Jets cutting Jenkins, Gholston, Woody, Taylor


The New York Jets are saying goodbye to several well-known veterans.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets will release defensive tackle Kris Jenkins, outside linebacker Vernon Gholston, offensive lineman Damien Woody and defensive end Jason Taylor.

The goodbye might not be forever, however, as the team would consider signing some or possibly all of the players, if they’re willing to take reduced salaries.

Jenkins has said he’s working hard to get ready to play in 2011. Gholston was a major disappointment as the sixth pick in the 2008 NFL draft, but he’s only 24 and will surely get a shot to make it in the league somewhere this year. Woody had a good year but is recovering from knee and Achilles tendon injuries. Taylor is expected to retire.

36 responses to “Jets cutting Jenkins, Gholston, Woody, Taylor

  1. Now if the Jets would just cut Rex’s mouth…they might be able to stop looking like a bunch of jackasses.

  2. JTs year with the Lousy Stinkins will have the same impact in his legacy in Miami as Thurman Thomas’ one year in Miami had on his legacy in Buffalo. None.

    Parcells is gone, sign a 1 day contract with Miami and retire a Dolphin as you should. See you on the Ring of Honor and then Canton.

  3. I wish we could sit down with Coach Ryan and replay all the footage of him pumping up Gholston, and of him talking big about how he would turn this kid into a player during hard knocks.

    Where’s all your big talk about Gholston now you fat pig.

  4. Jenkins old and injury prone…Ghoulston is a joke and cant shed blocks. Woody is a quality lineman but coming off knee injury and old. Taylor should have retired 2 years ago.

  5. This makes no sense. Why would the Superbowl champion Jets make any changes? With Pro Bowl players at every position you’d think they’d just stand pat.

  6. jc1958cool says: Feb 28, 2011 7:00 PM

    the free agent market will be flooded!


    Yeah, when it actually happens… stupid lockout

  7. A swing and a miss on Gholston, One of the worst 6th overall picks in draft history. Typical OSU player. Go steal cars with Terry Glenn.

  8. Don’t fret people…Vernon gholston v.2.0 is still alive n kicking… meet Aaron maybin….who?….exactly

  9. lol!!! What do three of them have in common? The Patriot’s convinced the Jets they wanted them to play for the Patriots. Gholston was one of the better BB smokescreens that caused Man-genius to jump on a player to prevent the Patriot’s from picking. Woody was a Patriot that wasn’t part of their long-term plans, but the Jets over-paid for him. Taylor was a guy the Jets had no interest in until the Pats brought him in for a workout and an obvious meeting in a public place. Then the Jets paid him starter pay for what was obviously a situational role. Brilliant!

  10. What a great 6th overall pick. That Mike Teninbond (i could careless how it’s spelled) is sure a smart guy. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. . j-e-s-t! jestjestjest!

  11. @billsfan1

    You beat me to the least gholston made it onto the field

    maybin never played cuz of undrafted rookies who were ahead on the depth chart

    maybin needs to be up there with leaf, and jawalrus as an all-time BUST!

  12. I don’t understand why these teams draft players like Gholston who had mediocre-at-best college careers with top 10 picks. Just because a guy works out well in front of people doesn’t mean he’ll be a great NFL player. Jamarcus Russell, Kyle Boller anyone?

  13. From a Jets fan THANK YOU JASON TAYLOR…. Glad you could Have a new level of “Fun” in your career……………………

    “Taylor spoke about how much fun he had on previous teams and how he cherished the bonds he formed with teammates, but called this season with the Jets the most fun he’s had in the NFL.”

  14. Gholston will probably get picked up by some 4-3 team that will use him at DE instead of LB. I am thinking the Eagles would be a good fit for him. Just because he couldnt adjust to OLB in a 3-4 doesnt mean there isnt some talent there.

    Now whether you want to argue whether that talent was 6th overall pick worthy is a different story.

  15. If Rex can’t make Gholston into a NFL player other teams shouldn’t bother. That said, he was a pretty okay, sort of, special teams player.

  16. As a Jets fan i am pretty happy about these moves. Everyone talking crap about Gholston be careful he could be heading to your team haha. Jenkins pretty much hasnt even been on the team the last two years with his injury even though im a big fan. I dont think he has much left at all though. Woody is solid but is getting old . He will cost too much and they have Ducasse waiting to takeover anyway. Taylor and Gholston wont be missed at all. They are saving all the money they can to resign the important players like Braylon and Santonio. The jets will be fine. I was wondering how come when there is a article about a jets player being released the same people who hate and talk crap about the jets say that their team should pick them up. Just read through the comments, i find it funny

  17. @thehoochiemama- I totally agree. Its the same comments different article EVERY time. Fat comments foot comments and the new one the jets won the superbowl comments. I just laugh at it now. Nobody can give any credit for the good stuff they have done. At the end of the day us jets fans are really happy with the team and with what rex has been able to do the past two years. Thats really all that matters. The jets will be back, as much as everyone will hate it..

  18. sportsjustice says:
    Feb 28, 2011 8:52 PM
    What a great 6th overall pick. That Mike Teninbond (i could careless how it’s spelled) is sure a smart guy. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. . j-e-s-t! jestjestjest!

    Ny82jy says

    was tannenbaum smart when he drafted Revis and Sanchez? How bout when he drafted Shonn Greene or better yet how bout David Harris? How about when he traded for Holmes and Edwards. huh? Yea hes a real idiot. Everyteam misses on draft picks at some point. You obviously are a hater and dont know much about the jets or their players..

  19. The Green Bean purge officially is under way, this is only the beginning. Jabba Wrecks will need to cut further into his veteran ranks to balance the boss’s checkbook. Of course, it won’t matter because New Jersey is destined for the Super Bowl. Yeah. That’s it. Jabba said so himself. He guaranteed it, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Yeah. And it’s personal, too.

  20. Nov 13 2010, New York — REX RYAN was not around when the Jets selected Vernon Gholston with the No. 6 overall pick of the 2008 draft, but he said yesterday that he would not have chosen him that high at that time.

    “I thought there probably needed to be some development there,” Ryan said. “Now? I would. Right now I like the way how he plays.”

    “He’s going to be an excellent player, I really think that,” Ryan said

  21. Gholstons last sack was on Nov 17, 2007 against Michigan. How high on the BUST list is Vernon?

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