Sidney Rice will not re-sign with Vikings before free agency

Sidney Rice has chosen to find out what’s behind door number two, after the labor mess is taken care.

Rice’s agent Drew Rosenhaus told Adam Schefter of ESPN that Rice will not re-sign with the Vikings before March  4.   Minnesota made a multi-year offer to deal to Rice, but clearly it wasn’t enough in Rice’s assessment.

Perhaps the Vikings just made an offer to appear like they are doing everything possible to keep Rice.  It’s more likely that the team and Rosenhaus view Rice’s value very differently.

It’s possible that the Vikings could still try to place a restricted free agent tender on Rice, who is a four-year veteran.  Under the rules of the uncapped year, fourth-year players are RFAs.

It’s expected that Rice will be an unrestricted free agent after a new CBA is reached, but the truth is we’re all just guessing at this point.

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  1. One year of good work and can’t stay on the field for the other three. I know you want to be paid as does everyone but come on… Whatever they offered I’m sure was good, seeing as Wilf paid almost 50 million to Berrian..

  2. Sid the Squid is testing my patience as a Viking fan. He is very formidable when he’s healthy but so far that’s only been one full season and that was with Mr. Favre slinging it. It’s such a joke that he wants to test free agency…… There won’t even be a free agency! On another note Julio Jones would look great in purple! Skol!

  3. “It’s more likely that the team and Rosenhaus view Rice’s value very differently.”

    Rosenhaus thinks his client is better than they really are? Noooo……..

    Sometimes you can really tell what is important to a person by who they choose to represent them.

  4. Didn’t he suffer a hip injury?

    My Grandma suffered a hip injury 2 years ago and she still can’t run a decent route and has defiantly lost a step.

    It’s to the point where I won’t even drag her out of the hospital unless we’re really desperate.

    Tread lightly Vikes.

  5. what he did to the Vikings this past season, he is lucky they offered him a contract. Not a team player in my eyes. Then again is there such a thing any more, a team player.

  6. Another wr that wants to paid more just because favre made him look good for one season. Yes Rice is good but do it another year then stArt asking for money. Reminds of Javon Walker, where is he anyways?

  7. the guy had one good season out of 3? does he deserve fitsgerald money? it’s funny to me that some of these guys only produce a year or 2 and they think there worth a big contract? good by rice.

  8. maybe the bears will sign him? on second thought if berrian got paid all that money, Rice who is a real reciever will want twice as much and the bears are to cheap to pay him. but it would be nice to give cutler a legit weapon.

  9. I understand where Rice is coming from, the Vikings didn’t want to extend him last year (they probably knew more about the hip then led on), so I can understand why he would want to go see what he can find.

    @ BCKnights
    there are PLENTY of team players in the league, its just that far fewer of them are playing for Minnesota.

  10. IMHO, the guy is a good player, but having one good season and being injured the other 3 certainly doesn’t merit top WR dollars. Especially considering how he took all off season to decide to have surgery and missed most the season, when he could have had it done after the season and probably been good to go by mini camps.

  11. Dang Rice, I talk you up prior to ’09 season. You have your first great year then you wait to get surgery. C’mon son. I’ve watch my vikes do good with the WR position in the past, good luck brother. I personally hope we part ways. Too many other receivers out there to pay for a question mark.

  12. I love how every team’s fanboy rushes reports like this with OMG HE’D LOOK GREAT ON *insert team*.

    Don’t blow your loads just yet, like halestorm said, there might not even be a free agency.

  13. What we’ve seen so far from Rice is that, when healthy, he’s as good as the QB who’s throwing to him. If he heads down to Oakland, Washington, Arizona or somewhere with equal QB talent, I doubt we’ll ever hear from him again.

    With his injury troubles, Rice is being foolish. He is like a broken toy which, though you can still play with it, just doesn’t quite work right again. He has a few bad seasons to go, though, until he can be classified alongside the Curious Case of Javon Walker. I’m willing to say he could still be in Jeremy Shockey territory.

  14. Bad Sign for Vikings Fans. They most likely will not resign him, some other team will outbid them. Its a shame because the vikings saw Rice’s potential when they drafted him, but he was injured his first two years.

    Then he had the one healthy year with Favre and he showed that he can be the next Fitz. And don’t say favre inflated his stats. Watch the replays Rice was playing like Fitz circa 08 playoffs for most of 2009. He bailed favre out on so many under thrown long balls. He also had several amazing catches that year and showed he is in that elite class when it comes to adjusting to and going up and getting deep balls.

    Also according to Larry Fitz himself, Rice is faster, and can jump higher.

    That said, the vikes probably will not give him the $10 mill + that you know Rosenhaus will be asking for. And he will probably get it, just not from the vikes.

  15. From some of the reports I’ve seen and read, this isn’t too surprising. Apparently a lot of teams have started to make offers to their players with 4 or 5 years in who are about to hit free agency. The reason is that, if the players do decertify and are able to prevent a work stoppage, then the current rules could stay in place while the issue is fought out in court. The actual process would be for the league to make rules affecting all players and teams, and for the players to then file an anti-trust suit. If that happens, it’s quite possible the court will order that the league rules are frozen in place while the issue is adjudicated. In this case, that would mean the special rules of the uncapped year which, amongst other things, pushed unrestricted free agency from 4 to 6 years. Because of this, some teams apparently have been offering sub-market deals to some of their players. The idea here is that, while it might not be the deal they were looking for, it would be better than being stuck as a restricted free agent like Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins last year. So, by turning down the offer, Rice is saying that he’d rather risk getting shorted even more this coming year than sign a multi-year contract that would short change him to a lesser degree over a longer period of time. This possibility is also the reason we’ve seen so many players eager to sign their franchise tags before the cba runs out, despite the fact that the NFLPA says they aren’t really valid. The franchise tag pays much better than a RFA tender.

  16. He’s looking for a big check and when he is healthy he does very well. He has only played one season injury free and he wants big $$$$ he will likely get it. If I were the vikes I would be carefull with how much I gave him there are other positions with big needs as well

  17. I would think that any NFL player who is half way decent, and Rice is in that category, aspires to play for a team that has chance to go all the way.

    The 2011 version of the Vikings is a country mile away from that. This team has more holes than Swiss cheese, their absentee owner has shown to be more greedy than foresighted about the stadium issue and they only have about 20 other FA’s that aren’t likely to be signed. At this point, the Lions are a better alternative, at least they didn’t finish in last place.

  18. With all his health uncertainty, he must know through the NFL underworld that there are some teams looking to get him and will outpay what the Vikes are offering.

  19. and there goes JimmySmith with his Vikings obsession again.

    Jimmy, we get it, you hate the vikes, they suck, blah blah blah.

    Get over yourself.

  20. In other news, Justin Harrell engages Drew Rosenhaus and announces he will not sign a further contract with the Packers until after the start of free agency.

    “My client feels great” says Rosenhaus. “With his Superbowl ring.”

  21. perhaps Sidney is asking for way too much because he just doesn’t want to play in Minnesota. i mean, come on…. would you?

    skool vikings!

  22. coolzog says: Feb 28, 2011 1:51 PM

    Would he not be an RFA anyway?
    Not under normal conditions. Under the altered rules of the uncapped year, he would be. While those rules were supposed to be for last season only, if the NFLPA decertifies and files an anti-trust lawsuit against the league, it could lead to the judge ordering the current rules frozen in place while the case is heard in court. If that happens, the uncapped year rules stay in place and he is a RFA.

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