Strange story emerges from Chiefs-Raiders game in November

The Kansas City Chiefs worked overtime on November 7 in Oakland before emerging with a 23-20 loss.  After the game, the Chiefs worked overtime in an effort to get out of town.

Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Transportation Safety Agencies detained the Chiefs’ buses by three hours after the game, based on a belief by a TSA agent that she saw a bag of white powder fall out of the jacket of a Chiefs player.

The powder was believed to be cocaine.  After the player was questioned at length by authorities, it was determined to be a nutritional supplement.

TSA agents pre-screen players on visiting NFL teams at the stadium, so that they can be taken straight to their airline gate by bus.

Tafur also shoots down the notion that the Raiders had a role in the incident.  “There were no Raider players or officials anywhere around that area,” Oakland deputy police chief Jeffrey Israel told Tafur.  “The only people there were Chiefs and TSA agents.”

The fact that Tafur felt compelled to obtain a comment ruling out Raider involvement makes us wonder whether Tafur’s source specifically blamed the Raiders.  It also makes us wonder whether someone from the Chiefs spoon-fed the story to Tafur, who reported the news from the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

22 responses to “Strange story emerges from Chiefs-Raiders game in November

  1. Damn creatine and glutamine smugglers making life difficult for the honest and hardworking cocaine traffickers.

  2. So when someone tips off the police on anything – they personally come out and stand and watch the search or arrest? Givemeabreak!

  3. If it happened during W’s presidency, most of the posts would be about how this was a heroic action and the TSA is protecting us from our enemies in the Greatest Struggle in the History of Western Civilization.

    If it happened during Obama’s presidency, most of the posts will be about how this is a gestapo tactic aimed at implementing a socialist/Nazi state in America.

    That seems to be Dumb America’s take on the TSA and things like this.

  4. If the TSA was involved, I am absolutely shocked that anyone noticed a “bag of white powder” at all. The TSA takes all the people that washed out at McDonalds and put them in our airports to make it LOOK like we’re secure, but the reality is these assclowns wouldn’t notice Osama Bin Laden if he walked up to them and kissed them on the cheek. I’m always soooo reassured when they take some eighty year old woman out of the line for further questioning. Because nothing says “bomb wielding terrorist” like a little old lady who can barely walk, see, or hear. They were the real masterminds behind 9/11, you know. F’ing senior citizens. Can’t turn your back on them for a second.

  5. I guess the part of the story that surprises me is that it took them three hours to determine that a bag of nutritional supplement was not cocaine. That’s absurd.

  6. Yeah moochzilla, NOBODY used the word “Nazi” against the Bush administration.. It only happened every single day for 8 years.

    Bah.. nevermind. Politics makes everyone feel lousy. I agree with post, that’s the TSA for you.

  7. What I find hilarious is that sports leagues in this country are considered important enough to waste the resources/time of TSA agents to be “pre-screened” at sports stadiums so that they can get right on the plane. Meanwhile, you got us regular folk, and I see some people with severe physical disabilities/elderly, forced to wait in hour long lines at airports. I mean, god forbid NFL Players not be able to get right back on a plane after a game. They only have a mere 7 days before their next job. Friggin Prima Donnas. They dont even have to carry their own luggage I bet either.

  8. The TSA is inherently inefficient and borderline silly. But when you make stopping terrorists ALL about spotting bags of powder, the agents will raise an alarm over bags of powder. This is an indictment of the process, I was just observing that attitudes shift depending on who’s ordering the searching. It was silly under W, it’s silly now.

    As for pulling grannies, it looks stupid – but there is actually a precedent. Google about the terrorist that planted a bomb on his unsuspecting wife and infant son. I believe they were Irish citizens married to a middle-Easterner. Almost worked. Still silly, but not 100% about PC-ness as many believe.

  9. Supposedly 70% of the “test runs” performed by the TSA to test their screeners are successful. Meaning the screeners miss 7 in 10 of the fake guns, knives, and grenades that are sent through.

    70%. Remember that the next time you are full body scanned.

    The illusion of safety.

  10. moochzilla says: Feb 27, 2011 12:21 PM

    Supposedly 70% of the “test runs” performed by the TSA to test their screeners are successful. Meaning the screeners miss 7 in 10 of the fake guns, knives, and grenades that are sent through.

    70%. Remember that the next time you are full body scanned.

    The illusion of safety.
    Yet…they yanked me out of line for my “terrorist sized” shampoo and hairspray bottles (None of the limits for which were on the airline ticket OR their website under baggage rules because I always check knowing how things change. I rarely fly too so I have no general awareness of those facts.) which added an extra 1/2 hour plus to my ability to get to my gate and an extra baggage fee for checking them. Thank goodness it wasn’t a crowded day to fly.
    I have a friend who says Israel does it the smartest way and after hearing what they do it does sound more sensible.

  11. yep, i am sure the tsa would do anything the raiders tell them to do ….make total sense now three months later the truth comes out…what a crock

  12. As an NFL player all you have to do is not drop a bag of drugs in front of a TSA agent and you won’t have any problems boarding your plane. I’m sure the TSA was as frustrated as the Chiefs were about this.

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