More details on Bart Scott’s wrestling adventure

To summarize, we reported Monday that Jets linebacker Bart Scott engages in “wrestling moves and simulated violence” during a TNA wrestling appearance that presumably was supposed to feature only talking.  The Jets declined comment.  Scott’s agent, Harold Lewis, told Rich Cimini of that, emphatically, Bart “was not wrestling!

“He was only the bodyguard for some small, helpless guy named Hulk Hogan,” Lewis insisted.  “It was nothing more than an appearance.”

A source with knowledge of the situation reiterates that Scott was indeed wrestling.

We’re told that, during the show that will air on Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET Thursday (thanks for cutting into our Office time), Scott is placed in an ankle lock.  He also tackles another wrestler on concrete in the tunnel leading to the ring, though it’s not clear whether that incident will be broadcast on March 3 or March 10.

Either way, we’re told that Scott indeed wrestles, and that his camp placed no limitations on what he would or wouldn’t do.

9 responses to “More details on Bart Scott’s wrestling adventure

  1. If it helps The Office is a rerun this week and they are showing six consecutive Office episodes that night.

  2. Riveting news story.

    The most important thing I took out of it is that you still watch a show that has clearly jumped the shark.

  3. Again, the ankle lock is a move where a guy grabs your leg and fake turns it.

    That doesn’t count.

  4. Mike they have these really cool invention called a DVR. They have only been around like 5 years now! Lol!

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