Officially, Julio Jones more than 0.1 seconds faster than A.J. Green in 40

The official 40 times for the receivers have been released.  And what had appeared like a small gap between Julio Jones and A.J. Green has gotten ever larger.

Jones officially ran a blazing 4.39.  Green mustered a respectable 4.5.

Two of the wideouts finished the fastest of all with a 4.37 — Abilene Christian’s Edmond Gates and Fort Valley State’s Ricardo Lockette.

Meanwhile, former Maryland wideout Torrey Smith, who declined during last week’s visit to PFT Live to offer any prediction beyond “I’m fast, not slow,” was definitely fast, racking up a 4.43.

Though the 40 times mean a lot more when comparing wideouts than, say, offensive linemen, running in a straight line in a T-shirt and shorts has only a loose correlation to a guy’s speed while wearing gear and jockeying for position with a defensive back or two and trying to track down the ball.

For example, a guy from Mississippi Valley State ran a 4.6 in 1985.  And things worked out just fine at the next level for Jerry Rice.

22 responses to “Officially, Julio Jones more than 0.1 seconds faster than A.J. Green in 40

  1. Rice actually ran 4.49 according to more reliable sources. We should bury that urban myth before we bury Jerry.

  2. Hakeem nicks, andre johnson, larry fitzgerald, dez bryant, jermichael finley (ran a 4.8) etc.

    The list goes on. Fast 40 isn’t required. You can always compensate for a lack of blazing, elite speed with great hands and body control which Green has.

  3. Rice didn’t beat guys with speed. And yes, speed in shorts DOES correlate with speed in uniform – why in the world wouldn’t it? Slow guys don’t suddenly get fast in pads.

  4. Referencing Jerry Rice’s 40-time is only fair if you mention the hundreds of other 4.6/40 wide receivers who flamed out of the league or never got a chance because, get this, they weren’t fast enough to play wide receiver.

    Otherwise, we should just yield to the “You can always find a quarterback in the 6th round; look at Tom Brady” crowd.

  5. Well, thompgk, Jones is the one with the National Championship ring. And he played one heckuva role in earning it.

  6. Didn’t Heyward-Bey win NFL MVP this year due to his straight line speed?

    I’m glad football is played in straight lines….

    Just because these guys test well running around in their new Stark Industries underwear doesn’t mean they can perform well in the IronMan suit.

  7. i was very impressed with both of these guys watching them at the combine today. there was an obvious difference watching them do the drills vs the other WOs. i agree that AJ is probably still the better football player but boy would i be more willing to draft julio after watching his athletic abilities out there…and that goes beyond the forty.

  8. You guys are acting like Jones can’t play. It was obvious both of these guys were first round picks 3 years ago.

  9. Julio Jones is an absolute freak and the only reason he is not considered the best is because of Alabama’s run first offense. Oh by the way, has anybody ever seen this guy run block. He is unbelievable at it, which in this day and age to see a premier receiver enjoy blocking is refreshing. No offense to AJ Green, because I think he will be a good receiver as well.
    People who don’t think a fast forty is important obviously don’t watch too much football. You need more than just speed but if you have speed you also don’t need to do everything as well as the guy who runs a 4.6. Both of these guys can also catch the ball and should do well at the next level.

  10. @ neverend1, there must be another Andre Johnson in the NFL because the AJ from Da U ran a 4.35 40. He’s a Big East track champion.

  11. aj green’s true speed didn’t show up at the combine. he ran a 4.37 in college and he is faster on tape. julio jones is fast on a straight line but I don’t think he is as elusive. he is just more physical and he doesn’t have as good of hands. I’d take Green, but I’d be happy with either one of them

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