Martez Wilson is Combine’s fastest linebacker

The linebackers have run their 40-yard dashes at the NFL Scouting Combine, and Martez Wilson of Illinois is the fastest of the bunch, running in a blazing 4.49 seconds.

I’m an Illinois graduate and I watched almost every game of Wilson’s college career, and I’ll just say this: Wilson’s production on the field doesn’t come close to matching his athletic gifts. Signing Wilson was viewed as a major recruiting coup for Illinois head coach Ron Zook, but Wilson didn’t produce like the All-American defender Illinois thought it was getting. Maybe some NFL coaching staff can get the most out of Wilson’s talents, but Zook and his staff never got out of him what they wanted.

After Wilson, the next-fastest linebacker was Texas A&M’s Von Miller, who solidified his status as a Top 10 overall pick by running a 4.53-second 40. Unlike Wilson, Miller is a blazing fast linebacker who plays as fast in a helmet and shoulder pads as he runs in shorts and a T-shirt.

Rounding out the Top 5 linebackers were Ohio State’s Brian Rolle at 4.56, Maryland’s Adrian Moten at 4.62 and Syracuse’s Doug Hogue at 4.63.

13 responses to “Martez Wilson is Combine’s fastest linebacker

  1. You don’t think lasts years injury had anything to do with reaching his potential? He was just trying to catch up this year….stupid remark!

  2. As an Illinois season ticket holder, I couldn’t have said it much better MDS…

    Wilson showed flashes of greatness last year but was very inconsistent & was basically MIA against faster teams like Michigan. I was a but surprised when he declared for the draft as I think a solid Senior year’s worth of game tape could have done wonders for his draft stock. Regardless of his measurables, I think his actual game tapes will keep him from being taken in the first round. That said I wish him the absolute best and would love to see him taken by the Broncos in round 2.

  3. Von Miller should absolutely be #1 on everyone’s draft boards. We will look back at this draft and be amazed at how such an obvious impact player could be passed over by other teams.

  4. Martez Wilson reminds me a lot of Keith Rivers. Great athlete and is decent on the field but not spectacular.

    Keith Rivers while a solid starter was not worth the top 10 pick. Teams shouldn’t make that same mistake with Wilson…

  5. Gotta laugh at these idiots that buy into the Combine numbers.

    …fast in shorts…is not the same as live football game action fast.

    The combine is an over rated tv show.

    QB’s throwing without helmets on, players without pads on, no live drills, no one rushing…

    …and half you fools buy into it thinking it matters.

    WAKE UP…the only thing that matters at the combine is the physical, MRI and X-Rays.

    I hope your team drafts this fool on his straight line speed in the 1st round.

  6. I agree that this guy stinks. I’ve casually watched games before and noticed this guy blatantly getting owned.

  7. Must you guys always refer to everyone running a decent 40 time as “blazing”? So many times the past few days have I heard that word when referred to speed especially when it was not needed as 4.49 is essentially 4.5 speed which is considered good to somewhat fast.

  8. MDS, when did you graduate?

    Wilson was always frustrating to watch. I’ve wondered if the system in Illinois and it’s inconsistency played into Wilson’s lack of productivity and I wonder if getting into the right NFL system will allow him to blossom. What role would suit him best? His straight line speed seems to peg him as a LB that goes forward, perhaps an outside 3-4 LB but he’s not been asked to rush the passer much. His twist and coverage skills make me doubt his ability to get into coverage in a 4-3. I’m not sure he has the strength or base to play inside in most systems.

    As a Bears fan I can’t help but wonder if he’d be a decent backup to Urlacher in the middle of a Tampa 2 where that speed is more important than his ability to deliver hits. Wilson can get side to side like Urlacher, but I’m not sure he can get back into the seam well enough.

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