Jake Locker runs a blazing 4.52 in the 40


If Jake Locker can’t improve his passing accuracy, maybe he should move to another position. He’s fast enough to play wide receiver.

Locker ran the 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine this morning, which means he’s faster than just about every quarterback in the NFL and faster than quite a few receivers, running backs and defensive backs as well.

According to the Seattle Times, Locker’s time is the fourth-fastest for a quarterback at the Combine in the last five years.

So we know Locker is really fast. What we don’t know is whether he’s an NFL-quality passer.

UPDATE: Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick unofficially ran a 4.53.  Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert unofficially ran a 4.62.

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  1. Not surprising at all.

    Like I have been saying since 2001, Mike Vick would and has revolutionalized the quarterback position.

    This is not the old slow one dimensional league any longer. The Mike Vick influence can now be felt way back in middle, high and college football teams.

    This whole cruelty to animal thing was a giant smoke screen.

    Lets be honest here, this “failed” campaign to victimize Vick for supposed animal cruelty had little to do with people crying about torture to animals, because these are the same people who go out and make deer young orphans and therefore they starve to death because their parents are on the walls of a Walmart hunting licensed hunter/thrill seeker.

    This was about derailing Mike Vick’s destiny of setting the trend of the quarterback position.

  2. Never did see all the hype surrounding Locker. Good runner, yes…good passer, no. He should have listened to Todd McShay (probably getting a kickback from an agent) and come out last year. Guy isn’t even close to being an NFL QB.

  3. Except Matt Jones was never considered a first-round prospect at QB…. Coming into this season he was a lock for the first pick in the draft, and then had a bad year. I won’t say I like his prospects, but don’t be surprised if he has a decent career.

  4. Agreed on Jones… just posting what a lot of people probably thought after seeing that first paragraph.

    If speed and QB ability are such a great combination, then maybe some teams should wait for Terrelle Pryor next year. He’s sure to have mad combine skillz.

  5. @dogluverssuck: clearly, you’ve never heard of Randall Cunningham, Fran Tarkenton, Donovon McNabb, etc…

  6. Maybe they should time QBs for a 20-yard dash. Have them backpeddle to a line (simulating a dropback) and then sprint 20 yards as if they were attempting to gain a first down on a broken play. That would be much more realistic in today’s NFL.

  7. The NFL might also benefit by having skill position players run with a ball in their hands. A guy who tucks it away properly might gain a draft edge over another prospect who hangs onto the ball like a loaf of bread.

  8. @mvpolamalu
    Yeah but he also posted 11-5 1/2 in the broad jump, compared to the top combine effort of 11-0 by Virginia cornerback Chris Cook. (both Vikes :D)

    Webb’s shuttle time was 3.91. The best at the combine was 4.03 registered by Michigan State WR Blair White.

    Webb benched 225 21 times, better than any other WR at the combine.

    Webb’s vertical jump was 42 1/2 inches. The best WR at the combine was Louisville’s Scott Long at 41 1/2 inches . Dorin Dickerson had the best overall vert. at 43 1/2 inches.

    Webb did pretty good considering he is 6-4 225.

  9. Tyrod Taylor just ran a 4.45. Wow.
    I know he wants to play QB but the team that drafts him is going to ask him to at least consider looking at WR.

  10. Looks like this story was pre-emptive.
    Lockers official time was 4.59.
    Tyrod still fastest but 4.51 not 4.45.
    Should kno better than to go by unofficials. Ha.

  11. hedphurst says:
    Feb 27, 2011 12:40 PM
    @dogluverssuck: clearly, you’ve never heard of Randall Cunningham, Fran Tarkenton, Donovon McNabb, etc…


    Which one of those guys ran a 4.3 forty, ran for 1,000 plus yards in a season and could throw a 70 yard pass on a rope with the receiver in stride?

    There is only one Mike Vick and dog lovers hate it 🙂

  12. @dogluversuck: Vick hasn’t revolutionized the QB position at all. There were mobile QBs before him (Cunningham, Young) and there will be mobile QBs after him.

    Seriously, look at the QBs who have won a Super Bowl since 2001: Brady, Manning, Brees, Roethlisberger, Dilfer, B. Johnson. Of them, only Roethlisberger was above-average in terms of mobility.

    In order to revolutionize something in football you first have to prove that doing it that way can lead to championships and Vick hasn’t done that.

  13. @stataddict
    “Seriously, look at the QBs who have won a Super Bowl since 2001: Brady, Manning, Brees, Roethlisberger, Dilfer, B. Johnson. Of them, only Roethlisberger was above-average in terms of mobility.”

    Pretty sure you forgot Rodgers, and he is a VERY mobile QB when he needs to be. 356 yards and 4 TDs.

  14. @dbellina:

    You are absolutely correct, Rodgers should have been included on that list and listed for his above-average mobility. That being said, it doesn’t diminish the fact that mobility from a QB is a luxury, not a necessity, so Vick hasn’t revolutionized the position.

  15. Joe Webb can make Wr and QB in this year combine look average Cam who lol Webb the fastest QB in the nfl period vick still fast but I highly doubt that he can outrun Webb in the 100 yard dash and not to mention he got hops like no other at the QB position say What you want but Webb will be the starting QB in MN for 2011 he has to much talent and he beat vick in his own backyard lol

  16. This is a reply to dogluverssuck.

    You sir are a moron. First to compare domestic animals to wild animals is just simply ignorant. Secondly, sure making those baby deer orphans is just horrible… of coure we could just let them overpopulate then watch them starve to death during the winters…. yeah thats soooooo much better.
    What Vick did was reprehensible. He however did do his time and deserved a second chance. Doesn’t mean I have to like the guy. As a matter of fact he ranks right up there with my ex wife… well maybe a little lower… but its a close call.

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