Colts, Manning making progress but no deal is imminent

The Colts have applied the franchise tag to quarterback Peyton Manning, which based on his 2010 salary guarantees him a whopping $23 million in 2011.  Though he’s unlikely to accept the tender offer, the amount provides the baseline for a long-term deal.

Agent Tom Condon told the Associated Press at the Scouting Combine that progress is being made regarding a possible long-term deal.

“We’re having conversations, so that’s a positive,” Condon said. “But I would agree with [Bill Polian] that nothing’s imminent.”

Negotiations may continue until a lockout is launched, which would shut down all business.  There’s also a chance that the NFLPA will successfully challenge the use of the franchise tags for 2011, which possibly (but not likely) would make Manning an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career.

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  1. The Colts and Manning have been waiting for the NFL / Players Union to get this CBA figured out. They are likely going to max out his deal, but need some operating numbers first to give them their top range without squeezing too much from the cap.

    This damn CBA is holding up the progress for dozens if not hundreds of contracts not just Peyton’s, but his deal is on another level and they can’t just jump into it with the CBA uncertainty in the final hour.

  2. There’s also a chance that the NFLPA will successfully challenge the use of the franchise tags for 2011, which possibly (but not likely) would make Manning an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career.
    Can you IMAGINE that?????

    Man, there would be 31 teams lined up outside his door with armored cars full of $$$$$

    (New England, of course, would have no need to.)

  3. I think that if Peyton, at 35 and coming off one of his statistically-poorest years, expects a 5+ year deal as the highest paid QB in the league and Indianapolis is willing to indulge him, the two deserve each other. While I stand to be proven wrong, Indy seems to be heading in the wrong direction.

    Perhaps the rest of the league has finally caught on to Peyton’s reads and habits and he is just not able to thread the needle like he used to. While the Colts definitely should try to extend him, offering a long-term deal which gives new meaning to the term “breaking the bank” seems destined, to me at least, to leave Peyton Manning and the Colts with their single Lombardi trophy. I don’t see Peyton right now as a superior QB to Tom Brady, Drew Brees or, potentially, Aaron Rodgers over the next 4-5 years.

  4. Peyton can always tea-bag Jim Irsay and then have teammates cover it up and call it a “mooning” if he doesn’t get what he wants.

  5. Where are all the cacs to post how this must mean the Colts dont trust him and dont want to sign him long term?? LOL, I guess they gotta find a new talking point cuz that one only works for them on other exclusive franchisees.

  6. I can totally understand why he would feel disrespected by only being offered $23 mil. Hell that would certainly piss me off lol!

  7. It’s already been reported that indy offered Manning a deal a little better than what Brady received. Why didn’t he take it and allow the colts to move on to other matters, like figuring out how to put some more players around him that can make plays?

    Last season you saw what happens when Manning doesn’t have receivers…come on manning…man up and just accept the millions the colts want to pay you. Why is it that Brady is able to just sign his contract and allow the team to move on? Manning doesn’t have a supermodel wife making 25mil a year, but I’m sure he doesn’t have a problem paying the bills with all the sponsorship deals he has.

    I’m a manning fan, don’t get me wrong, but there should come a time in an athletes life that being the highest paid player in the league shouldn’t matter, put team above how many millions you are going to collect. At this point manning could be paid 20 mil or 3 mil and it wouldn’t matter…it won’t change his lifestyle any.

  8. Why do people continue to claim Peyton had a “poor year”?

    Look up his numbers, many of them were Career Bests (Yards & Completions mainly). TDs, Comp % were all solid, and he was only sacked a league low 17 times.

    With all the injuries to his WRs, RBs, and Dallas Clark, I’d go as far as to say he had a remarkable season in spite of it all.

  9. @tonyytitan says:
    Feb 28, 2011 9:27 AM
    Peyton Manning has played his last game in a Colts uniform. Trust me on this.

    Did this come from a source you can reveal?

    Pay the JugHead!!!!!

  10. mataug says: Feb 27, 2011 11:17 PM

    Did Peyton show them his revenue chart ?
    Hahaha..nice one!
    Not sure Irsay (bless his heart I do get a kick out of the guy though) would understand one better than PM either.

  11. I’d like to ask a Colts fan something. I get on alot of blogs and their fans are dead set against picking up free agents of anykind…..Why?

    I understand in most cases you could overpay on a couple of free agents but when you clearly avoid doing it every year then it playoff time this gets accused of choking every year, its probably just lack of experience thats killing them and veteren leadership. Maybe Peyton Manning don’t throw 11 interceptions in 4 games if he had another veteren receiver like a Anquan Boldin or Steve Smith opposite of Wayne. It seems that these fans on these sites bye totally whats fed down their throats from Polian by avoiding to ignore free agency and continue to bust or “choke” in the draft. Just asking.

    Funny Manning hasn’t signed yet. I’m wondering if he’s asking for every first born on this team to sign..

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