League told Rams no extra February classroom sessions

New Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and quarterback Sam Bradford were hoping to get in some extra classroom work this February before a potential work stoppage.

According to Peter King in MMQB, the league didn’t allow it.

“The league told the Rams they couldn’t do anything they wouldn’t do under normal circumstances, and ruled that normal circumstances would have coaches and players not meeting ’til at least March,” King wrote.

This isn’t a huge surprise, but it outlines the difficulties teams will face if they have new coaches and coordinators.    A long work stoppage will be a huge disadvantage to the Rams and other teams in similar situations.

The bright side here: At least McDaniels is being more careful about finding out what’s allowed under league rules.

10 responses to “League told Rams no extra February classroom sessions

  1. And so it begins with Joshie. Soon Sam will learn the nuances of the 3rd and long WR/RB screen.

    Soak up that playbook Sam, be sure to share the two post-its at the bottom of the last page that make up the entirety of the running attack with Steven Jackson.

    So happy he’s not with my Broncos anymore. So. Happy.

  2. Wait until CBA expires…then the league cannot dictate anything….there is no agreement….for any rules….it’s all open……

  3. “At least McDaniels is being more careful about finding out what’s allowed under league rules.”

    Or maybe he’s just testing the waters to see how hard he needs to work to conceal it. Cheaters cheat.

  4. Well my Lions are in the same system for the third straight year. If only our qb can do like Bradford and finish a season after shoulder surgery. Maybe Lions will be on the good side of something this time. with that being said, SORRY RAM FANS!! This really is not fair for you guys. All the teams should at least get to know the plays they will be expected to run. SAD what the NFL is doing to us all!!!

  5. Yeah, Bradford might have to gain insight from the O coordinator of the highest scoring team in NFL history -redrew

    Oh so the the past couple of years where he ran the offense is a mulligan? C’mon dude. That offense he ran in NE was ages ago by NFL standards, and let’s not pretend like Josh’s headset was the only one functioning when NE took the field.

    STL will have a wicked passing game comprised of screens and hook routes. The slot guy is gonna get a ton of yards, the deep guy will get a ton of junk stats, the TE will want to be traded and the RB game will disappear.

    But yeah, he coached the highest scoring offense a few years back. Good one.

  6. Well Sam since IIRC you were all shotgun in college just revert back to that and you will be fine.

    /Pats fan who hated JM’s all shotgun all the time finesse offense

  7. This is easily one of the dumbest rules of the work stoppage. How or why owners would allow for their product to deteriorate is beyond me.

    You would think that the owners would want their product to be as sharp and as marketable as possible.

    With that said, I have literally no worry that Bradford and McDaniels will get on the same page once they are allowed to work together. The McDaniels offense is a 3,4 and 5 receiver spread attack that relies heavily on the shotgun. Sam ran the college version of the Patriot attack and was absolutely ridiculous in it. Bradford works best when he is allowed to spread the ball around and cut up defenses.

    Plus with a healthy receiving corps and the possibility of selecting Julio Beast, I mean Julio Jones the Rams and Bradford will have plenty of weapons to succeed.

    I do feel bad for someone like Julio Jones though. If he gets selected by the Rams he won’t be able to meet his receiving coach or OC. I do know that Bradford will invite him to where ever he is working out with his veteran receivers. Bradford has already stated that he is putting together a workout plan for he and his receivers if the lockout disrupts their off-season program.

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