Cowboys will let Marcus Spears, Gerald Sensabaugh test market


The Cowboys are ready to say goodbye to defensive end Marcus Spears, almost six years after Bill Parcells took him in the first round of the Big Tuna’s first draft class in Dallas.’s Calvin Watkins broke the news Monday, and Spears confirmed it on Twitter.

“Testing the market folks!” Spears wrote.  “Thank you all in Dallas for the support it’s still possible I could be back, but it’s shaky.”

Spears was a solid, unspectacular starter for much of his career.   He missed half of he 2010 season with a calf strain.

Watkins also reports that safety Gerald Sensabaugh will be allowed to test the market.  Both players are six-year veterans and were stuck as restricted free agents last year.

13 responses to “Cowboys will let Marcus Spears, Gerald Sensabaugh test market

  1. Spears is a good run stopping DE….but never lived up to this draft spot (a few picks after Ware).

    The Cowboys run defense suffered when he went down with an injury but he does not raise any fear of disrupting a backfield or even getting within arms reach of a QB.

    All of that said, he’s still better than Igor Olshansky, the overpriced, dancing Russian bear.

  2. “jc1958cool says:Feb 28, 2011 4:50 PM

    it would help if he had some decent coaching!
    must be why jerry had to steal the packers receivers coach! turd”

    He had the same coaching as Jay Ratliff who was a 7th round pick. It isn’t the staff’s fault that Spears should’ve been a 4th rounder at best. And that Packers WR coach must be one talented receiver’s coach if he can coach both the receivers and the d-line.

  3. Seat installers in Dallas? I wouldn’t touch that without a court order.

    This is another brilliant move by the BOZO & Chief. Another team will pick up Mr. Spears and he will do well on another team and another defensive scheme.

  4. Good! Dallas, you only lack running backs an offensive line and about 5 pieces on defense. Your qb hasn’t recovered from his Seattle meltdown, nor will he. Nothing a top ten WR won’t solve. Jerry Jones, you might be Mr. Money but you suck at football. Ask Jimmy J. & Bill P. They built it and you laid it to waste. Pitiful.

  5. 3octaveFart says: Feb 28, 2011 7:59 PM

    1bigtex says: Feb 28, 2011 6:25 PM

    “3octavefart=one note horn”

    Then by all means, feel free to blow me.

    Awesome. Check and mate, thanks for playing.

  6. Another great draft choice in dallass.
    Don’t worry cowgirl fans. Jerry will mess this draft up as well.
    Three things qare guaranteed in life………. Death, taxes, and Jerry the ferry will screw up the draft.


    Dallas sucks

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