Del Rio plans to ease up on young team

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio spent part of this offseason doing a little “soul searching” about what he can do better.  His conclusion: He needs to scale back how hard he pushes his young players.

“I think we pushed our young guys to a point where they didn’t have anything left,” Del Rio said in Indianapolis this week.  “I’ve got to do a better job getting my team ready to play their best in December.”

Del Rio doesn’t regret his approach of throwing “caution to the wind.”  He believes he squeezed everything possible out of his team, even though they struggled at the end of the season yet again.

“We got there because we pushed,” Del Rio said.  “But in pushing that hard, they didn’t have anything left at the end of the year”

One way Del Rio plans to save his players this year is by reducing offseason workouts.  Of course, the work stoppage may do that for him.