Vikings offer long-term deal to Sidney Rice

The Vikings didn’t use the franchise tag or the transition tender on receiver Sidney Rice.  They quite possibly will apply a one-year restricted free agency tender, even if the next labor deal (if/when there is one) will wipe out the RFA tenders by setting the limit for unrestricted free agency back to four years.

The goal seems to be signing him for the long haul.

Judd Zulgad of the Minnepolis Star-Tribune reports that the Vikings have made a multi-year offer to Rice.

Coach Leslie Frazier said at the Scouting Combine that he has spoken to Rice and that Rice wants to remain a member of the team.

After two so-so seasons to begin his career, Rice had a breakout season with Brett Favre in 2009.  Hip surgery in August kept him out of 10 regular-season games.  By the time he returned, the cause was lost.

And Rice’s skills may be wasted moving forward, if the Vikings don’t have a clear answer at quarterback.  The powers-that-be seem to be willing to assume the risk that Rice will play like he did in 2009, even without a quarterback like Favre on the roster.

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  1. Which may help answer the question of whether a QB makes his receivers great or if the receivers make a QB look great….. Wouldn’t it be a kick in the face if some rookie puts up 3000 yards for the Vikes next year?

  2. The other way to look at it is, if you start the season with an inexperienced QB, as the Vikings very well may, then having good receivers will make his job easier.
    Keep in mind this team (with many of the same players as last year) won the division in 2008 with a Tarvaris/Frerotte QB tandem. All 500 pounds of the other Jimmy Smith would be an upgrade over that gruesome twosome.

  3. I got the impression that Rice wants to play for a team that will be in contention. If so, he wouldn’t sign with the Vikings, not only are they missing a QB, but a left tackle and a stadium to play in, unless you are looking forward to 2012 in Southern California.

  4. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Vikings aint gonna do squat this year. That window has slammed shut, and has been bolted down!

    Get ready for a top 10 pick in NEXT years draft. But sincerely, I know the Minnesota fans will have high hopes this season. They have to. My gosh, what else do those poor, frozen hicks have to look forward to? I feel sorry for all those fans in the frozen tundra. The guys only have football, and their team sucks. They can’t even turn to their women cause they are so pale, ugly and frigid.

  5. Seems to me like JimmySmith here should just go eat his cheese. Or cut it, dice it, or even slap it. Your so-called ‘input’ on a Vikings topic is just ridiculous and worthless. That is all.

  6. Considering that Moss made Culpepper look like a NFL quality QB, should ring throughout this story, even if the vikes have no legimate QB a quality receiver like Rice (no joke this guy is 200% legitimate) should make whomever is QB look better than they really are, as a vikes fan i say keep Rice, the QB situation will figure itself out

  7. Come with some new material Jimmy. We know you think the vikings will be moving, so drop it until it happens. Won’t you feel so much better gloating instead of predicting?

  8. @JimmySmith…The league is a 1000x more likely to expand with a team in LA than to move the Vikings….a whole other pot of money for everyone to get their hands in rather than move a franchise, even if it is in a market like MN

  9. I am glad to see that Sidney wants to stay a Viking. This should only help with trying to re-sign him.

    He will be a solid receiver for years to come and his presence should only help develop a younger quarterback.

    Sure he will come at a price, but as long as his health holds up this will be a win-win deal for the Vikings.

  10. After reading this JimmySmith character rant for the last 2 years, I’ve come to two conclusions…

    Either he is a multi millionaire, who doesn’t work. Where he can spend day after day…all day long wasting his time talking smack to strangers on a thread…


    He is an out of work, overweight, 40 something virgin, who has such a low self esteem, he feels better about himself by talking smack to strangers on the internet. Yeah, thats right…the internet!

    We all know its the later!

  11. I forsee the Vikings selling the farm, like they previously did with the Cowboys, to acquire Cam Newton. As a Denver fan, I hope that we are there to accommodate the transaction.

  12. I get that signing Rice is pressing, but the quarterback situation is urgent. In order to win in this throwing-based league, you have to have a QB, period. Without a decent QB, Rice’s value is dead, Harvin’s value is dead, Peterson’s value is dead, and the whole team is pretty much dead. Looks like the Vikings invasion of the NFL has been defended by the army of poor choices and lack of priorities. (Sorry for the cheesy metaphor, I couldn’t resist.)

  13. iknowfootballandyoudont says:
    Feb 27, 2011 6:35 PM
    My gosh, what else do those poor, frozen hicks have to look forward to? I feel sorry for all those fans in the frozen tundra. The guys only have football, and their team sucks. They can’t even turn to their women cause they are so pale, ugly and frigid.

    Nice to see you rag on other people like your so great. Why dont’ you go back finish your tv dinner and watch the rest of your transvestite midget porn that took you six hours to work up the courage to rent. I do belive there are nasty women everywhere not just up in minnesota. As far as being “poor frozen hicks” well there are 20+ Fortune 500 companies as well as a number of companies that make the Forbes list. Just remember it was all the “high rollers” and the “movers and shakers” in the “Big City” that put us in this oh so beautiful economic fallout!!!

  14. The mere fact that I could get a loser to generate a fake name like mine (by adding an additional m to Jimmy) means I am doing something right. I’m not quite a multi millionaire yet but I’m working on it, thanks for asking.

    The Vikings have so many problems that I am not likely to run out of material anytime soon. The biggest problem is that my fellow residents of the Twin Cities fail to see the light, somehow, the Vikings are going to come out of the draft with all the right answers and avoid last place again. I swear, I couldn’t drink that many Grain Belts to make that true.

  15. iknowfootballandyoudont says:
    Feb 27, 2011 6:35 PM

    The guys only have football, and their team sucks. They can’t even turn to their women cause they are so pale, ugly and frigid.

    Umm….I’m sorry, but unless you don’t like blond haired blue eyed Scandinavian hotties, then you’re wrong…and I say this as a Packer fan living among all these horned Swedes. Their women are much more talented than their football team. On that, Minnesota doesn’t suffer–well, ok, most of the hotties get smart move to a warmer climate. But still… 😉

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