Dave Wannstedt assures Bills fans: “Chan has a plan”

For Bills fans feeling a little uneasy about their team after last year’s 4-12 season, new assistant coach Dave Wannstedt has a reassuring message: Don’t worry, we got this.

Wannstedt was hired as assistant head coach by his old friend, head coach Chan Gailey, and he insists that Gailey knows just what he needs to do to make the Bills winners.

“I think the thing with Chan Gailey is everywhere he’s been he’s been successful,” Wannstedt said. “He has a plan. He’s very consistent. I think you can’t change your mindset on a week-to-week basis, month-to-month basis. I think you have to be committed to certain things better than your opponents. I think that’s how you win. I don’t think you trick very many people in this league or in any league. I think Chan has a plan.”

Gailey’s career record of 22-26 in the NFL would seem to call into question Wannstedt’s claim that he’s been successful everywhere he’s been, but whatever: Wannstedt is confident. And in expressing that confidence, he sounds a little like Barry Switzer at his introductory news conference with the Dallas Cowboys.

“We know what we’ve got to get done,” Wannstedt said, “now let’s just roll up our sleeves and go do it.”

27 responses to “Dave Wannstedt assures Bills fans: “Chan has a plan”

  1. I have an idea. How about you start with drafting players at positions you NEED this year. Spiller, while a good addition, was an unnecessary pick. At the time, Buffalo already had 2 good RBs. Then, after the draft, someone said “Aww crap. We gotta drop one of em” and buh-bye Marshawn.

  2. “…I think Chan has a plan.”
    That does not sound like an endorsement. Plus if you factor in that Wannstedt was just hired, it sounds that either he is unaware of what is going on, or he really doesn’t care.
    Gailey should stop Wannstedt from ever talking to the press after that statement.
    Buffalo fans: Good Luck, you will need it.

  3. “…Gailey’s career record of 22-26 in the NFL would seem to call into question Wannstedt’s claim that he’s been successful everywhere he’s been..”

    compared to Wannstache’s record, that is success! its all a matter of perspective!

    good luck buffalo fans. these clowns destryed the Dolphins. I almost feel bad for you.

  4. @ dphndad….thanks for ur sympathy..its nice coming from such a powerhouse…..thank god Ross runs a tight ship over there…..oh wait……he is still pulling his head out of his ass for the soprano/harbaugh fiasco…..that went well didn’t it

  5. How can you say CJ Spiller was the worst pick in ten years for the bills? We havent even seen what this guy can do, not to mention I wouldnt even say CJ Spiller was the worst pick in the past two years…Remember Aaron Maybin?

  6. CJ Spiller is far from the worst pick in years. Does Adrian Peterson ring a bell? The Vikings drafted him when Chester Taylor was tearing up the league. CJ was brought in for what “HE IS GOING TO DO” for this team. Gailey does not like to throw rookies into the mix a lot. I assure you this kid is going to be a player. He was drafted because he is almost always the fastest player on the field, not because we needed a RB. Spiller is going to do big things in the NFL, just be patient. Chan needs a couple of years to get a roster full of HIS OWN players. He inherited a bunch of crap, and people expect him to make the playoffs in his first season.

  7. What a useless thing to say. “Chan has a plan.” No doubt he does. The problem is that Wanny is dumb enough to think the plan is a good one. And if Wanny thinks it’s good, look out.

  8. It doesn’t surprise me that the mood here among Bills’ fans – and echoed by Dave Wannstedt – is ‘ Hope for the Best’. It’s all that can be done until Ralph Wilson’s last breath.

  9. We saw some good things last year with Fitzy and Johnson. Wannstadt is a good add on the d-side to get them pulled up. This team will be better this year, no doubt.

  10. How dare you compare Spiller to All Day Adrian Peterson. Did Spiller break the single game rushing record (296) his rookie year? NO. Is Spiller gonna be one of the fastest of all time to reach 5,000 yards? No. Spiller will never be the weapon all day is.

  11. @ dphndad: For one look at your own team. They totally suck. Henne is worthless to you and your owner doesnt know the difference between fantasy football and real football. The whole miami organizations is so screwed up you can not even decide on a stadium name much less a starting quarterback. But hey I know the Qb good for you. Rob Johnson. Really he fits the mold. Like Miami he drops back freezes does not know what to do and then gets the crap kicked out of him.

