Redskins make Clinton Portis release official

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Clinton Portis was right.  His seven-year run in Washington officially ended Monday.

The move doesn’t come as a surprise, and was at least a year overdue — no matter how much money he was guaranteed last year.   Portis thanked Mike Shanahan and Dan Snyder in a statement released by the team, then reflected on his run.

“Being a Redskin was a special part of my life. Coming and being in that organization, I turned from a kid having fun to a man carrying responsibilities. I tried to put the world on my shoulders for Coach Gibbs and the Redskins fans,” Portis said.

That’s just what Portis did early in his Redskins career.  His rugged, workmanlike play was always at odds with his flashy persona and occasional diva-like qualities off the field.   After carrying the ball more than 325 times four times in five years, Portis’ body just broke down.

He’s only been healthy enough to play 13 games over the last two seasons.  We’d guess Portis will only get offers for a low-cost deal to be a backup or third-down back type in 2011.

18 responses to “Redskins make Clinton Portis release official

  1. It’s a shame what happened to Portis….he went from a flashy runner in Denver to a work horse back in DC. Gibbs thought he was gonna turn him into John Riggins. Have to wonder how his career would’ve turned out had he stayed with the Broncos.

  2. thanks for playing clinton….your consolation prize for killing yourself are spoiled leftover peanuts we bought a year ago from a bankrupt airline that we were serving our fan base. LMAO.

  3. All right it’s official. Of the top ten running backs 5 will be Drafted by the Redskins and invited to camp (if there is one). If your in that top ten start lookin for a crib around D.C. Thats just the Shanahan way. It really make you wonder if Portis was really his choice in Denver? He traded him out of there and now just flat out releases him. I mean maybe Portis knocked up his daughter or something. Who knows

  4. Denver traded Portis to Washington for Champ Bialey and the Redskin’s 2nd round pick. Denver used that pick on run-of-the-mill rb Tatum Bell.

    I think we can render our verdict- even with the semi/wasted pick, Denevr came out on top.

    And the beat goes on in DC…

  5. @Blizzard01

    Champ Bailey made it clear he wanted to be released and test the FA market. If the Broncos would have waited they might have been able to get Champ for nothing and still hold onto portis. The Redskins were the team looking to GET RID of Champ, not running around trying to acquire a running back.

    If anything the fact Bailey would not have returned to the skins means that the redskins obtained Portis for a mere 2nd rounder. Champ was out for the redskins anyway you look at it.

  6. Dear Clinton,
    I love you! Please come over to my dumpster behind the 7-11 on Sunset Hills Road tonight and gush my greedy gullet with your gonad goo! That way I can swallow some and let the rest dribble into my matted, filthy beard! Then, sometime in the early hours of tomorrow, I can relive the glory of worshipping you on my hands and knees while enjoying some of your hair-flavored string cheese!

    I’m 7′-12″, 437 1/2 lbs! LMAO!

  7. I don’t know, but I think there are virtually no running backs that should make huge money after 7 years. They just get too beat up and usually start fading after 5 or 6 years. There are a few…but not too many. You’re better of drafting young legs and spend your money elsewhere.

  8. Arguably, one of the best pass-blocking RBs in the league… Don’t be surprised if he ends up in NE or another pass-happy team…

    Either way, Clinton Portis put in WORK for the Skins, to the point his body just couldn’t do it anymore… for that alone, he will always be praised by the majority of Redskins fans…

    * RAIDERS *

  9. Portis was good, but at the same time he was a bit overrated. He was really flashy in Denver, because Shanahan has a zone block system in place. Remember that one year where Denver had 7 different RB, and all of them seemed to have 100+ yards a game? As a matter of fact, look at Arian Foster under Kubiak. All it takes is an above average rusher, and the zone blocking scheme/play design from Shanahan/Kubiak and you have a RB with an extraordinarily season.

    Portis was a good player, but great RBs don’t normally go from 5.5 yards a carry to 3.1 on a different team. Just saying.

  10. blizzard01 says: Feb 28, 2011 3:17 PM

    Denver traded Portis to Washington for Champ Bialey and the Redskin’s 2nd round pick. Denver used that pick on run-of-the-mill rb Tatum Bell.

    I think we can render our verdict- even with the semi/wasted pick, Denevr came out on top.

    And the beat goes on in DC…


    I totally disagree with this. Portis was a key offensive cog for the Redskins for years. Sure Champ is a great corner, but many of the years since Champ left the Redskins they still had a good defense (not last year obviously). The bigger point is that despite the trade, neither team really made noise in the playoffs, let alone contend for the championship. How you can look at Denver’s track record getting to the playoffs and say, “they made out better” is beyond me. How did they make out better, exactly?

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