Clinton Portis: Redskins release coming today

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Clinton Portis says today is his last day as a member of the Washington Redskins.

I should be released today,” Portis said on 106.7 The Fan Monday morning, via Ryan O’Halloran of “It was a decision that was best for the both of us.”

The end comes for Portis after a 2010 season in which he played just five games and ran for a career-low 227 yards. Portis, who turns 30 in September, said he understands the NFL is a business and the Redskins simply decided he wasn’t worth the $8.3 million he would have been due during the 2011 season.

“There’s no hard feelings,” Portis said. “It was a mutual decision. They gave me the opportunity to re-do my deal or re-structure and continue to talk and try to make a move but for the organization and after seven years, for myself, maybe it’s best.”

19 responses to “Clinton Portis: Redskins release coming today

  1. What a dumb trade. SD had to face Champ twice a year for 7 years and counting! The only thing that made it bearable was how crappy the rest of the Donkos are.

    Portis will be remembered as a back similar to LT but without the durability, talent, or MVP/Canton numbers.

    At least theres a chance he will end up on the Raiduhs.

  2. He should have been released a long time ago. Denver fans knew the day he put on that stupid championship belt (champion of what?) that he was a punk, a me-first player. Whatever he did in Denver he didn’t in Washington.

    Lots of running backs “with a lot left to give” sit and wait. Labor strife notwithstanding, it’s over Clinton. Call up Bobby Humphrey, see what he’s doin’.

    And you are a punk. Not worse than Javon Walker, mind you, but still a punk.

  3. knightringonow is a very, very tough man. Wow. I’m in awe at how much courage it takes to call someone you’ve never meant names on the internet.

    Hear that? It’s your mom upstairs, lunch is ready. Grilled cheese and tomato soup!

  4. i’d love to see him with the eagles. tutor mccoy, and back him up when needed. portis is not a starting back anymore, but he can sill be extremely productive.

  5. From what I hear the guy is a jerk. Poor team mate, horrible locker room guy. and goes half ass in practice. Plus he is 30 which is when RB start to decline. He is also injury prone. He will never be a starter in the league again

  6. I’m gonna miss Clinton as a person and member of the Redskins. As purely a running back he is beyond done, has been for a number of years, but still holds value as a decoy back with great pass blocking skills if there is anyone in the league that values pass blocking that much (peyton?). No doubt if he had been a lineman he would be a hall of famer.

    I say this and I truly mean it to anyone inquiring about him, he is 97% done. I mean he can still get you yards but he wont do anything running the rock that any number of random FA guys couldn’t do.

    It’s been fun Clinton and while it is a little overdue that still doesnt change the fact that alot of us appreciate the time you were a member of the the Redskins, Hail.

  7. bummer…loved seeing this guy faulter week to week. Way overrated/overpaid and contributed to the lack of success of this horrid org the last 10 yrs.

  8. Portis was a very good back a jockster certainly, yeah injuries and age have caught up with him, but i have never seen a RB viciously pick up a blitz like he did.. All the best

  9. I wonder how weird it is for Shanhan to be on the other side of his Portis for Bailey trade? The was probably the best personnel move Shanny made in his entire Denver career.

  10. i’d love to see him with the eagles. tutor mccoy, and back him up when needed. portis is not a starting back anymore, but he can sill be extremely productive


    what an idiot.don’t talk about football.moron.

  11. Dear Clinton,
    I love you! Please come over to my dumpster behind the 7-11 on Sunset Hills Road tonight and gush my greedy gullet with your gonad goo! That way I can swallow some and let the rest dribble into my matted, filthy beard! Then, sometime in the early hours of tomorrow, I can relive the glory of worshipping you on my hands and knees while enjoying some of your hair-flavored string cheese!

    I’m 7′-12″, 437 1/2 lbs! LMAO!

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