Jimmy Smith may struggle to overcome character concerns

Ryan Mallett wasn’t the only player that was forced to face questions about off-field concerns at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, who is a big-time talent, had to explain a positive drug test in 2007 and two arrests for possession of alcohol as a minor, according to the Denver Post.

“All of the issues I’m talking to the teams about are not issues that really need to be out there,” Smith told the media Sunday.

Tom Kowalski of MLive.com believes the Lions won’t consider Smith at No. 13 overall because of the off-field concerns and says people around the league aren’t buying the positive spin about Smith’s newfound maturity.

Perhaps more damning is Kowalski’s suggestion that Smith’s “football character” faces questions too.  NFL types don’t like that Smith skipped the Senior Bowl and hasn’t handled maturity questions head on.

Jeff  Legwold of the Denver Post writes teams “think [Smith] might want to be a celebrity more than he wants to be a good NFL cornerback.”

Kowalski hints around the same problem.

“The Lions want players who have passion for the game and a laser-like focus on football, work ethic and teammate accountability,” Kowalski writes.

The inference is that Smith may not possess these traits.  It’s why a top-15 talent may wind up falling deeper into the first round or beyond in April.

19 responses to “Jimmy Smith may struggle to overcome character concerns

  1. This guy is a joke. When confronted about a flaw in his technique, he responded “I’m not really concerned about it.” If you aren’t constantly trying to get better when everyone else is, you will be left in the dust.

  2. I do not know this person but let us remember
    that Randy Moss had a lot of flags at draft time. I know different position but it is a football player.

  3. I guess no one ever had a drink as a minor. I’m from boulder and the police here have nothing better to do but to ticket kids for drinking near CU.
    Smith is a good player and watch the Georgia game against colorado. AG green was a non factor in that game because of Smith

  4. “The Lions want players who have passion for the game and a laser-like focus on football, work ethic and teammate accountability,” Kowalski writes.

    LOL!!! When did that start?? 🙂

  5. I’m sure many people who read and comment on this site have had a drink as a minor. I would guess that many of the prospects participating in the combine, as well as many current NFL players, have had a drink as a minor. I don’t think anyone is judging anyone based on that.

    I think it’s the two ARRESTS for possession of alcohol as a minor followed up by a positive drug test that may be considered the red flag here.

  6. hes a green bay packer, with leaders like woodson,collins, and mathews on the defense and in a town like green bay, he would be humbled and focused by the end of training camp

  7. Non-story. Will be a top 10 pick. The Lions won’t have to worry about him being there at 13, they can pick another turd as usual save for last year.

  8. Don’t see a team in the end of the 1st round skipping on this guy. He’s a solid player and has all the tools to be a GOOD starting CB. Chargers, Giants, Bucs (especially because DEs are so deep they could still get a solid one in the 2nd round), Eagles, Ravens, Falcons, Steelers…He may make it to the 2nd half of the first round, but he’s a for sure 1st rounder.

  9. Well that would explain his asinine posts on this site… Oh wait, wrong guy?

    Seriously though, there are a lot of other things he could have done FAR worse. So what, he smoked some reefer and was caught with alcohol. Was he driving while intoxicated? No. Was he putting anyone else at risk when he smoked pot? No. He’s a college football player, of course he’s going to occasionally party and drink. He’s a big time talent and he’ll straighten up once he’s in the NFL, he’s a kid for Christ’s sake.

  10. Didn’t the Raiders trade their 1st rd. pick for Seymour? So they don’t have a pick until around #50 and he’ll be long gone by then even if he shows up drunk for his pro day. Smith may fall a little – I hope he drops to the end of the 1st rd. and Steelers take a shot at him.

    My personal prediction is that he does start to drop Bengals trade back into bottom of 1st round and grab him. He sounds like their kind of guy.

  11. “The Lions want players who have passion for the game and a laser-like focus on football, work ethic and teammate accountability,” Kowalski writes. — Sounds like Jimmy Smith to me —

    Passion for the game; stayed for 5 years.

    Laser-Like focus; For the very few times he was tested in college, he made plays and didn’t get burned falling asleep or something. Try doing it for 3 years as a starter, that’s 144 quarters of football. Don’t tell me this kid isn’t focused.

    Work Ethic; 24 reps w/ 4.4 speed/ wasn’t highly recruited… he worked himself into the position he’s at right now.

    I always say, action speaks louder than words.

    Sounds like a Pittsburgh Steeler to me.

  12. Wow…his sins happened in 2007, while Mallett’s happened last year and is alleged to be ongoing.

    When is the cut-off point for background checks. I swear the NFL is starting to sound like working for the FBI and less like entertainment. Such scrutiny. Who started this ish?

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