Federal court requires NFL to give Super Bowl class-action members more time to ponder offers


The league has extended a variety of offers to fans affected by the Super Bowl seating fiasco earlier this month.  On Monday, a federal judge in Dallas ordered the league, the Cowboys, and owner Jerry Jones to provide the fans more time to consider the various options.

Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn required not only more time but also more information, so that the fans can decide whether to accept the settlement offers or to remain in the class action.  The league and the Cowboys had opposed the request for more time and information.

“This is a big win for the fans,” lawyer Michael Avenatti said in a statement released by his firm, Eagan Avenatti LLP.  “The NFL’s offers do not begin to approach what fans are rightfully entitled to under Texas law.  The Court’s Order allows fans the opportunity to receive information and time they deserve in order to learn for themselves that the league is not offering fair compensation under the law.   The NFL should not negotiate this hard with the fans — it’s just not right.”

Avenatti filed a class action three days after Super Bowl XLV, during which 400 fans were denied access to the game and hundreds of others were delayed in getting to their seats and/or given allegedly substandard accommodations based on the league’s inability to install temporary seats.

13 responses to “Federal court requires NFL to give Super Bowl class-action members more time to ponder offers

  1. What is the world coming to! A federal judge helping the fans against big business, won’t be long before they try to kick her off the court, must be giving the league and Jerry an ulcer for sure, I say give each one 10k, then they won’t so quick to step on the fans, and tell Jerry he can’t have a Super Bowl for 10 years. Bill

  2. The CBA is not enough damage to the fans, but now the NFL is trying to squeeze them out of some time to make a decision too???? GEEEEEZ this NFL is in a bigger mess than I thought

  3. @bsizemore68, I agree with you. Why hasn’t Goodell come out and announced that Dallas will not have a Super Bowl anytime in the future?

    The NFL evidently doesn’t care if the garden-variety fan gets screwed, but God forbid Jerry Jones is mad at them.

  4. The federal judge is giving these people’s lawyer
    more time to decide how much to try to file suit for, it is the American way. sue, sue, sue, sue.

  5. Geez how hard is it to say :

    “ok we’ll pay you for your costs to get to the superbowl you didn’t attend” and “we’ll pay the same amount plus cost for inflation so you can attend any one future superbowl.”

  6. $9 billion, and the NFL wants to pull this off. It’s only 400+ fans. They would pay your sons millions but your assed out when you come to see him play.

  7. What? Someone said “It is the American way, sue, sue, sue.” Ummm, I am pretty sure that if you paid for SB tickets, flew down there, paid for a place to stay for 1-2 weeks, expecting to see the game, only to be told you can not, you would want some legal satisfaction yourself! Or would you just say “Nah, it’s okay. I’ll just go home. Sorry you didn’t have enough seats. I will eat the thousands of dollars I spent.?” No, you wouldn’t. Without the courts our only avenue of recourse against big firms like this would be physical retribution of some sort. That would be much better, wouldn’t it? Mass protests, violence, riots. Kind of like what is happening in the Middle East right now.

    These people deserve their right to sue, and deserve the right to compensation from a company that clearly failed to deliver on a once in a lifetime experience! They should be compensated for all the money they spent on their trip, and more for the emotional turmoil that came from such horrible treatment! The league gives millions to players without a second thought. The least it could do is satisfy the fans that it caused injury to.

  8. It sounds like the League and Slick Jerry were once again trying to put one over on those that were cheated and make it a “now or never” decision. Neither of those entities have any shame and no class.

    It’s obvious that they aren’t interested in fairness, they’re just interested in closing the books on this and moving forward, but as much in their own favor as they can.

    Roger is NOT going to prevent Jerry from hosting the SB in the future…..you can bet on that. In fact, I’ll guarantee you that Roger will be the first to recommend another SB in Dallas. Jerry has Roger in his back pocket.

  9. It’s clear this is a stall tactic on the displaced behalf
    so the lawyer can figure out, how much more money
    he can sucker out of the clients he is representing??

    which is fine by me, considering once you add up the lawyers fee’s and court costs for filing and actual court
    room time. The money they would earn in a awarded
    judgment would be gone

  10. I say they have had enough time to think it over and it’s time to either crap, or get off the pot? the deal is more than generous and both Jerry and the league are not responsible for any kind of spending money the displaced used. in order to buy food, drinks or for car rentals and airlines fees including hotel fees

    what they are on the hook for is the tickets to the game it’s self..which has been compensated for
    thanks to the generous offer of both the NFL
    and Jerry Jones

    who has offered free packages to future super bowls
    all expenses payed

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