Andre Carter dumped by Redskins too

Defensive end/linebacker Andre Carter symbolized Washington’s fruitless switch to a 3-4 defense more than any player in 2010, and now he is no longer a Redskin.

The team announced Carter was cut Tuesday after a season in which he recorded only two sacks for the league’s 31st-ranked defense as a linebacker.  The year before, Carter had 11 sacks for the league’s tenth-ranked defense while playing defensive end.

Carter joins guard Derrick Dockery as the latest Redskins veteran to be release.

I thought Mike Shanahan might be a nice fit for the Redskins because he could help fix the offense while leaving the annually underrated defensive talent alone.    Unfortunately, he completely revamped the defense with parts that didn’t fit and didn’t fix the offense in year one.

Shanahan deserves more time to turn things around, but the team’s roster has more question marks than when he took over a year ago.

12 responses to “Andre Carter dumped by Redskins too

  1. Fletcher does not fit either. Nothing wrong with switching to a 3-4….if you have the players, or see them on the horizon.

    Now Shanahan has to fix offensive and defensive holes at the same time. He could have left the defense alone as they are getting older and changed it once the Offense holes were addressed.

    Redskins going QB and if that pick is a bust, this franchise is headed into a deeper hole than they’ve ever been.

  2. Carter was garbage in SF, had 1 mediocre yr in WAS and now he gets cut….NO NEWS HERE PFT!!!!

  3. It was a bad sign when Shannahan started shipping out young tallent that looked fairly promising. Edwin williams went from being a primary first year backup at all three interior possitions to getting cut and went on to start a few for the bears. Tryon looked like a great nickel corner last year and was cut to fill in as a starter on the colts defense. Devin thomas showed potential at the end of last season but apparently joey gallaway and roydell williams were better options? Our defense finally started putting pressure on the qb last year so we switch scemes. It is time to stop denying that we need to rebuild.

  4. Carter is a beast in a 3-4, just gotta use him the right way. Obviously the Redskins and their coaching staff had no idea how to use him. Which resulted him only having 2 sacks and the defense faling from 10th the year before to 31st. SMH !

    Carter come back to the bay area, where you belong. We can use you bro ! 😉

  5. My got I used to have respect for the Redskins but I’m so sure anymore.

  6. Does Shanny really like Danny is going to wait that much longer to turn this team around? I’d say he’s got one more year, two at most to make the playoffs.

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