Jeff Fisher will serve as “consultant” to Competition Committee

Tthe biggest league-related questions arising from the termination of Jeff Fisher as head coach of the Titans arises from his status as co-chair of the Competition Committee, the body that proposes possibly rule changes to ownership.

Fisher can’t remain on the committee if he’s not employed by an NFL team.  But the committee can retain him as a consultant, apparently.

I wanted to have an opportunity to stay involved,’’ Fisher tells Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “I am very close with all the members on the committee and the support staff.  You can imagine the time we’ve spent together over the years, it’s almost been like a second job.  To be able to continue to participate, it is exciting to me.’’

He’ll serve as a non-voting member of the committee, an assignment that NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that Fisher possibly will retain “for some time.”

With no timetable identified for replacing Fisher, there’s a chance that the league will decide not to replace him under the assumption that someone will hire him to be a head coach again in 2012.  The possibility that hiring Fisher to be head coach will include buying a seat on the committee helps ensure that, indeed, Fisher will be coaching again in 2012.

It’s not the first time the league has massaged the rules when it comes to the Competition Committee.  A belief remains in some league circles that Falcons president Rich McKay should not have retained his spot on the committee once he moved from the football operation to the business side.

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  1. The Competition Committee and how it’s made up and the length of terms it has is a constant source of irritation for me. What are the parameters for membership ? How is it composed? What are the rules fro getting someone on there? Why aren’t there term limits?
    It’s like anything else that never has new blood added…too prone to cronyism and yes men. I might not love Jerry Jones for example but I do like that ownership has different types of people in it. Some wild like Jerry, some longtimers like the Rooneys and the Hunt family, some old school and maybe a bit nuts like Ralph W, Al D, and Bud Adams, some normal people like Bob Kraft and Bob McNair and Steve Bisciotti, etc. No ONE voice should be the only one in the room. The shifty and secretive way the CC seems to operate sometimes irks the crap out of me.

    I would love it if membership rotated and had some no longer active people in it as well like a Mayock or Kirwan type. Maybe a well respected ex official too since the committee is about suggesting rules changes. I don’t think teams should be allowed to have a coach and GM involved like I believe the Colts did with Dungy and Polian and maybe other teams as well but I don’t KNOW that Dungy was a actual member…because it’s darned near impossible to find accurate info on who is on the freaking thing.

  2. It is definitely a plus to have Fisher advising the Competition Committee. When it comes to teaching players how to skirt the rules and play dirty Fisher is just about as good as it gets.

  3. Fisher partnered up with Polian to change the bump rule for defensive backs – after both had lost playoff games to the Patriots. If I was an owner, I’d want one of my own people on that committee just to protect myself.

  4. No no no … big problem with this. CKL is exactly right–too much about the Competition Committee is secretive and caught up in cronyism. And Fisher has held his post too long already. This is absurd. The membership needs to rotate, and it wouldn’t hurt to add a Mayock or someone who can bring the workings of this bunch into the open.

  5. The whole concept of the make up of the competition committee is incredible flawed. Surely to have credibility as a neutral “good for the game” body it should not have any person who is currently affiliated to any franchise at all.

    Maybe thats a new position they can create for Jeff Fisher, until he gets his new job.

    Ask Bill Polian how advantageous it is to be on the competition committee. He more than any Colts player is responsible for their Super Bowl win in 2006.

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