  12. @dan7800

    Very far from the worst pick of the last 10 years. I’m glad to see you follow footaball. Mike Williams, John Mcargo, J.P. Losman, Aaron Maybin, all of those guys rate MUCH higher as worst pick than Spiller does. So, thank you, your stupidity is appreciated.

  13. @rabid

    Those guys were all NEED positions for the team. In hindsight, yes they turned out to be bad players. However, they were need positions for this team. That was a luxury pick for a team that was living on scraps. So, thank you, your stupidity is appreciated.

    And to the guy that compared Spiller to AP, that is just laughable.

  14. billsfan1 — I agree with you. Sparano and Ross are messed up and we ain’t going anywhere for a while either. but dont use that to make yourself feel any better. I didn’t say anything in my post about Miami doing good. I said Chan and Wannstedt are going to sink your franchise further into the depths…if that’s even possible.

    mckenzie83…um I did look at my own team. the knowledge of the dolphins is exactly where I was speaking from. thats why I know Wannstache and Gaily suck and why Buffalo is doomed to at least 2-3 years more of the bottom of the division and NFL. you are right, MIA is screwed up right now, and it all started with Wannstache!

    dont get mad at the messanger guys. take your frustrations out on Ralph Wilson. if you’re lucky they will move to Toronto or LA soon.

    wide right. lol.

  15. I sincerely hope the Bills start to turn it around. Chan is a good coach. He has a winning record until this season was factored in. I hate the rest of the AFC East teams, so go Bills! Turn that thing around. Fast.

    Spiller was a good pick, regardless of not having enough talent elsewhere. This guy trying to make an argument by saying the Bills did better by drafting need even though they all busted. You should almost NEVER draft on need, unless the value is there. Spiller was a great value, and that is a start to building a good football team. Spiller/Jackson is a nice tandem, and if they can get a decent O-line in place that team could take off. Look for that to happen this year.

    And for the Dolphin fan spouting off his venom on here, here is something for you to think about.


  16. You can make fun of the Bills all you want, but the Bills played better than their record shows, and the Dolphins did the opposite.

    CJ Spiller was picked up because he should have been picked up in the top 5 and he was still available at 9. Marshawn was on his way out anyways and Fred Jackson is getting old (in running back years)……CJ Spiller was not even close to being the worst pick. I reserve that for JP Losman or Maybin.

  17. I’m just saying that when u criticize my team look in the mirror regarding urs……..but u forgot…sure our owner is old and senile…I admit that but at least he has a clue on this league being in correctly….he was one of two owners who voted against last change.saying it was bad and gonna lead to problems….he was correctnot ur beloved owner…..well unless u want to add.every faded to glory POP star minority owner….maybe with marc Anthony in board, they can run he wildcat in Spanish….for the record….I wouldn’t use Miami to make myself feel better…..in our prime they were our bitches and in our day of darkness they still can’t dominate us…….

  18. Chan was fantastic at Dallas and then again at GeorgianTech. Right?? Mediocre at best. Buffalo should draft Cam and let him drift off into obscurity.

  19. Chan is a loser and so is Dave…We had them both in pitts at diff times. Dave ruined Pitts team which shouldve been a top 15 team. Chan thinks he is genius with the o, but CJ Spillar is ret specialist and 3rd dwn back.. poor drafts will continue with those guys even though they will be drafting high as usual….Bills are terrible. when they had a chance to beat the steelers they chocked as losers do….aim for 2015…

  20. @ fullerman

    What happened in the superbowl this year? What do losers do?

    I’ll answer the question for you; they do exactly what the Steelers did this year, or they are like you and have no clue how to write a coherent sentence. So in this case, the term “loser” is a polysemy. The Steelers fit the description literally and you fit the description figuratively.

  21. CJ Spiller is by far NOT a bust. How did you come to that conclusion? Chan Gailey is putting together his own puzzle of the Buffalo Bills, he has to still weed out the pieces that do not belong… the players he inherited do not match what he has brought in, give him some time, he will show all a masterpiece. Go Bills!!!

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