Long snapper Zach Enyeart hopes trick shot video gets him drafted

After spending four years as the long snapper at Washington State, Zach Enyeart is hoping his next stop is in the NFL. And he has a creative way of getting there.

Enyeart has put together his best long-snapping trick shot video and posted it on YouTube, so any NFL scouts who are interested in learning about his accuracy can see him do things like snap a ball through a tire at long range, knock a cup off a buddy’s head, and snap to someone standing in the back of a moving truck.

Of course, NFL scouts will care a lot more about the video they see of Washington State games than the video they see on YouTube. But it’s still a clever way for a player to get his name out there.

Here’s the video, and be sure to watch until the end, when you’ll see why one of Enyeart’s buddies probably wishes he hadn’t agreed to help out.