Lockout would tie up team websites

The league’s prohibition against coaches and executives talking to players during a lockout extends to other employees of the teams’ football operations.

Specifically, it extends to the folks who maintain the various team websites.

Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com reports that the league will conduct a conference call on Monday aimed at advising the franchises regarding the dos and don’ts in a work stoppage.

One team, per Marvez, expects to pull all player photos.  Another team expects to lose the ability to talk to players.

Incoming rookies likely remain fair game, until the draft.  Once the players are picked, they enter the union and consequently the pool of persons to whom the NFL teams won’t be permitted to speak.

The end result?  Traffic to team websites will plummet.  As will any revenue streams generated by those websites.

Though the money pales in comparison to the stakes of the labor dispute, it’s one of the ways that the league — and in turn the players — will lose revenue if/when a lockout is launched.


27 responses to “Lockout would tie up team websites

  1. I’ve never been to my favorite teams website, I always figured it was nothing but propaganda…

  2. Haha what is the lockout going to say next? Players can’t go to the bathroom in certain places. I mEan it seems like it’s heading in that direction.

  3. PFT viewership falls off dramaticly as a large portion of the consituency finally finds gainful employment as website scabs.

  4. In other words, in case of a lockout, I should come straight to PFT for all the news? Got it.

  5. If I want to get depressed I will watch the news. please stop telling me we may not have football. I am married and the only break I get from her is football Sunday, I am disabled, so I can’t get out much, but love to watch NFL network among other football shows. My kids are just about old enough to sit through a whole game, without asking me questions through the whole game, I found a place that puts Doritos on sale all the time, so my bowl is always full. I don’t just want football I need football!! Yes I will live without it, but if I have to I will find another sport like Nascar racing, and I wont be back. If they can’t work it out knowing it was coming for some 5+years I wont be back

  6. “Once the players are picked, they enter the union…”

    Why is that necessarily so? Isn’t there a process for admission to the union, such as – at a minimum – payment of union dues?

    I would think a more accurate statement would be “Once the players are picked, they become eligible to become receive union membership.”

    Teams should be aware of the difference.

  7. Lets just shut her all down ,burn it to the ground and start new. It would probably be easier. I mean seriously!!! Next the league will want all the team personal to De-friend the players on Facebook and Twitter. Hand in all cell phones with player Numbers, personal computers with e-mail addresses and any other way of communication. Come on really. The players probably will have to hand in ALL team issued gear just so your not showing any alligence to them and the SHIELD! What a joke.

  8. Hey, I remember playing Space Invaders on one of those PET’s! Except mine had a tape drive, too.

    As a Packer fan, packers.com looks nice and has some good historical information, but when I’m looking for real news on the team, obviously the local newspaper websites are much faster and more informative on off-season moves.

  9. In every NFL city there is at least one independent website specializing in that team. In some cases, better than the official team website, especially those NOT connected to the local media. All the local media ones I have visited seem to have their own agenda as it relates to any sport in their coverage area. DC & NYC are two of the worst.

    I have visited a few of them.

  10. If the union decertifies, how can the rookies enter the union? Also the rookies as far as I know don’t have to enter the union. Unless its like Wiconsin where they force you to pay union dues even if you’re not a member.

  11. It’s approaching the time where fans should think of locking out the NFL. The excessive greed on both sides deserves tv blackouts across the country if they can’t use common sense. The take every dime possible from the fans mentality has reached absurd levels.

    Personally for years now the only sports I follow are the NFL and golf’s majors. A lockout would free up lots of time only watching 4 times a year.

  12. I’m dying to roll past the Inner Harbor and see Ed Reed holding a posterboard that says “Will endorse for food.”

  13. excuse me! I go to my teams website all the time. There is so much exclusive stuff on there. U can’t get through it all.

  14. Well we could come here and read all the PFT articles putting down the owners.

    They have their own agenda despite the fact the site is run by NBC which pays money to the league, not the players.

    Doesn’t make sense to me.

  15. Why not just take the website down, or put up a snazzy looking single page promoting the team. Better that than make a mockery of the site.

  16. OMG, I won’t have access to Dave Spadaro!?!?!?!

    Do what you have to do! Raise my ticket prices by 300% if need be!

    Don’t take that valuable content away from me!!!!!

  17. Phinfan says:The NFL.com will link to the CFL’s website

    lol lol lol lol

    Speaking of the CFL, maybe NBC should broadcast their games in place of SNF. Then ESPN can re-run European “football” games. This would truly be a global economy, buying CFL and Premier League jerseys in America!

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