Jets coaches readying for pay cuts

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Barring an extension or agreement in collective bargaining talks, Jets assistant coaches are readying for a pay cut next week.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News and Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger report Jets assistants will take a 25% weekly pay reduction in the event of a lockout.  If the lockout lasts three months, then the salaries could be cut by 50%.

The Jets will reimburse coaches for all the money if no preseason games are missed.  Sadly, most league observers do expect the preseason to be affected at this point.  While these pay cuts are typical around the league, the cross-town (cross-Stadium?) Giants plan no such cuts at this time.

Gang Green already announced last week that employees on the business side of the building will start mandatory furloughs in the event of a lockout.

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11 responses to “Jets coaches readying for pay cuts

  1. I have a question…

    Does this affect just asst coaches or everyone in football ops who has a contract like the GM, head coach, head coach assistant, gm assistant, football ops directors (I imagine they all have contracts). I would say that anyone with a contract will have the lockout clause in there…I would also guess that some of these guys who have contracts aren’t getting paid a lot of money…what if someone has a contract for say $80k…maybe a video director or scouting assistant…you take 25 or 50% of that then the person’s family struggles…that’s a big monthly drop in salary and this person is going to have to adjust their lifestyle to feed their family or go through their savings if they have any.

    I wonder if any of the owners are going to have to find a 2nd job during the lockout?

    I feel sorry for all ppl who are supported in some way by the NFL and hope there is no lockout and noone has to lose a paycheck.

  2. This article only suggests that the assistant coaches are going to get pay cuts. And not the head coach. Which reaffirms the fact that the owners are digging in for a long protracted holdout. I assume the Jets management, in all their infinite wisdom, realized that the Pillsbury dough boy, would have alot of time on his hands, and unlike like most american men, would cringe at the thought of taking their wife/girl shoe shopping, but they realized an overweight, impotent, loudmouth fetish freak will needs lots of money with all that free time on his hands……..

  3. I would love to see an article detailing the plans of the different franchises. I heard the Eagles have told their employees no changes will be made in the next 5 months.

  4. Darn, I knew that I should have taken that offer to coach for the Vikings. They’ve been told no layoffs or cuts in pay will be instituted, because their owner isn’t a cheapskate.

  5. Hope the Yets cpaching staff doesn’t have to give back their Super Bowl shares.

  6. A little known fact: if Jabba Wrecks simply agreed to trim his snack stipend by a third, nobody on his staff would be facing pay cuts.

  7. Come on Steven Ross open your deep pockets up and sign a few of these coaches for a day or two.

    I’m sure there isn’t anything in their contract that says ‘while on unemployment do not tell opponents our secrets, even for money.’


  8. I thought these coaches talked a big game about watching film in the off season and working hard.

    So shouldn’t the responsible owner tell them to keep working and keep paying them?

    The owners money is guaranteed through the TV contract right?

    So if the owner is getting income from the TV deal why is he cutting off employees if there is work they could be doing and the money is there to pay them?

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