proficiency tests are pop quizzes. They have not only known about them, but it is marked on their calendars months in advance.

    Cam aced the part that Mike Mayock and other draftniks thought he would. The physical stuff that you never, ever see people use consistantly on an NFL field (i.e. long jump, 40 yard dash, vertical leap). However he failed at the part that really matters for an NFL QB, the drop back, release, accuracy, timing, fluidity, that sort of stuff. It’s kind of like getting a D or and F English, Biology, and Algebra and getting an A+ in gym.

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