Source: Radar gun says Kaepernick had Combine’s strongest arm

A league source tells PFT that radar guns at the Scouting Combine revealed Colin Kaepernick of Nevada as possessing the strongest throwing arm in Indianapolis on Sunday.

Kaepernick’s best throw registered 59 miles per hour to lead the field of 16 quarterbacks that opted to participate. (Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert refused. Alabama’s Greg McElroy was injured).

Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett was second behind Kaepernick with a 58 miles-per-hour throw. Auburn’s Cam Newton came in third at 56 miles per hour.

Kaepernick has been clocked in the 95 miles-per-hour range throwing a baseball, and was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 2009 major league baseball draft.

Per FOX Sports’ Adam Caplan, Kaepernick complemented his pure arm power by throwing “the nicest ball out of any of the quarterbacks here.”  Caplan predicts Kaepernick will be a second-round pick in April’s draft.

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  1. kid is going to be a steal for someone. Hes Ryan Mallett with a brain and more athleticism and no off-the-field-issues.

  2. Arm strength is probably one of the least important things for evaluating an NFL quarterback. Ninety percent of playing quarterback in the NFL is between the ears.

  3. laddies and gentlewoman i give you the most useless drill of the combine . even scouts have forgotten the art of the touchpass.. its not about how hard you can throw . what seperates the donavan mcnabbs ‘ jamarcus russells mathew staffords between the matt schaub phillip rivers and tom brady is the realization that .. in order to suceed and be an effecient qb its about throwing the best kind of throw for your recivers to catch throwing a fireball would make even the elite recivers anoyed . its not how hard you can throw how far you can throw its about doing what ever the hell it takes to win on sundays .

  4. Anyone who has ever thrown a football knows that a gun number in and of itself is not an accurate measure of arm strength.

    A quarterback’s mechanics and torque are generated from the legs and, in some cases, from the shift of body weight during the throwing motion (see Jimmy Clausen).

    Unless you’re a scout watching the guy throw, a gun number is useless information, as is the connection to a baseball pitcher, who relies even more heavily on the shift of body weight.

  5. The kid is legit. I saw him a couple of times and I immediately thought, “where have I been?!…this kid is pretty damned good!” Then I saw him and Nevada play Boise State and was convinced that he was going to do big things in the NFL.

    His only problem is the conference he played in. Had he been in a BCS conference, everyone would have been talking about him along with the likes of Locker, Mallett, and Newton.

  6. Wasn’t Jake Locker’s lone positive supposed to be his arm strength? So much for that. He didn’t even make the top 3. Overrated arm strength AND poor accuracy. A winning combination. Good luck to any team that takes him in the 1st round.

  7. Let’s get real. This is a great story, but these small team guys rarely go onto great success in the NFL although there’s almost always one or two hidden “gems” as the “experts” tell us about in every draft.

    If he didn’t play big time college football, I’ll wait until he gets cut a couple of times and surfaces 5 years into his career or so before I try to take a flyer on him. Run down the NFL starters, they’re amost all from big time programs from big time conferences except Ryan Fitzpatrick, who’s team is picking 3rd in the draft….and I’m not including the MAC because those teams play legit competition at times.

  8. You think that if a QB starts to lose velocity in the 4th qrtr they’ll bring in a reliever now?

  9. If you don’t know who Colin Kaepernick is, pay attention: Kap is the first NCAA player to pass for 2000 or more yards AND run for a 1000 or more yds. for 3 straight seasons. He’s the first guy in NCAA history to throw 9000 career passing yds. AND 4000 career rushing yds. In short, he can throw AND run! Don’t think his phenomenol pass speed is important? Boise did! Kap’s arm and well-executed pistol offense led Nevada to upset Boise, win the division and move Nevada up to 11th in the nation. Still not impressed? Well, how about Kap’s 40 time? At the combine, he beat ALL the big name QBs, posting the second-best 40 time of 4.53 secs. Jake Locker, Cam Newton, Gabbert, Portis, Ponder and Johnson all followed him! Only Tyrod Taylor beat our #10, woo-hoo! Way to go, Kap! SF 49’ers, are you watching? ~ Kelly Wright in Reno, baby!

  10. charly0418 says:
    Feb 28, 2011 2:54 PM
    Probably gave Al Davis a boner

    I doubt that it still works

  11. @realfootballfan

    besides Ryan Fitzpatrick

    starters from last couple years not from BCS conference and I am including the MAC because they are not from BCS. That is like saying name all the starters from small school and SEC. Not a legitimate argument. Anyway

    Brett Favre – 1 superbowl win
    Kurt Warner – 1 superbowl win
    Ben Roethlisberger – 2 superbowl wins
    Jake Delhomme – 1 superbowl appearance
    other notables:
    David Garrard, Chad Pennington, Joe Flacco, Tony Romo

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