Tyrod Taylor tops Kaepernick, Locker, Newton as Combine’s fastest QB

We noted yesterday that Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor says he sees no need to work out at any other position because he wants to be a quarterback, period.

But if things don’t work out at quarterback for Taylor, he proved today at the NFL Scouting Combine that he has the athletic ability to play another position.

The results of the 40-yard dash have been released, and Taylor topped all quarterbacks at 4.51 seconds.

Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick came in second at 4.53 seconds, followed by Washington’s Jake Locker and Auburn’s Cam Newton, both at 4.59. (The unofficial 4.52 that was originally reported for Locker has been changed, according to NFL.com, to an official 4.59.)

Three other quarterbacks cracked 4.65 seconds: Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert and California University of Pennsylvania’s Josh Portis at 4.62, and Florida State’s Christian Ponder at 4.65.

21 responses to “Tyrod Taylor tops Kaepernick, Locker, Newton as Combine’s fastest QB

  1. God the quarterbacks this year suck.

    And knowing the Vikings, we’ll take one of them in the first round then be shocked when they bust.

    Kill me now.

  2. seriously?

    like .02 seconds difference really matters.

    we all know who the top QB’s are. Its should be no suprise in what order they go in the draft.

    1. Gabbert 2. Newton 3. Locker 4.Mallet 5. Kapernick.

  3. Locker, Mallet, or Gabbert. Please let any of them fall to KC.
    All of them will be better than Fraud Newton.
    Locker just had a bad season. Give him a good QB coach and there would be no reason he could not develop into a good pro QB

  4. Granted, Taylor would have to sit for a year or two as he learns the NFL passing game, but having watched him play a few times, there’s enough to make him worth a mid-round gamble. He’s got the wheels to buy time back in the pocket, and seems to really try and pass first under pressure. That said, you’d like his completion percentage to be higher, but then again, that’s why he needs to carry a clipboard for a year or two.

    He’s like Bruce Gradkowski, except with a heckuva lot more speed and a stronger arm. Long term, that could translate into a solid #2 QB. I stress the “long”part of long term.

  5. I find it rather convenient that Locker’s times were adjusted higher. I watched him run both times (4.52 and 4.53) and Newton who ran 4.6 and 4.59 and he is faster. Kinda odd how two times for Locker are raised yet they take the lowest time for Newton. I’m telling you, they have a hard on for Newton. Faulk (who should NOT be employed as a commentator) and even Mayock are so busy making excuses for Newton’s horrible performance. It’s laughable. He is at best a project QB but more likely a coach killer high first rounder.

  6. This stat is almost meaningless as it relates to a QB. Does the combine have a test for the QBs mental alacrity in reading, reacting and mastering all of the mental aspects of the position? THAT would be a stat I’d pay attention to.

  7. @chipwade – I just checked the same thing earlier. Still though, these guys put up fair numbers. If one of them can string together some 65% completion games, they’ll definitely be exciting to watch. Won’t be holding my breath though.

  8. Cal U of Penn – yes, just right for a high cowboy pick. Someone nobody ever heard of is just what JJ likes.

  9. Tom Brady: 5.23
    Philip Rivers: 5.08
    Matt Shaub: 5.04
    Tony Romo: 5.01
    Eli Manning: 4.92
    Matt Cassel: 4.90
    Matt Ryan: 4.89
    Joe Flacco: 4.84
    Peyton Manning: 4.80

    enough said.

  10. by the way, most elite quarterbacks in the nfl rush for an average of 2-4 yards per carry. Seriously.. what the hell do 40 yard dash times mean for a QB? Absolutely nothing.

  11. The more Newton stinks it up at the Combine the better the chance he falls out of the first round and then “the project” does not seem so bad for whoever drafts him…. the dude is a specimen and with a year or two on the right bench he will be a solid NFL QB

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