Bengals could wait until round two for new quarterback

With each passing day, the Bengals seem to be more focused on acquiring a new quarterback at the top of the draft.

On Sunday, Geoff Hobson of observed that the team is clearly looking to add Carson Palmer’s replacement.  Now, Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer has quotes from offensive coordinator Jay Gruden that make obvious the team’s search.

“I want a guy who can speak up and people can rally around, that’s half the battle right there,” Gruden said, possibly implying that their current quarterback doesn’t possess those skills.  “You have to at least sell that you’re good and you believe that the play can work even though it may not.  Whether or not he is reading the same way I would teach read is not important as long as he has a general idea about defenses and progressions which 90 percent can do.  I want to see their charisma and leadership skills and how they communicate.”

But it’s no given that the Bengals will go with a quarterback at the top of the first round, with the fourth pick.  They’ll possibly wait until they exercise the 35th overall selection, also known as the third in round two.

“You want a guy in the fourth spot that is going to be a game changer next year, a guy you can build a franchise around.  We can go in a lot of different directions.  I know on offense we can,” Gruden said.

It may not be a bad strategy.  No rookie quarterback seems to be ready to step right in and play.  And when the Bengals picked Palmer nine years ago, they didn’t thrust him immediately into the fray.

The smart move may be to take the best available athlete with the fourth pick, and then the best available quarterback with the 35th.  Another alternative, if the labor situation is resolved, would be to ship Palmer and the 35th pick to a team that drafts in the second half of round one, in the hopes of getting their guy.  Absent a new CBA, no current players may be traded.

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  1. While drafting QB in round 2 sounds reasonable, the reality is you rarely get your QB of the future lower than round 1. Look at the history of playoff caliber QBs and the 1st rounders are the norm not the exception.

    Better plan — trade the 35th pick for Kevin Kolb.

  2. Ryan mallet will be there I would think. If
    Not mallet I think the guy from tcu or fla.
    State is also a good fit in there.

  3. Nice touch by a new coach looking to make his bones in the NFL. I give Gruden 2 years of the Bengal torture treatment before he is a skeleton of his former self and wants out out a la Palmer.

    Although he is not an elite QB, Palmer can still be rejuvenated by a quality team and coaching staff and produce and lead a team – think the Titans could use him?

  4. @ chocopoppy

    Better plan — trade the 35th pick for Kevin Kolb.


    That would be wise – I think they could turn around and trade Palmer to someone else for a later 2nd rounder as well.

    Either way, the Bengal are headed for a major overhaul!!

    3 years ago, who would have thought the best offensive weapon on the Bengals would be Cedric Benson?!?

  5. No chance in hell the Eagles trade Kolb for a second rounder. They’d probably have to give up the 4th overall for him.

  6. By the way – Joing the Facebook group Fans Against Looming Lockout – We’re growing fast, and we can pressure that they keep working on a deal.

  7. The good news is that if they do reach and get somebody bad, it will be early in the night and I will still have time to drink myself to sleep. But if they take Cam with #4 I will go outside and smash my head in the car door until I’m over it.

  8. walzav31 says: Feb 28, 2011 9:14 AM

    “By the way – Joing the Facebook group Fans Against Looming Lockout – We’re growing fast, and we can pressure that they keep working on a deal.”

    All 46 of you will surely grab Goodell’s attention.

  9. Kevin Kolb…Kevin Kolb…Kevin Kolb! He’s a W.C.O. guy. Some experience and I think he will be a good QB given the chance. Shore up the safety position and right tackle/guard. Draft QB late to battle for 2nd string.

  10. trade the round 1 pick for two or three more picks later in the draft. keep palmer for another year, draft a QB with the 35th and use the rest to grab some weapons….get TO and OchoStinko out of there.

  11. kolb is not the answer we need more displine from the coaches and managment how about trying to win every game instead of telling us what went wrong with the games attitude adjustments are in serious need. look at the top of our division do they get a top 5 pick every year? suck up bengals play like you wanna win not like your gonna loose.

  12. walzav31 says: Feb 28, 2011 9:14 AM

    By the way – Joing the Facebook group Fans Against Looming Lockout – We’re growing fast, and we can pressure that they keep working on a deal.


    Man you are on to something with this group…Godell just texted me to say that he is only making decisions based upon what he sees from the group…

    Are you a Cowgirls fan?

  13. Solomon Wilcots already proposed the best solution: Trade the #4 to the Eagles for Kolb and the Eagles’ #23, then turn around and trade Palmer to Seattle for their #25. The Bengals would then have a great replacement that can help us right away at QB, plus #23, #25, and #36.

    But, Mike Brown being who he is, that won’t happen. He thinks it’s more important to make an example out of Palmer than to put the team in the best position to win next year.

    Waiting until early 2nd to grab a QB is the next best thing.

  14. I’m not saying Kolb is worth a top 10 pick, what I’m saying is the Eagles won’t move him for a 2nd rounder. Last I read, they were asking for 2x 1st rounders…

    If there is any QB in the league that needs a solid insurance policy, its Vick. Eagles franchised him so it’s obvious they are playing it by ear. They are not going to give up on a young QB they like only to have to draft another young QB they know nothing about.

    Any trade for Kolb will have to involve a first round pick, at minimum.

  15. Eagles know they need a backup for Vick, a relatively small man who is likely to be injured somewhere in the season. Kolb is a relatively cheap proven quality QB. They don’t want to trade him, but they will if the price is really high. Minimum a 1 and a 3. Otherwise, forget about it.

  16. No way in hell anyone is gonna give a 1 and 3 for Kolb alone… I can see a first and a third if the Eagles sent a third back but no way he’s worth that at this point… Id love to see Palme stay in Cincy but who knows where thats gonna go… Newton scares me and Gabbert is questionable too… Id rather take my chances on Locker later on in the draft…

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