Mike Tyson rules out castration for Mike Vick

One of the most controversial sports figures of the past 25 years has sounded off on one of the most controversial of the past five.

Mike Tyson, in a recent interview with ESPN.com touting his upcoming show on Animal Planet, addressed Vick’s dogfighting past.

“Listen, listen. I don’t know why people do what they do,” Tyson told Paul Lukas of ESPN.com.  “What should we do with Michael Vick?  Really, really:  Why don’t we castrate him? Why don’t we do something bad to his children to teach him a lesson?  Is that really the answer?

“Or instead, we can say, ‘Hey, you’ve been given the wrong signals all these years, and you didn’t realize you were destroying God’s animals.’  So we have to change his way of thinking.  Not kill him, not assassinate him.  We have to kill his way of thinking in that particular area.  So yes, we should give him another chance.  And so far he’s taken great advantage of it.”

So Tyson doesn’t want Vick to be castrated.  Which is a positive thing.

40 responses to “Mike Tyson rules out castration for Mike Vick

  1. says the man who literally tried to eat another human being, and expressed his desire to feast on Lennox Lewis’ children.

  2. I understand what he’s saying.

    Instead of destroying Vick, let’s destroy the culture that convinced him it was OK to do the things he did.

    Not a bad idea, actually.

  3. This might be the scariest story I have ever read on PFT. Mike Tyson actually sounds more sane than a lot of the posters on here or animal rights activists that you hear in the media. Any time Mike Tyson sounds more sane than anyone, you know you have reached a whole new level.

  4. “This is funnier if you imagine Tyson saying this in his Mike Tyson high pitched voice.”

    I do this every time I read a Tyson quote, lol!

  5. I can’t believe I’m saying this….but I actually think that’s the best pro-vick argument I’ve heard to date.

  6. Completely ignoring Vick for one moment, I’m just amazed that anyone still cares what Mike Tyson has to say about ANY subject, let alone is insane enough to give him a TV show.

  7. It’s funny to read that others also hear that high pitched voice when reading a Mike Tyson quote.

    As far as Mike’s comments – is it me or did Mike actually say something that may have captured the Mike Vick situation better than anyone has so far.

  8. The truth is amongst the non-NFL fanbase the Vick haters are rabid animal lovers who would not have been satiated by any punishment due process could levy.

    Trying to convince such a person they should give Vick a chance is about as asinine as castrating Vick.

    There’s a lot of crazy available to go around here, we all need to drop it.

  9. Instead let’s have him adopted by Cus D’Amato and every time he assaults some teenage girl, we’ll have Jimmy Jacobs pay her off with hush money. By no means will we get him professional help because that will ruin his killer instinct. In fact, when he tries to molest Teddy Atlas’ niece, we’ll still look the other way and fire Atlas instead of getting him any help. Then, when D’Amato dies, we’ll create some idiotic Saint Cus myth for all the rubes and suckers. Or is that too much like your true life story, Mike? I’m glad Don King took all your money, uneducated rapist.

  10. What Vick did was absolutely disgusting…and I’m not totally against a biblical type of punishment.

    But wasn’t Tyson convicted of Rape? I’m not sure he should be sounding off on castration as he would clearly be a candidate under his rules.

  11. Why the headline? So Mike Tyson opinions carries weight on the site? So now anybody who says anything negative about Michael Vick I guess you will report it. I know this will be a exercise futility, since you will not post….but you have a serious fixation/obession with Vick. Enough already, unless HE does something newsworthy give it a rest.

  12. This is funnier if you imagine Tyson saying this in his Mike Tyson high pitched voice.

    This is mandatory. It’s even more fun to type out how it probably sounded. I’m guessing it was something like “calfstriat”.

    In any case, he makes a great point, I was horrified when I saw the link on the front page this morning and clicked it expecting the worst, but turns out he dropped a gem.

    Tyson’s alright in my book and is honestly one of the rare people who can comment on character destruction/rebuilding that I’ll listen to.

  13. C’mon where’s the Vick sniffers calling Tyson a racist??

    I guess the fact Tyson is black has them too confused to comment quite yet..

  14. Mike Tyson is the greatest celebrity in the last 25 years. The celebrities right now are fake and boring. This dude was real and brought something to the table everytime.

    Three cheers for Mike Tyson.

  15. Mike Tyson’s turn around is extraordinary. If anyone can be a positive example of a rich criminal turning his life around it is him.

  16. The older Tyson gets the more I like him. The guy is about as bright as a rock yet he, unlike a lot of intelligent people I know, really seems like he is becoming wiser and actually changing for the better.

    I agree with some of the other comments, this is one of the best arguments of the Vick situation I have heard. It makes alot of sense because Tyson, just like Vick, was known to be heavily influenced by the people he was surrounded with growing up and even through his career.

  17. “I’m coming for you man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I’m just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children. Praise be to Allah!”

  18. Another miscreant moron with a forum. Let’s give shows to Jamarcus Russell, Mike Vick, Vince Young and Ben Rapistberger too. Then we can really drag our societies cultural values right down into the gutter even further. Wouldn’t that be great!

  19. Had links to some videos of A Tyson interview (doesn’t discuss Mike Vick) but did have the interview with Paul Lukas.

    Once again it got sensored. search for uniwatchblog and then find the link from there.

    Oh well.

  20. Before we go putting Tyson up on a pedestal for these words, can we first remember that this is the guy who raped a woman, bit his opponent’s ear off, and generally acted like the Pit Bulls that Mike Vick loved to kill.

    I’m going to take a pass on bowing to the words of Mike Tyson, no matter how much sense they make.

  21. You Internet Tyson bashers are hilarious. You would be the same ones pissing yourself if he looked at you. Even Tyson deserves another chance and it seems he is making the best of it. He has really grown up and actually makes many intelligent observations today.

  22. Mike Tyson…*L*..another loser who gets praise for..”overcoming” self -made obsticles. No”hero’s” here.

  23. What’s truly laughable is that athletes such as Vick and Tyson that do bad acts get more public assault and condemnation than those priests that have been/ still are molesting children.

    Honestly, the media and the religious fanatic followers have done a wonderful job of sweeping the issues of the church under the rug.

    But they truly want these athletes to be castrated !

    There is a larger public outcry for Vick to be punished for dog fighting than against child molesters in the church.

    There are articles against Vick weekly but when was the last time you heard about the prosecution of the priests !

    What’s the real reason for the hate !

  24. What is the deal with you people??? Always trying to sway it to child molesters, murderers, etc. Stick to the facts, Michael Vick killed dogs, killed dogs not with a needle but in an inhumane way. Michael Vick and his cohorts made a ton of money fighting dogs and I am sorry but fix the culture. The culture is not to blame do you mean to tell me that when he was in college he was telling his classmates how much he believed in dog fighting??? What a load of bull that continues to come out of this story, only because the Eagles need a quarter back.

  25. Mike the dog slaughterer’s new BBF – Mike the dumbest person on the planet Tyson – what a freakin perfect couple! I can’t think of any two individuals in the sporting world that combined, have lost more money, have done some of the most ignorant, violent, disgusting criminal acts, and have fallen from heights so far and fast!

    WOW you just can’t make this stuff up!

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